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Original Battery...


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Original Battery...

My 2010Fit Sport is still going with the original battery. I've had it tested a few months ago and still plenty off CCA, sorry I don't have the numbers in front of me. I live in an area where it gets pretty cold in winter so I'm thinking I should replace the battery before that. I plan to bring the car in for 2 new tires, and possibly have the brakes done. At last check they were getting pretty low. Is the battery replacement something I should do myself, or leave it to my trusted independent mechanic who I've been using for about 15 years now. I've looked at some YT videos on battery replacement, but I'm still hesitant. I also am wondering if I should look for a genuine Honda battery, or if not what folks recommend. I mention Honda battery because several of the YT videos showed that, while others did not.
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Have it tested... If it's fine, keep it. My ranger when 10 yeays on the oem battery.
i also am a believer in OEM batteries for replacement. But every time one goes bad on me, I am no where.near a dealer, or it's a sunday and I cannot get ahold of an OEM. The ourl parts store special seem to still work, but have not tested one for 10 years yet.
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8 years on the original Honda Fit battery is amazing. Did you buy it new? Are you sure it's the original battery? I have a 2016 and I'm already worrying about how much longer I might be able to go.
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You live in an area that gets cold. If the battery is going to have issues, it will be when it's cold. Do you really want to be out in the cold changing it or do it when it's still nice out? A new battery is a $100-$150 item. Not a lot of money. ​​​​​BTW: most discount auto part stores will install your battery for free. Another thing. I don't know where the Honda replacement battery is made but in my youth I worked at Johnson Controls battery division. We'd run different brand battery cases down the same line, putting the same guts in them.
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