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Cruise control problem

Hello fellow Fitfreaks. I've been having a problem with my cruise control. Whenever I turn left, my cruise control is on. Yet, whenever I turn right or go straight, it shuts off. I'm probably guessing it's in the steering wheel area or something like that. I never really worked on it before. I was hoping to get some suggestions. Thank you.
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It does sound like an electrical issue in the steering wheel connections, possibly in what is often called the "clock spring"—the gizmo that connects the steering wheel electrical stuff to the rest of the car, allowing it to rotate. (It could also be a poor connection elsewhere in the general area.)

If it is the clock spring, replacement is not super easy, though it's far from impossible for a shade tree mechanic. It involves removing the steering wheel, which of course means disconnecting the airbag module. Should you attempt to do this yourself, make sure you understand how to safely work around and with the airbags; having it go off unexpectedly would make for a very bad day, to say the least.
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cruise control

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