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By: Red 05
Today 04:26 PM

All you need to do is raise the seat a few inches to get your hand underneath. There's more than that just in slack. Iterally, four bolts, four trim pieces and you'll have it. Less than 10 minutes...
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Today 01:11 PM

Thought this was helpful. https://www.themasterswitch. com/audio-formats-explained
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By: User1
Today 12:45 PM

https://cimg3.ibsrv.net/gimg/www.fitfreak.net-vbulletin/596x335/10_bike_architecture _8cc9aebd037ee22989b 8f7bb1f7d47961d3003f f.jpg These 15 mind-blowing bike projects will make you hate your regular...
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Today 11:35 AM

You can do it from the top if you have a skinny enough arm... cause I did it. - You have to blindly move the belt around the two bottom pulleys. - Then tuck the belt under the tensioner and over...
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Today 10:47 AM

I've seen your thread. Great work on that!
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Today 08:33 AM

Not sure if I really like the look, but I need the product for heat and glare. Can anyone tell me if they like/dislike their mats, and who's they bought. I've seen a lot of different offers on Ebay,...
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By: rzc
Today 08:31 AM

I was able to record the sound, is this the starter? Sure seems like it. I’m working with both Carvana and Honda now. https://gopro.com/v/bQNol8vmPw272
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By: exl500
Today 07:47 AM

I'd tell her as follows: "I spoke with Honda customer service, and none of their documentation shows any issues with this engine nor a requirement this service be done. They offered to review the...
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By: hotkey
Today 07:01 AM

Whoa! So pretty! :thumbups:
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By: Icirus
Yesterday 11:15 PM

Its probably been said already but rip out the hood latch sensor.. Red 05 has the right idea. I did that and it fixed my problems
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Yesterday 09:29 PM

Your prices are way off unless you’re going to the dealership , New compressor $250, condenser with filter drier $50, hoses high/low $100, evaporator with expansion valve $75, hard lines $100,...
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By: Zardiw
Yesterday 09:02 PM

Hi guys. I had a bracelet hanging from the mirror and I think it flew off while backing up a hill and went through a hole in the dash. Either down the defrost vent in the front, or down the narrow...
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Yesterday 08:51 PM

I just pried up on one corner with a small flat head wrapped in tape so it wouldn't scratch anything. One side pivots so I pried on the other side. This video may help...
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Yesterday 08:33 PM

Yea it really does suck how that works out sometimes. But all in all it does not shift me away from wanting to do forced induction. I see a lot of potential in the L15. Of course us Fit owners get...
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Yesterday 06:41 PM

It happens to my BMW 330i (4 door sedan). With the rear window to blow out dust, the wind pressure could puncture your ear drums at highway speed. :)
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