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Old 06-10-2018, 04:31 PM
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What was the final verdict on parasitic drains?

I've searched and found problems involving other smaller Honda models involving AC relays, aftermarket alarm systems, etc. and the dead battery issue in our Fits over the years. I've got a '10 Sport with maybe 35K and am about to do the 51R battery fitment mod so that there may be at least 'some' juice left over when this happens again. Sitting is obviously never good for a battery and quelling every parasitic drain almost impossible...yet what are the top 3 culprits that have been found ....and who has had the most success solving this problem who doesn't necessarily drive the wheels off of theirs near every day?
Yes, I've heard of battery maintenance and chargers as i'm old enough to be your grandfather.... (thanks).

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Old 06-11-2018, 08:35 AM
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A well-framed question. I look forward to seeing the replies in this thread.
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Old 06-13-2018, 04:45 AM
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I did the 51R change on my 09 last Fall. No problems all winter. Previously I would have dead batterys on a regular basis once it got below a certain temp.

I am a grandfather(76) and my Fit will sit for days at a time.

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Old 06-13-2018, 09:03 AM
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I've been having drained battery issues in my '16.

It is on me b/c I've added a bunch of electronic accessories which do drain down the battery (dash cam, audio system).

It got to the point where I carried a battery booster with me, and that's saved me many, many times. The final straw was when I was listening to the radio on low volume, then tried to start the car. Nope. Had to boost.

I bought a Kirkland 51R battery. Had far fewer issues, but I've been left with a low battery twice requiring a boost. (in winter and batteries do not like the cold).

Now with work driving a short distance, not really enough to charge it well, I went for a Noco 9w solar battery charger : https://fortnine.ca/en/noco-xgrid-xg...o-kit-xgs9auto and I have this hooked up to my OBD port using an adapter that I use with my Noco battery charger. FYI my battery booster is also Noco. See, I've purchased 3 Noco products to deal with the battery issues.

I did leave on one of my interior lights for 6 hours with the solar charger on. No issues at all.

I believe part of the issue is Honda's use of ELD (google that!). Essentially it determines how your alternator should charge, but it's not based on how low the battery level is.

There are threads on this forum on supposedly stock GK's with battery issues.

So Honda's use of a tiny battery with a handcuffed way to recharge it (ELD) are part of the battery problems some of us experience.
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