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KeithDLewis 08-08-2017 06:34 PM

I have seen lots of owners of the fit having oil consumption issues, I am using a superior non retail shelf 5W20 manufactured by Royal Oil in Fort Worth Texas, and am a consultant for them.It's a synthetic blend and has the capability of tripling the service interval, I haven't pushed the oil past 10k miles yet but Royal Oil does provide free oil analysis for their customers. I'm not having consumption issues and the oil stays transparent on the dipstick up to the point I change the oil. I use a normal 5000 mile filter and change it at 5000, my fuel mileage has been as high as 46 and averaging 43 with the 5 speed transmission. Year 2009 117432 miles, new plugs and belt at 100k miles and service transmission every 60k miles . In my opinion it is a bulletproof engine and should see many years of life ahead!

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