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DIY: Automatic Climate Control Conversion

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DIY: Automatic Climate Control Conversion

*Please familiarize yourself with the entire DIY thoroughly before attempting to do this*

Rep if you like this!

Here it is, after spending months researching and looking for parts Ive finally completed the conversion! I will try to make this DIY as clear and detailed as I can. For me it was very important to be able to revert to stock incase anything went wrong. I left all original harnesses and connectors fully intact and did not cut off anything that was crucial for old system to operate. Let me know if anything doesn't make sense or can be improved.

*Disclaimer: The following is provided as a GUIDE ONLY, and neither myself, nor FITFREAK.NET endorse, recommend, encourage nor take any responsibility for the outcome of someone else doing the following. You follow these steps at your own risk!*

Before attempting this mod, please take a look at the pictures of my stock levers and pulleys. As far as I understand, there are 2 versions of lever designs. If yours is different than mine, the parts in my list WILL NOT FIT in your car. A quick way to tell which version you have is to see if your recirculate baffle (found just above the cabin filter) hinges from the top or the bottom. Mine hinges from the top. I am not responsible for parts not fitting if you do not check this. Send me a picture if you do not know for sure.

It should look like this:
Name:  DSC04343_zpsd3c1e2de.jpg
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Size:  58.3 KB

Name:  Before_zps81a611f9.jpg
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Name:  After_zps35ee6375.jpg
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Size:  63.2 KB

Video Demo:

Honda Jazz manual: Name:  image_zps05b78ee3.jpg
Views: 3339
Size:  101.3 KB

Name:  image_zpsc4c4c43a.jpg
Views: 3270
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Name:  image_zpsbd91a040.jpg
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Name:  image_zps104a12ed.jpg
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Name:  image_zps3bee5997.jpg
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Tools and materials you need:
-plastic panel removal kit (Amazon.com: Panel removal)
-metric socket wrench set
-soldering iron and solder
-wire stripper
-philips head screwdriver
-plastic cutting tool
-electrical tape or shrink wrap
-exacto knife
-gear lubricant
-3M VHB tape
-a drill or dremel
-Honda Jazz ESM (found here: https://www.fitfreak.net/forums/2nd-...ilable-14.html) only runs on XP

Parts List:
Ill divide the list up into categories to keep the parts organized.

I would recommend trying to find as many of these parts used as possible. The prices for these parts new are astronomical.
Look up "UK car breakers", you should get some luck finding the parts. Except for the ones that are LHD specific. I managed to find everything used except the blower box and the 3 servo motors.

Dashboard(Two 2009 units are available here for cheap http://en.bildelsbasen.se/ ):


These are the part numbers for the Jazz Hybrid. Any version of the LHD Honda Jazz GE 2009-2013 will technically work, but keep in mind the display colour can vary from model to model. I know that 2012 non-hybrids and later have an amber display, while earlier ones have a blackish display with a slight hint of blue. The Jazz Hybrid display is the closest match to our stock gauge cluster.

Also, these european displays are set to display temperatures in Celsius. The only version that I am aware of that will display in Fahrenheit is the fit EVs. I am not aware of whether this can be changed via software. My guess is not.

The fit EV also has a white dashboard trim, but you could always buy the black trim seperatly.


I have marked an asterisk next to the part numbers that can be purchased in the states


Heater blower:

79305-TF0-G01 blower box
79350-TF0-G01 fresh/recirculate motor

Heater Unit:

32157-TF0-G30 sub cord
79160-TF0-G41 air mix motor
90121-SFA-941 x 5 mounting screws
79330-SNA-A01* transistor
80535-TF0-G41 aspirator
79140-TF0-G41 Mode motor
79106-TF0-G41*you do not need this entire part, you just need one small lever from it. Buying this whole part is the only way to get the lever "new", which is the only reason I included it in the list. I have about 10 casts copies I made available for this lever. Contact me if you want one.*

Wire Harnesses:

32117-TF2-R40 This unfortunately only comes as a complete harness for the interior of the car. I would recommend scouting one out at a European junkyard. search google for "UK car breakers" or try this website. MotorHog - Car parts, Car Sales, Online Salvage Auction, Car and Vehicle Dismantling and Salvage

I have a spare harness that I am willing to sell as well.

The connector for the outdoor temp sensor is on a separate harness. I would recommending searching in the same places as for the other harness, or looking for a junked CR-Z.

Once you get the harnesses, I would recommend preparing them prior to the installation. I did this by isolating the portion of the harness that only applied to the climate control system. To figure that out, you need to find the 36 pin connector for the controls and dismantle the harness in order to expose the individual wires. Consult the ESM for the auto climate schematic and pin out of the 36 pin connector.

I started with this:
Name:  Wireloom_zpsaa0e4eeb.jpg
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And ended with this:
Name:  Pic2_zps14bae971.jpg
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Name:  Pic1_zpsb46051f4.jpg
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The sub harness from the Jazz does not need to be modified:
Name:  subharness_zps2753cc47.jpg
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Size:  159.3 KB

Time needed:

You'll need a solid 2 days of downtime to do this at a comfortable pace. My total labour time was about 15 hours. Your time may vary depending on experience/skill level.

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Okay, now that we have everything ready, lets begin the actual installation.

1. Disconnect the battery. You dont want to accidentally short or trigger something (like the airbags) while doing this!

2. Remove audio unit:
-Remove the 2 screws on the bottom hinges of the lower glovebox
Name:  1_zps49fce24b.jpg
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Size:  66.7 KB
Name:  2_zpsf10b3403.jpg
Views: 3185
Size:  63.9 KB
-Open the glovebox all the way and squeeze the upper walls of the glovebox inward so that it can come out completely
-Remove lower center console cover. Use the panel tool to gently pry along the bottom, this will release the clips. Once the clips are out, pull the panel downward to slide the upper tabs out
Name:  3_zps5041b61c.jpg
Views: 3136
Size:  53.2 KB
-remove the bolt under the audio unit(move the recirculate lever to the right in order to see it). You can get a side view of the bolt by looking through the glovebox opening
Name:  4_zps8f052af2.jpg
Views: 3158
Size:  78.2 KB
-open the upper glovebox and pry gently on the small slot to pop out the audio unit
Name:  5_zps74b26290.jpg
Views: 3146
Size:  64.4 KB
-pull the assembly out gently and unhook the connectors(remember where everything goes!)
Name:  6_zpsf1360534.jpg
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Name:  7_zps44d2125e.jpg
Views: 3145
Size:  81.8 KB

3. Remove the manual heater components:
-set the mode knob all the way counterclockwise (VENT)
Name:  8_zpse78685d4.jpg
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Size:  111.4 KB
-remove the cable from the mode select lever. pop out of the holder and squeeze the end of the handle to release the cable loop.
-set the recirculate/fresh lever to recirculate(Left)
-remove the cable from the recirculate lever in the same fashion
-set the temperature dial to the coolest setting
-remove the cable from the air mix lever
Name:  9_zps97e6e482.jpg
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Size:  79.2 KB
Name:  10_zps4ca0a97c.jpg
Views: 3183
Size:  57.0 KB
-remove the gauge cluster cover carefully to allow the control unit to come out
Name:  12_zps376d1717.jpg
Views: 3120
Size:  55.5 KB
-remove the one screw at the front centre of the control unit.(shown above)
-gently pull the unit forward to pop the clips. The 3 small clips along the bottom are prone to breaking.
-disconnect the connectors from the heater control and carefully pull the pulley cables out with the control unit.
This is what youll end up with:
Name:  13_zps6b066708.jpg
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Size:  104.0 KB

side by side of the 2 units:
Name:  14_zpsdfe90ace.jpg
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4. Remove the heater blower:
-for this step I would highly recommend having the esm at hand for details
-remove the passengers side under dash cover
-cut the brace plastic at the 2 points. I would personally cut the plastic brace wider than recommended, to allow more room for the blower to fit through
Name:  15_zpsc1d9696b.jpg
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Size:  94.5 KB
-take out metal piece(5 bolts)
Name:  16_zps079d785b.jpg
Views: 3124
Size:  62.5 KB
-unplug the blower motor
Name:  17_zpse98064c6.jpg
Views: 3144
Size:  102.3 KB
-unplug the resistor
-remove the lower vent on the left(3 screws)
Name:  18_zps90b0abed.jpg
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Size:  78.5 KB
Name:  19_zps4bae44be.jpg
Views: 3141
Size:  78.9 KB
-remove screws(2) and bolts(3) for the blower assembly, be very careful not to drop the bolts as they will fall behind the carpet
Name:  20_zpsbf663533.png
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Size:  1,002.6 KB
Name:  21_zpsa0d9f63a.jpg
Views: 3178
Size:  80.5 KB
-carefully pull unit out and you will have this
Name:  22_zps6b059981.jpg
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5. Install the servo motors and transistor:
-remove the 2 screws on the resistor and pull out the resistor
-cut opening width-wise to fit the transistor(it is the same height as the resistor
Name:  23_zps81074ede.jpg
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Size:  70.9 KB
-place the transistor in the new, larger opening and seal the edges with electrical tape. the fitting should be tight, so screws aren't needed
-remove the outer air mix lever and replace it with the new one(one screw). apply grease
-apply grease to the inner tracks of the new round piece
-remove the old round plastic piece for the mode selector. be sure to not accidentally move the levers underneath it
-remove the one lever that the cable was originally attached to
Name:  27_zpsb2c52ea7.jpg
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Size:  45.9 KB
-push the air mix lever up and down to check for smooth motion.
-cut/drill away the bottom portion of the cable holder so that the new lever is not blocked
Name:  24_zps1b119451.jpg
Views: 3188
Size:  45.3 KB
-screw air mix motor onto the existing mount and connect the handle to the lever
-the correct pivotal position of the this motor can be achieved by lining up the bottom of the connector opening to the top of the cable holder.
Name:  26_zpsc80d2dc0.jpg
Views: 3165
Size:  64.5 KB
-once positioned, use a 3m tape stack for the nonexistent mounts on the upper rear corner of the air mix motor
-mount the mode select motor on the one preexisting mount(no need to worry about positioning, as it is guided on the mount)
-make sure the levers are in the tracks
-again use 3M tape stacks to hold the 2 other mounts to the side of the air box
Name:  28_zps16212e78.jpg
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Size:  62.7 KB
3M applied:
Name:  25_zps5392c4fd.jpg
Views: 3151
Size:  78.0 KB
-do not connect the harness yet

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6. Solder in new wires from main harness (10 in total):
-It is very important to make sure that all soldered connections are secure and properly insulated. DO NOT USE QUICK TAP CONNECTORS
-My method was to strip a 1/2 inch section of the wire I wanted to tap into and divide the strands with a ball point pen. I then inserted the bare end of the new wire between the strands and twisted it around the outside of strands while closing the gap. Once that was firmly in place, I soldered all exposed wire together and wrapped it securely with electrical tape. Its good to wrap it around several times for security.

- tap the light green wire into the B-CAN. The easiest place to find this is on the connector right behind the gauge cluster(pin 18 light green). remove the 4 screws surrounding the gauge cluster to remove it. Reinstall this right after completing the connection
Name:  29_zpse1020803.jpg
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Size:  79.4 KB
- all original wires in the car will colour match the wires from the new harness unless I explicitly say it does not
Name:  30_zpsdc036758.jpg
Views: 3295
Size:  66.5 KB
- grey wire into the ILL + found on the old harness
- blue A/C wire found right on the old harness
- brown IG2 found on the old harness
- purple wire is window/mirror defog. found on old harness
- Thick black wire is found on the fan speed control harness
- Thick white wire is found on the blower motor connector
- thin black wire to the ground found on the original harness
- *Connect the black ILL - to the Red dash light brightness controller. (pin 1 of larger harness, pin 5 of smaller harness).* This is the only wire that does not colour match, because the EDM fit doesnt appear to have the dimming function.
- orange wire to evap temp sensor wire found right in the heater box
Name:  31_zps1b28bb24.jpg
Views: 3236
Size:  55.8 KB
-after finishing the connections, neatly gather up extra slack from these loose wires and wrap them with electrical tape. This will minimize the chance of something being caught and ripped apart later on.

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7. Install interior temp sensor and Aspirator setup:
- Remove the drivers side lower cover
- Cut a roughly quarter sized hole where the aspirator template is on the heater unit
Name:  32_zps492f4568.jpg
Views: 3121
Size:  70.9 KB
- attach the aspirator with the hose to the heater box
Name:  33_zps00f18be0.jpg
Views: 3146
Size:  70.8 KB
- run the hose up to and through where the sensor will go(behind the small grill on the gauge cluster cover)
- run the connector through the same opening
- connect the sensor to the hose and connector from the main harness
- push the sensor into the opening, it will click into place
Name:  34_zpsfe333fb6.jpg
Views: 3171
Size:  56.9 KB

8. Install sun beam sensor:
-carefully cut the rectangle on the passengers side dash near the windshield
- I used an exacto knife because the space was too tight for anything else I had. The plastic is about 3mm thick, and there is about 1.5cm of space under it, so dont be too agressive
Name:  35_zps192831ad.jpg
Views: 3126
Size:  83.5 KB
-make sure the short wire is connected to the main harness before pulling it through
-fishing the wire through is difficult, I ran a wire down from the top and pulled up the harness with it. feel around with your hand for a path
Name:  36_zpsc82b0cd6.jpg
Views: 3151
Size:  84.4 KB
-connect the sensor to the wire and push it into the opening. it should clip in
Name:  37_zpse40989d0.jpg
Views: 3139
Size:  68.4 KB
9. Outdoor Temp sensor:
-fish wire through grommet(passenger door) and behind the passengers side fender
- Remove the upper grill cover and run the wire to just in front of the radiator
-clip the sensor on the connector, and then onto a mounting hole
-plug the other end of the wire into the main harness
-make sure to tie the wire to other harnesses in the engine bay so that it is secure
Name:  38_zps395872fc.jpg
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Size:  94.9 KB

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10. Transfer blower motor and air filter to new blower box:
- remove the 3 screws on the bottom and reinstall on new box
Name:  39_zps68269f78.jpg
Views: 3174
Size:  81.3 KB
-transfer air filter and tray to new box
-install recirculate/fresh motor to the blower box(3 screws)
-make sure the motor arm is properly inserted in the lever
-apply grease to the lever
- make sure blower motor is sealed properly to new blower box

11. Install sub harness:
- Connect the subharness to the main harness that you just soldered in
- Connect the air mix motor, mode motor, and power transistor. the rest will plug in later.
Name:  40_zpse2848473.jpg
Views: 3161
Size:  71.5 KB
-always make sure to tidy up and secure any loose wire slack

12. Install new blower box:
-again, I would recommend following the esm steps in reverse order
-make sure that the side vent (left)is properly lined up and fully sealed before trying to align anything else
-while holding the blower unit in place, tighten the 3 bolts and 2 screws to their original location. start the bolts off by hand to avoid dropping them!
-plug in the blower motor and recirculate/fresh motor (do not plug in the old blower motor connector). make sure there is enough slack in the cables and adjust accordingly
-reinstall the floor vent(3 screws)
-Reinstall the metal bracket(5 bolts) and put the plastic cover back onto it
-check that everything is secure, and that wires are not pinched or blocking the servo motor movement
Name:  41_zpsbbbbae1d.jpg
Views: 3209
Size:  75.3 KB

13. Install controls and plug in:
-connect the 36 pin connector to the new control unit
-carefully clip the new unit into the dash.start with the three bottom clips and work your way upward. watch for cables behind, make sure they dont catch or bunch up on anything
Name:  42_zps686c2d7f.jpg
Views: 3093
Size:  59.0 KB
-dont forget about the one screw on the front centre of the control unit
Name:  43_zps0aca8c5c.jpg
Views: 3326
Size:  110.5 KB
-reinstall the gauge cluster cover
-reinstall the drivers side under dash cover
Name:  44_zpsb6f8b4f2.jpg
Views: 3137
Size:  94.7 KB

14. Reinstall audio unit:
- follow directions from earlier in reverse
- leave lower glovebox out for now

15. Reconnect battery:
-tighten the bolt securely

16.Check for proper operation, and run tests from esm:
-keep glove box off in the meantime to make sure the servo motors are operating correctly and smoothly. the motors should not budge while moving
- run the self-diagnostic test
-run the sensor input test
- if any problems occur, follow the trouble-shooting suggestions in the Esm

17. Close up and clean up:
-if everything goes well, proceed with closing up the dashboard and under dash covers

Enjoy your new automated climate controls!!

Name:  image_zps680b92cc.jpg
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Size:  68.8 KB
Name:  image_zps57c9ce5e.jpg
Views: 3271
Size:  56.2 KB

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Awesome write up! Props to you bro!!

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Very detailed! Thank you! Rep!!!
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This is pretty amazing. What is your rough estimate on cost?
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No way i'd ever attempt this but truly awesome you took the time to put this together for those that will. They REALLY would have classed the car up if they would have offered that from the factory here in the U.S.
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Thanks. Total parts tally is just over 1000. Most of my parts were bought used, but I had to buy a few new
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MAAAD D.I.Y skills!!!
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Wow, amazing conversion, will definitely keep this in mind...
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You finally did it, Connor! Props to you man!
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This is a very detailed and amazing DIY !
Thank You
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Amazing conversion!
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Beautiful +1 rep
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How much do I need to pay you to come to California and do this with me?! That looks so incredibly sexy!
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Originally Posted by Spunkmire View Post
How much do I need to pay you to come to California and do this with me?! That looks so incredibly sexy!
You can pay me whatever a plane ticket to California costs I wouldn't mind a free trip down there!

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