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Intermittent starting problem

Old 02-08-2018, 02:05 PM
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Intermittent starting problem

2015 EX, MANUAL transmission, 47k miles. 2nd owner recently bought. Car appears to be in great shape cosmetically and mechanically and all available records support that. Regularly at the dealer for maintenance during it's first 3 years.

About 3 weeks after purchase, occasionally the car won't start. Still trying to sort out if my daughter has foot on the brake and the clutch completely depressed. In any event, she pushes the start button and everything lights up in the dash just as it should -- but it won't turn over. And after trying a few times, it eventually fires right up as if nothing's wrong.

Would appreciate your insights on how the clutch switch/starting safety systems work and possible problem areas there. Thanks - M.Y.
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Sounds like the starter is going. We have had many reports of premature failure of the GK starter.

Recommend calling Honda corporate first before you take it to the dealer. We had one case where I recommended taking it to the dealer, and the dealer charged $125 for a diagnostic fee just to tell the owner it was a bad starter.

When out of warranty, sometimes Honda will cover the complete repair, sometimes they don't cover anything, and sometimes they split the cost with you. There seems to be no rhyme or reason to how they respond to each individual situation.
Old 02-08-2018, 04:20 PM
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Yeah, bargainguy is right, it's probably the starter. Here's the most recent thread on the problem:

Old 02-14-2018, 09:36 PM
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This is a starter issue. I had mine replaced by the dealer as it is covered under extended warranty.
Old 02-21-2018, 07:36 PM
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Ok, going to give my two cents worth as I had this issue on my 2015. It finally came to the point that mine would not turn off after getting it started so I drove straight to the dealer since it had extended warranty and they tried to tell me it was the starter and I told them that based on how it had been acting they should check the start button. Well, they did and it was BAD. So they fixed the start problem but burned out my brake switch in the process, which of course they didn't have in stock so they had to replace it with one from the only Fit they had.
Old 02-22-2018, 01:10 PM
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dropped by to say at 35k miles 2015 fit, started to have rough starts, but the lights were not dim or other issues. Went to the dealer and asked for a load test, and found the battery needed replacing.

Could be as simple as that if you haven't replaced since buying? This is the first car i've had that needed a battery replacement within the first 3 years, and since the battery is so small i think the rest of the system gets a bit finnicky as the battery has less juice.
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The dealer probably replaced your battery with the specified undersized pukey 151R again instead of the larger 51R. When my battery goes I'll be replacing it with the larger size and I won't be going to the dealer for that .
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yup... but can't beat warranty $free.99 once this one goes i will upgrade to the 51R
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Interestingly enough this seems to only happen to push start cars. My 2015 lx 6mt is on its original tiny battery and has never once givin me an issue starting. Ive read a few instances where the dealer would just replace the starter in these EX and EXL cars, and not even bother to check the push start system. I really believe that that's the culprit here, perhaps low battery voltage exacerbates the problem. Mine always cranks quickly with a turn of the key, I'm in the habit of turning the car to "ON" waiting till I hear the fuel pump Prime and then starting it like I've been doing on all my Hondas for the past fifteen twenty years. The push button start would honestly bug me, if it doesnt let you prime the pump first, maybe im just old.
Old 05-21-2018, 06:59 PM
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If I hold the push start button and pump the clutch slightly I will hear clicking and the care will start after depressing the clutch a few times. Sometimes it starts the first time. There are 2 switches at the clutch peddle. One is released when you push down on the clutch and as you reach the floor another switch is pressed. My issue is with the switch that gets depresses as I don't have to release the clutch enough to press back in the switch that is released. Look into these before you assume you need a starter.
Old 05-24-2018, 08:15 PM
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^ good post. it is quite common for the clutch (and on some brake pedal on AT) switch to go bad or just get dirty and needs cleaning. ive seen this on other cars.
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I just wanted to report that I had a very similar problem with my 2016 Fit EX CVT.

At around 34,000 miles, the car occasionally would not start. The start button merely turned on the electrical system, and it normally took 2-3 attempts to start the car. Upon each attempt, the brake pedal would feel more firm, and we would really have to push the pedal hard to get it started.

This seemed to be happening more frequently, so I took the car to our dealer 500 miles before warranty expiration. They tested everything, and the battery was looking good. The first replacement starter left us temporarily stranded one one occasion, and the car wouldn't even turn on. That was disconcerting, but the dealer wasn't able to replicate it. Nevertheless, they did a second starter replacement, also at no cost to us. Everything is now working normally, but I wonder how long this starter will last.

Thanks to Honda of Downtown Los Angeles for redoing the service with no complaints!
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Originally Posted by monovirus View Post
This is a starter issue. I had mine replaced by the dealer as it is covered under extended warranty.
It ain't necessarily so. There is a small (about the size of my thumb, small hands) that wasn't making the connection just right. The clutch appears to be fully compressed but it isn't. I'd check that first, gotta be cheaper than a starter. The fix was under warranty.
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