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jmore1231 10-12-2009 03:47 AM

DIY Help with Headlights
Hi guys im a newbie to this website and my jazz i really like the car and just wanna do a few small things to it to get it to look good plus to shut a couple of my friends up about it being a girls car its not its awesome the potential is great i own a white 2007 GLI 1.3L pretty much exactly the same as the 2007 GLI FIT which is great on petrol one of the main reasons i got it but i better get back to the topic ok well i bought these headlights on ebay today and was wondering if anybody knows if they will be alright for my car they are used i know that but the exact same headlights new are $600 AUD and i only paid $245 now thats a good deal i think well heres the link below:

Altezza 2005 Honda Jazz LH & RH Headlight Set. - eBay Headlights, Lights, Indicators, Car Parts, Accessories, Cars, Bikes, Boats. (end time 11-Oct-09 16:42:37 AEDST)

They Say 2005 but the exact headlights are designed for 01-08 GD but i dont know what that means.

Hootie 10-12-2009 04:24 AM

GD is the chassis code for Fits/Jazzs made from 2001-2008; which is the year range your Jazz falls into, so they should work. However, you may need additional hardware to use those lights such as a ballast. Also, the wheels will work with those dimensions and offset. As for warranty, I honestly wouldn't know because every dealer has a different tolerance; I do know that the LEDs and the aftermarket speakers will raise an eyebrow and could be falsely accused for causing a malfunction if one where to happen.

jmore1231 10-12-2009 04:30 AM

thanks for your help its greatly appreaciated :), i hope there is no malfunction then the led neons however are just connected to the dc 12v thing so i might be alright but the speakers yeh im kinda stuffed there. But about that ballast what is that by the way im sorry i have no idea thanks again for helping me

Hootie 10-12-2009 06:40 AM

Originally Posted by jmore1231 (Post 761908)
But about that ballast what is that by the way im sorry i have no idea thanks again for helping me

Sorry for the delayed response, I was cramming in homework that is due in less that 12 hours. :D

But back on topic, you'll find some detailed information about ballast at the links below.

Electrical ballast - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

HowStuffWorks "How Fluorescent Lamps Work"

jmore1231 10-13-2009 04:13 AM

thats cool thanks for replying i hope i dont need that though it says it uses the same connector so i might be lucky or if not ill just stick with my current ones by the way how did you paint the inside of yours or did you buy it like that they look awesome

Hootie 10-13-2009 04:41 AM

The headlights came from the factory color matched and I'm glad that you had mentioned them.

I just remembered that the majority of GD Fits/Jazzs produced all have the shorter JDM or EDM front end and that for the JDM (Japanese spec) 1.5S Fit it was optional to have H.I.D. lights. So if my memory and theory is correct, your Australian spec Jazz could use the JDM 1.5S headlights and you may also be able to find a set that are color matched. If this does work out you would not have to worry about the lights not being on warranty for not being a Honda part.

jmore1231 10-15-2009 01:42 AM

Oh great thanks ill have to look into that ill ask my dealer next i get it serviced which is coming up actually. I wish i could get H.I.D lights but there banned here no idea why anything awesome is pretty much banned cant even get any undercar glow. But yeh thanks again i hope i can get them cause they are awesome sorry to say that again your jazz is pimping i see you have installed fog lights at the front to did you do them yourself i heard there a bit of a pain to install :)

Hootie 10-15-2009 02:00 PM

Thanks for the complement. My USDM Fit Sport, along with the other North American Sports, came from the factory with the fog lights installed and the only ones that don't come with fogs are the trim levels below it. Now there are some vendors on here for A&J's Racing that may be able to find you the headlights if your dealer can't get them for you.

Here is the link to their profiles here: AJR Jay & AJ PwR Jr.

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