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Old 11-26-2018, 03:06 PM
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Black Friday Gift for the R8

Having purchased RS-R Down springs for the GK, the R8 was feeling "left-out"!!! Not anymore!!!

OEM 20" 10 Arm Double Spoke Design take-offs for the 2017 R8 V10

2 Front = 245/30/ZR20 / 2 Rear = 305/30/ZR20 New, balanced and ready for the 2019 season!!!

Have been eying this local ad for the past couple of months and on Black Friday, the seller accepted my offer of US$2,100 delivered, for the full set of 4. OEM factory 20" off a 2017 R8 with installed unused tires!!!

It's the first, n probably the last, accessory for my sunny weather driver!!!

GK springs should arrive later this week. Still thinking about when to lower. May do it sooner as RS-R Down drop is minimal.

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Goodies delivered!!!

Seller delivered the R8's 20" wheels but unfortunately one wheel has clearcoat marks on the machined finish. Solution: $200 off!!! Final deal done at $1,900.
What's facinating is the "real" story behind the scenes.
Seller represented the company that sourced vehicles (supplied by Audi NA for promotional purposes) and prepared three new 2017 Audi R8's (first arrivals in NA) for the movie Fifty Shades Darker which was filmed in Vancouver 2016. This set of wheels were never mounted and used only as emergency spares. Tires DOT age is circa 2017!!!
Will bleed brakes on the Audi this week then mount wheels for the 2019 drive. Repair will happen when the car sleeps next fall. You never know who you meet on Craigslist. This one was good!!!

Defective wheel

Pitted clearcoat #1

More pitted marks

Stacked beside and ready for mounting later this week.

RS-R Down springs also arrived. Will squeeze install in hopefully by Saturday.

Looking forward to eliminating the bounciness of the OEM springs.

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I doubt lowering springs will help with any sort of bounciness? You're just putting stiffer springs on the OEM dampers and limiting their travel...

Doesn't limiting the travel reduce bounciness?

You DOUBT, but really don't have any tangible reference.

Before this purchase I talked with the Japanese tech at RS-R USA in CA. He replied that the Down springs would greatly diminish my concerns. Could he be wrong? Other FF's have done this install with satisfying results.

Well, from someone who doesn't have a GK and who isn't installing the RS-R Down Springs, leave it up to me (an actual GK owner for the past 4 years) to give my FIRST ON-HAND impressions after I eventually do the install. You could be right.

If it's still that bad, I'll relegate myself to accepting my GK for what it really is, a super affordable BOUNCY sub-compact delivering great mpg. You can drive your S2000 and I'll drive my Audi and we both won't experience bouciness.

My personal results are right around the corner. Stay tuned!!! - ROTTBOY

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Old 11-28-2018, 05:20 AM
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Did you get the down sus or super down springs? I'm looking at doing the down sus with koni shocks next year. I don't want a super low drop as I still go into the city. I'll be checking back for your review.

Read Stembridge's thread. He's the first FF to install RS-R on a GK.
Hoping to get this done by Saturday, in the meantime surf the GK Suspension Section. Numerous contributions from GK owner's who did various branded spring mods. Almost got Eibachs, but our Fit is used winter time and needed to minimize the loss of ground clearance. - ROTTBOY

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Old 11-28-2018, 01:11 PM
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+1 on what mike said .... if anything you may become more bouncey. also looking forward to your review on those rs-r's

For $209 investment on these RS-R's, the challenge to dispel both your unsubstantiated views will be my pleasure. Working on the Audi tonight but may start the GK tmrw. Today's shift ends at 3pm n off till Monday. Stay tuned. - ROTTBOY

Stembrigde did the mod in 2015 initially with stocks shocks and the guy tracks. Suggest reading his thread as a primer for my impressions.

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Old 12-01-2018, 08:33 PM
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Spring install delayed

Got called to attend a meeting in our WA. HO. Left Thursday morning and returned last night. No time to do the Fit yet. Bleeded brakes on the wife's SUV and on the R8 for this morning. Spent the pm watching college football. Alabama game was spectacular!!!!

Wife's truck ready for brake bleeding.

Used a Speed bleeder

Made sure I had ample protection before removing the tires. Still too young to die from a DIY mistake!!! LOL!!!

In the Audi, trim removal in trunk area as well as both wiper arm removal are necessary to access the brake fluid reservoir. Fantastic engineering design??? Bet that all dealer's service departments are loving this!!! They're charging only $400 in labor!!!

Used a speed bleeder and the required DOT 4 fluid.

Two bleeder valves on all the 4 calipers. Outer first then inner.

Its been two years since the last bleed. Old fluid (right) is still decent.

Finally installed the 20" OEM wheels with bolts properly torqued to 90 ft./lbs.. Am really liking the "newer" look!!!

It's football time for the rest of today and tmrw. Busy all this coming week with work but hoping I can get off on Thursday and Friday to make up for this week. If so, the Fit should have had its brakes bled and RS_R springs installed. Stay tuned!!!

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Snows installed

Did'nt get days off this week so bled the brakes last night and installed snows. Forecast is wet snow this Saturday.
Decided that RS-R springs install will be done after this winter season.

Speed bleeder used. Makes this job simpler and fast for a one man operation!

First bleeding since new and the trusty Fit needed it! Dark, old fluid (right).

Snows installed. No hubcaps for this season. Wheels now have that naked, tough, stolen look!!! LOL!

Got off work early today and enjoyed my favorite Golden Ale from the islands. Not sold in Canada so get my stash everytime I travel to WA. State. Tasty, easy drinking and totally satisfying after working on all the household vehicles!!!

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Pitted R8 wheel repaired

It's been a hectic two months at work and with the football playoffs, that left little time for other activities. Still havent installed the RSR springs. Most probably in March or April.
Got the pitted R8 wheel repaired which cost $225. Now looks brand new like the other 3. Will road the Audi in May. Can't wait!!!
Superbowl LIII is going to be exciting!!!

All pit marks GONE!!!

Installed Front Right

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Old 03-29-2019, 07:22 PM
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Springtime Service

Driving to our WA. office tonight and after doing oil/filter and wheel/tire swap over the past weekend, time was right to replace the Engine Air Filter. At 37,800 miles (original from new), it was filthy.

Still haven't installed the RSR springs. April will be busy, so possibly by May/June.

Original filter did its job well. Spent time cleaning the filter housing prior to installing the new element. (Dead insects, dust, sand, pebbles, etc....)
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