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pageme 06-04-2013 11:53 PM

Malfunction Indicator Light; CVS valve after flash flood
My 2008 Fit Sport has a history of not telling the proper code for issues. I once had stuttering of the engine when accelerating or sitting at a stop which felt like a clutch going bad, but it turned out being a cylinder gone bad, which a check engine light never happened, and turns out two had gone bad at the same time and honda service took five tries to diagnose it. Now I recently got caught in a flash flood storm and had to coast through some road ponds, car made it surprisingly, the next day after driving about 30 minutes the malfunction indicator light comes on. Take it to the shop and they code it as a CVS valve malfunction, won't shut. Said there was no water in the valve or the canister under it. Replace the CVS valve, light goes off. I drive it home and the next day after driving 20 minutes it comes back on. They check it again at the shop, same error code, says now that the canister doesn't have water in it, but has evidence that water did get in it (whatever that means), now it's off after they reset it, then drive home, next day after driving ten minutes it comes on again.
Worried I'm going to keep replacing parts to no avail.

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