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titefit 08-07-2006 04:13 PM

TANABE exhaust questions, answers, clip
I received this e-maill from Tanabe USA a couple of days ago I thought I'd pass it along, ( very cool website ) they have incar & outside car soundbites to hear if its too loud or not loud enough for ya.----------

Thank you for your inquiry.

The Concept G for the Honda Fit will be released on August 11th.

If you need help locating a dealer please let us know.

Best Regards,
Tanabe Racing Development, USA

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GoFits 08-08-2006 01:01 PM

I want to hear some sound bites of the Fit exhaust system!

titefit 08-08-2006 01:43 PM

click on the link then go to concept g sound bites and they will give you a variety of cars to listen to i picked the scion XB cuz thats the closest size wize to the fit

sLiVeRwOrM 08-08-2006 01:50 PM

wow.. i wonder if it will be overpriced like the first one that came out..

Paulo107 08-08-2006 02:22 PM

tru dat yo:cool:

titefit 08-08-2006 03:33 PM

They said it should be around $350-375, is that overpriced ?

titefit 08-08-2006 03:36 PM

picture of tanabe axle back

titefit 08-08-2006 03:39 PM

Honda Fit (chassis)=GD (year)=07 (pipe diam.) =50 (tip diam.)=90 item #T80122A $390.00

From tanabe usa ( website )

dacalac 08-08-2006 05:56 PM

Originally Posted by titefit
Honda Fit (chassis)=GD (year)=07 (pipe diam.) =50 (tip diam.)=90 item #T80122A $390.00

From tanabe usa ( website )

MSRP and Vendor sale price end up being two TOTALLY different numbers though.


kentris 08-08-2006 06:36 PM

The picture posted above looks exactly the same as my Tanabe muffler.

Here's the video of the tanabe exhaust I got fitted on my Jazz.

Chikubi 08-09-2006 02:11 AM

Hmm, not bad, but too quiet for my taste. I had an Espelir JGT500 on my xB and it sounded awsome -- too bad they don't have one for the Fit.

pNz 08-17-2006 03:27 PM

Tanabe Touring Medallion installed...
The exhaust is very quiet but is already getting louder as i break it in (drove less then 2 hours so far with it). Heres a youtube for you guys...
also some pics.

purchased from Jay at C2AUTO. great service thanks alot jay

4dr4life! 08-17-2006 03:29 PM

WOW... Really nice and quiet just how I like it. How does it sound inside the car?

pNz 08-17-2006 03:31 PM

well yesterday when i installed it I could only hear it when i started the car then it went quiet like stock. after some driving this morning its just slightly louder. Ill do another vid inside the ride if you would like. lemme know

clk1022 08-17-2006 03:37 PM

please tell us how loud is it thanks~

pNz 08-17-2006 03:42 PM

as of right now barely louder then stock. its very deep, but not loud. however, its still in the break in period and I expect a it to go a few dbs louder within a day or so. Tanabe instuctions say breakin period is 2 days. after an intake is installed thats a whole other story though.

jits14 08-17-2006 04:18 PM

is it just the muffler? cat back?

Soggy 08-17-2006 04:22 PM

Where did you get it?

C2AUTOSPL 08-17-2006 05:29 PM

Originally Posted by Soggy
Where did you get it?

from me:p

msg length

[email protected] 08-18-2006 05:33 PM

yahh boiiiiiiii

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