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  1. Interchangeable Aftermarket Springs (GE8 > GD3)?
  2. Megan coilovers
  3. Suspension Brands
  4. Abs?Vehicle Speed Sensor
  5. Tweaking Toe On A Rear Twist Beam
  6. 2008 Suspension Available
  7. Performance brakes?
  8. Better high speed handling gen 3?
  9. Jouncy Ride: What To Do?
  10. Koni Orange STR.T And B&G Suspension Lowering Springs
  11. DIY Liquid Urethane - The Poor Mans Motor Mount/Torque Rod /Front Engine Roll Stop
  12. aggressive set of springs for 2018 sport
  13. Question on coilovers for gd models!
  14. Coilovers without end links???
  15. H&R 30mm on 16s will they rub?
  16. Will they fit? Wilwood dpha with rpf1 15x7 +35
  17. 2009 Fit Sport rattling from rear passenger side
  18. bc coils and much more
  19. Showa spoon suspension problem GD
  20. Brake options for my GD3?
  21. Break upgrade question master cylinder?
  22. Tokico HTS/Swift Combo vs Coilovers
  23. GD3 here; just bought swift springs. What are the best struts to replace OEM?
  24. Tanabe df210
  25. Front Calipers GD1 measurements please
  26. Springs for more clearance?
  27. GD Jazz/fit coilovers/sway bar links.
  28. Need help with end links on my T1R Basics
  29. Koni 1125-1029 vs Koni Orange and Swift Springs
  30. Lowering the FIT
  31. Coilovers
  32. Honda fit GD
  33. BC Racing Coilovers - the result
  34. Need advise what shocks to buy!
  35. Camber Advice
  36. My experience using the GE8 for DD, Track, and cargo...
  37. Difference between UK 06 and 07 Jazz?
  38. Rear disc research
  39. monroe ma811 discontinued; lift springs
  40. ASPEC Rear Strut Bar
  41. Warping rotors
  42. Why doesn't anyone talk about the struts?
  43. GE8 Tein Street Basis Instruction Manual Needed
  44. Front struts
  45. Universal Coilovers on GD1 Fit??
  46. Lowering Advice
  47. What way would you go about this? (Springs, wheels...)
  48. AccuAir/ViAir Bagging--Now EPS is on and not steering well
  49. Maxed out T1R Basic Damper Kit
  50. Can you VISUALLY tell the difference between a set of GD and GE springs?
  51. 2007 Fit TODO list feedback
  52. Need Help - Back To Stock - Bad End Link?
  53. 2015 Fit suspension recommendations
  54. Dust shield removal question
  55. Will civic lowering springs fit on a 3rd Gen fit?
  56. GD3 K20 swap needs more front clearance
  57. I need stiffer springs or helper bags, who makes em?
  58. New 13 sport owner advise needed.
  59. Custom Suspsension Website
  60. Custom rear spring rates?
  61. Honda Fit GD3 Struts/Shocks need your opinion.
  62. Overheating brakes
  63. 2013 to 2007 damper
  64. What site to buy coilovers in canada!? Please help.
  65. Coilovers for 2004 JDM Fit
  66. Need spring coils for 2008 Fit Sport
  67. did my axle pop out?
  68. Rear suspension spring sag.
  69. GD1 rear spring
  70. Tokico rear shocks, no bushings? HE2991
  71. HSD Coilovers and Squeak Noise In shock Tower
  72. DIY: Install of HSD Coilovers on GD3
  73. Need Help With Coilovers for GD3
  74. Uneven ride height noticed after coilover install
  75. Operation Swift complete!!!!!!!!
  76. Best replacement for stock struts/shocks? GD3
  77. Cheapest Tokico HP for GD3
  78. DIY: GD Rear Disc Brake Conversion
  79. GD Shocks with Swift Springs
  80. Considering to Swift Springs
  81. DIY: OEM Big Brake Kit
  82. Ordered Megan Racing coilovers!
  83. Coil over suggestions
  84. : Suspension :
  85. Do you cut bump stops on Eibach Sportlines?
  86. How to adjust rear dampers? (Cusco Vacanza)
  87. Power Slot Rotors & EBC Pads
  88. Rear Camber Shims
  89. Where to buy Goodrich G-Stop lines and rotors?
  90. Will GE rear axle fit GD
  91. Brakes
  92. GD3 Aftermarket Strut Rod Bushings (Strut Mount)
  93. Against my better Judgement I cut my springs
  94. Right Rear Toe?
  95. Spoon Twinblock Calipers and Disc on Fit GD1
  96. Need Help Lowering my FIT!
  97. GD3 & Swift Springs
  98. Front tophats moving around
  99. Tokico Blue vs. KYB
  100. Progress RSB noise?
  101. Lowering kits
  102. GD3 eibach pro-kit - absolutely awesome!!!
  103. Progress RSB new hardware
  104. Brake rotors for 2002 Fit Base model
  105. Rear Disc - Seriously Trying to Get OEM DIY Sorted Out
  106. Best cheap coilover for gd1/3
  107. Aftermarket Shocks to Pair with Lowering Springs
  108. ultra rear sway bar
  109. Tokico blues and Ground Control Sleeves
  110. Is it possible to lift a GE?
  111. ABS delete?
  112. Changing front pads and rotors soon on 08 Fit - advice
  113. Air Ride - Lets see that junk in your trunk
  114. Lowered my fit today
  115. Coil spring isolator
  116. im installing ap racing on gd3
  117. Dropping my 07 fit 1.5-2 inches
  118. Can y'all post pics of any gd's Function Form type II's?
  119. Bilstein struts destroying OEM top mounts
  120. Progress Rear Sway Bar
  121. Making my own rear disc coversion
  122. Tein S Techs?
  123. 2003 Jazz Brake Upgrade
  124. GD3 Smaller Front discs for drag racing and vx wheels
  125. Set on T1R's Lowering Springs
  126. Which shocks to go with swifts?
  127. Front Shock Mount Problem
  128. Factory struts with springs
  129. Ksport coils
  130. i made an underbrace for my ladies fit
  131. Help: Suspension Install Woes
  132. Brake Job for a Fit Newbie
  133. FS BIG brake kit
  134. Suspension Options
  135. Look what I Found, GE8 & Koni
  136. Love my new sprint springs
  137. OEM for strut/shock on 07 fit sport
  138. Springs
  139. rear disc finally
  140. The Darkside of Adjustable Coil-overs.
  141. 2008 coil overs on 2013 fit
  142. aftermarket coilover kits and endlink bars?
  143. Caliper bolt problems?
  144. RS*R Ti2000 coilovers for GD1/3
  145. HELP: Installing Front Coilovers for GD3
  146. How to modify skunk 2 coilovers (What did Raaaaaay do? lol)
  147. RSB by k3 Motorsport?
  148. GE8 with Swift springs and still tow a trailer?
  149. GD3 Skunk Pro C Clunking
  150. Tokico hts for gd3, where do you find them?
  151. Anyone have/had Cusco Zero 1 adjustable suspension in their GD Fit?
  152. Gd3 progress vs swift springs- spring rate and feel
  153. Progress sway bar & lowering springs- will it increase fun for dd?
  154. Skunk 2 Pro C's super stiff
  155. Swift Springs with stock 95K shocks = bad idea?
  156. Adjustable sway bar endlinks necessary??
  157. Bilstein B14 (PSS) on GD3, why not?
  158. coils that will get me slammed
  159. Axle popped out and now have a clunk
  160. Problem with DropZone lowering springs
  161. BC racing Coilovers installed!
  162. Coilover Adjustment
  163. What company makes all kinds of handling parts
  164. what's the size of bolt to remove rear drum?
  165. I'm Sick of How My Car Drives
  166. Progress Coilover suspension install for the GD3
  167. Anyone hazard a guess on the offset of these Konigs?
  168. anyone fitted some new coils?
  169. Noob question about coilovers...
  170. Best performance struts
  171. Best Drum Shoes?
  172. Least amount of drop with the best ride?
  173. T1R Basic Damper In New England
  174. Which LSD
  175. Coilovers decision ge8
  176. Coilovers decision ge8
  177. Advice needed: Tokico blue + Swift or Coil over? City driving mostly
  178. T1R Basics Groupbuy
  179. would klutch wheels on GE look nice
  180. Open to suspension suggestions
  181. Camber bolts necessary?
  182. Skunk2 Coilover help!
  183. FIT for work
  184. Who's got unique items such as rear X bars and/or under body braces?
  185. Custom GD3 Koni FULL Coilover
  186. Conservative suspension mods
  187. 07 fit sport lowered on Tein springs not happy with the rake
  188. Stabilizer linkage bar problem. Need help
  189. bolt size: rear shock lower mount
  190. What do you guys think about these mugen rotors?
  191. Coilover bumpstops?
  192. skunk 2 springs..
  193. break snap/clunk sound
  194. function form type 2
  195. Rotor screws
  196. Tanabe GF210 after 70,000 miles - Which struts?
  197. Buddy Club N+ Coilover Review
  198. Low brake fluid level.
  199. coilover help
  200. going to install swift sports on new fit myself this time.
  201. GD3 Function & Form Type II Review
  202. No one riding on stance coillovers really?!
  203. rear spring perch
  204. GD3 Function & Form Type II Pictures Please?
  205. T1R rear disc kit review and additional mod
  206. tough suspension help
  207. Pic request, specifications and reviews thread: TEIN HTECH
  208. 2008 GD3 Ultra Racing front strut bar installation question
  209. sway bar linkage setting
  210. Coil overs help!!
  211. BC Coils
  212. Back to Stock from Lowered - Bump Stops
  213. Problem! Knocking on front passenger side shock
  214. Coilover Comparison: KW vs. Ohlins vs. Skunk 2
  215. Tokico HTS / D-Spec Feedback
  216. Some clarification for my first mods. Help, please!
  217. Will Endura-Tech coilovers be lower than my Tein S-techs?
  218. Quality of Fit Brakes?
  219. Quick Brake Question....
  220. Wobble sound from front. Help!
  221. Slotted rotor recommendations?
  222. Buddy club n+ Rear shock length?
  223. Buddy Club n+ preload
  224. Just installed S-Techs, looking to bring the back down a little further. Suggestions?
  225. Rear Toe Alignment Not Adjustable
  226. Anyone in DFW able to help me finish installing my springs? HAD A MaJOR PROBLEM!
  227. GD3 - Buddy Club N+ Question
  228. Camber: Help/Advice/Decisions please.
  229. My Review: T1R S-Coil V2 Lowering Springs
  230. need to do my brakes, which calipers should i get
  231. honda fit front strut bar bracket placment ?
  232. need to do brakes, what should i do?
  233. Buddy Club N+ Coils question
  234. I. Want. This. (Independent Rear Suspension!)
  235. Where can I still buy new Swifts?
  236. Adding suspension bars; what order??
  237. DIY: Koni Yellows for GD3 rear
  238. Fit 2nd Gen Lowering
  239. soften suspension
  240. Replacements shocks
  241. Five lug conversion done!
  242. T1R Basic Dampers - 300 Mile Review
  243. Any midwest dealers for Swift and Progress?
  244. Need some info on improving handling for a DD
  245. C-Pillar Bar
  246. Can one make a silk purse out of a pigs ear?
  247. best lowering option for a dd?
  248. Please Advise - R/R Front Strut/Shock GD3
  249. Independent Rear Suspension
  250. Fortune Auto coilovers Generation IV are coming to JB Autosports!
  251. strut question
  252. Suspension question
  253. Need help with function and form type two coil overs
  254. Brake Master Cylinder Suggestion?
  255. Great Springs for a budget.
  256. Question on DropZone coils
  257. Raising the Fit
  258. "Shock" and confusion
  259. DIY: Sway Bar End Link replacment
  260. For the slammed: KW to the rescue...!
  261. Strange noise after installing coilovers [NEED HELP]
  262. Replacing front pads advice?
  263. T1R S-Spec Damper Kit + T1R springs
  264. How to adjust dampening once installed?
  265. Mugen Coilovers? Pictures? Thoughts?
  266. pro kit question
  267. Spring question
  268. Looking for coilovers with very little drop
  269. D2 Coilover & Adjustable end-link Install Questions
  270. Lowering, the cut theory
  271. The lowest Coilovers
  272. need help on lower springs
  273. Replace balljoint or LCA?
  274. buddy club spring perches?? where to buy?
  275. braking and abs, with good road surfaces
  276. Tein Basic Coilovers
  277. T1R Basic Damper kit (SNEAK PEAK) !
  278. Bleeding brakes
  279. lowered ride to rough
  280. Suspension talk
  281. Gauging Interest : T1R BASIC coil-overs at $6xx ???
  282. Camber Kits
  283. Noise from rear struts - '09
  284. Energy suspension bumpstops
  285. JIC Profit (GD3)
  286. D2 Big Brake Kit
  287. looking for some upgrades to my 07fitsport
  288. Suggest me some suspension
  289. K Sport Coilovers Rear Springs Super Soft!!
  290. Basis Sport Tuning 21mm Rear Sway Bar for the GE Fit
  291. Question for those running Swift Springs
  292. help
  293. Gd3 buddyclub noise help!!!
  294. outer CV joint problems?
  295. Eibach Sportsline Lowering Springs problem
  296. Anyone got experience on the KW coilovers?
  297. Gd3 Big rear camber ?!
  298. Help out a newbie! Tein S-Techs, where do they go? Just making sure...
  299. Im Buying Tein Basic Damper
  300. Hawk HPS pads?
  301. T1R rear brakes spare parts!?
  302. Any tips on front LCA ball joint separation?
  303. GD3 rear axel
  304. help! grinding noise when turning hard right.
  305. help with air ride for gd! please help!
  306. Beaks Tie Bar -> Nothing for GD3?
  307. air ride for gd
  308. Coilover, which one is the lower?
  309. Clicking noise
  310. spacer question.
  311. which coilovers should i get?
  312. Ground Controls ??
  313. Civic Coilovers on GD3?
  314. Break Problem
  315. Suspension Problems...
  316. Skunk2 Pro-c Rear mod to go lower
  317. Help! Rear coilover adjustment
  318. Recommend coilover for comfortable daily driver GE8
  319. Will usdm suspension fit my jdm gd3
  320. Small drop - 20mm
  321. Calling all Skunk2 Pro-c Coilover Owners'
  322. ground control top hats
  323. need more low in front. have buddyclubs
  324. Who want's to own the first set of Fortune Auto 500 series for a FIT (GD)?
  325. Need help on brake setup.
  326. Post Pix of your Lowered GD3
  327. ***HELP*** I wanna GO LOWER....
  328. ABS brake delete?
  329. FIT 5 lug conversion
  330. My Tein S-Tech sagged on the right side
  331. 09 Fit Sport Brakes
  332. Pro-Cs need some help
  333. Eibach sportline
  334. Front top mount protruding out??
  335. Brake Fluid
  336. Question about the shocks/dampers
  337. rigid collar
  338. What coilovers are right for me? Help!
  339. Whiteline Rear Sway Bar
  340. Weird noise from the rear springs
  341. "Wheel Bearing" noise coming from Fit after lowered for 2 weeks?
  342. GD3 with Progress Springs and 16x7" wheels?
  343. Ksport Pro Plus Air Suspension System
  344. Just sharing
  345. Drop Shocks
  346. What is the highest ride height setting on Skunk2 Pro-Cs?
  347. extended wheel studs..
  348. 2011 Fit Swift Spring Install PROBLEM...HELP!
  349. ultra racing 4pt rear bar clearance problem
  350. Swift Sport Mach Springs With Stock Everything else, good idea?
  351. G2 caliper paint?
  352. Coilovers
  353. PLEASE HELP?!?!? Skunk2 Springs Making Noise
  354. WTB: Coilovers
  355. Color of paint for my calipers
  356. RSX-S brakes onto Fit
  357. Swift spring questions...
  358. 2011 Fit Sport Springs
  359. Skunk2 Pro-C adjustment question
  360. CX Racing Coilovers for GD3
  361. 2nd generation,GE8....rear drum question
  362. dba4000 vs powerslot cryo rotors
  363. Skunk2 springs..
  364. Skunk 2 coilovers
  365. 25mm spacers...
  366. Polyurethane spring spacers anyone???
  367. Skunk Pro-Coils I lost my instructions
  368. Blox fsb combined with Progress rsb!?
  369. GE8 - About Kayaba New SR Special
  370. Need Help - Skunk 2 Pro C Noise
  371. what to get for coils? want low and good ride
  372. Megan coilovers? Anybody running them?
  373. Has anyone tried running no spring perches?
  374. Need pics of DropZone springs on GD3 Anyone???
  375. Stiffen Rear @ OEM Ride Height
  376. Wilwood Brakes Dont Fit 04 FIT. GD1
  377. installed my skunk2 coilovers!
  378. Tie rod question! help!
  379. An other diy coilover question!!! HELP!
  380. Buddyclub N+ Help
  381. alignment talk: only toe....
  382. KW issues.
  383. Wierd clunking noise form Skunk coilovers
  384. Skunk2's or D2's or BC racing???
  385. Skunk 2 Springs GD
  386. Cutting OEM springs ONLY very little
  387. more mileage, more wheel travel?
  388. Still rubbing
  389. Swift Spring/T1R w Shocks
  390. Any suggestions for 08 coilover system?
  391. help w/ car feel... More Grip Up front, more rear stability
  392. Suspension Pic Thread
  393. Spring/Strut Clarification Questions
  394. GD3 brake rotor size --- 286mm or 303mm
  395. SPC camber bolts with oval suspension holes!! YES IT F N WORKS!
  396. Problems with my Swifts - must read
  397. Sportlines & Progress RSB
  398. Tein basic on GE8?
  399. GD chassis strut bar on GE chassis?
  400. Front upper strut bar, worth it?
  401. Tanabe DF210 install question (GD3 07-08)
  402. j's racing goodies
  403. '05 RSX base Hawk HPS pads
  404. help
  405. Tire rubbing
  406. Camber Bolts for JDM/EDM?
  407. Best sway bar
  408. Installed swift springs....
  409. Tein S Lowering Springs Feedback
  410. C/O Replacement
  411. buddy club n+ coilovers INSTALLED!!
  412. Help me choose next brake setup!
  413. Jazz lift...
  414. PSA: Rotor Discount Going On
  415. FF type II
  416. Cut rear springs
  417. Brembo BBK for the GD3
  418. DIY: Coilovers installation
  419. Am I missing something? (Skunk2 Pro-c installation)
  420. noise in the rear
  421. replacing bolts when upgrading struts/shocks
  422. Getting Coilovers... Which are best and why
  423. Feedback on Ground Control Kit with Eibach Springs
  424. Tokico struts and shocks on a lowered Fit
  425. The Terrorist's new suspension
  426. air suspensions
  427. air shocks vs. coil-over
  428. KYB struts
  429. Wilwood Dynalite Big Brake Kit - $499 SALE !!!
  430. Adjustable front endlinks and pre-loads
  431. Camber kit install help!
  432. Mugen 5-way rear suspension squeak
  433. Skunk2 or Sportlines?
  434. CR-Z rear disc?
  435. front sway bar questions
  436. Question on Dust cover
  437. Swift Sport Springs Review thread (pics)
  438. Adjustable endlink questions
  439. Rear springs being a real PITA!
  440. Calling out GD3 coilover owners....
  441. I have megan coilovers are the springs interchangable
  442. Running Goodridge SSBB lines
  443. Vibrations after Lowering
  444. stupid ? about installing sway bar on GE sport
  445. Loud Squealing Noise
  446. GAB Suspension
  447. Skunk2 Pro-C problem. Please help!!!
  448. reinstall stock springs
  449. Quick help please: Tanabe DF210
  450. J's Racing Engine Torque Damper (ETD)..install question
  451. OEM USDM Front Rotor Part Number for GD model?
  452. Blackworks Suspension Feedback
  453. ABS sensor assy
  454. Need help with swaybar end links!
  455. Difference between GD & GE shocks & springs???
  456. GE8 Suspension
  457. springs compatable with stock shocks and even drop
  458. Skunk Pro-C different spring rates ?
  459. Wilwood Big Brake Kit
  460. question for you pro-c owners
  461. Install coilovers, loose the rear sway bar?
  462. D2 Coilovers HELP :)
  463. Skunk2 springs with stock rims
  464. Skunk2 springs with stock rims
  465. Input on which front brake rotors
  466. rear spring adjuster question
  467. Buddy Club N+ coliover installed pics
  468. Buy Nikon D90 12MP DSLR camera/ Nikon D80 Digital Camera with 18-135mm Lens.
  469. Modified rear coilovers
  470. Progress rear sway bar on Euro-spec Jazz?
  471. Video of my car going UP and DOWN
  472. C-Pillar Bar
  473. uneven ride height after lowering?
  474. GE8 Eibach Pro-Series (Vibration)
  475. H/D Fit Rear Suspention
  476. Pulsating brakes - New rotors needed?
  477. quick chamber question...
  478. 08 rear suspension thump/thunk/noise
  479. Pad replacement for T1R rear brake conversion
  480. Powergrid adjustable sway bar end links????
  481. "New" Stock 2008 Fit Ride Height
  482. Springs
  483. Drag setup
  484. strut removal
  485. GD rear alignment?
  486. Tracking and Coilovers.
  487. Problem: About endlinks after coilover install
  488. Question about endlinks after coilover install
  489. cutting bumpstops?
  490. J's Racing new design rear strut bar for gd3
  491. J's Racing new design rear strut bar for gd3
  492. Lowering with 17" alloy?
  493. Honda Modulo Sports Suspension
  494. Goodridge or other SS brake line kits for GE8's?
  495. Help, Uneven brake pad wear!
  496. Recommended spring compressor
  497. tapered or standard springs?
  498. Endura-tech Coils Question
  499. Big brake kit
  500. Coilover help!!!