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Stick with my 2011?

Old 04-02-2019, 02:13 PM
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Stick with my 2011?

I have a 2011 Sport, 39,000 miles good condition but still eight years old no matter how you look at it. Any thoughts about if i should buy a 2019 Sport or EX? I am a bit concerned about the CVT in the newer Fits.
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I have a 2004 4Runner with 165k. It still driven almost daily. If I didn't just buy a used 2013 Odyssey for my wife, I wouldn't be selling the 4Runner...

If no other issues with your current car, then I don't see why you can't stick with it. Unless you just want a newer car, then the heart wants what the heart wants.
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IMO, the main reason to upgrade from a GE to a GK would be for the increase in MPG. The CVT is definitely good for that.

As for modern accouterments, such as navigation that is slow to respond or Bluetooth audio that cuts in and out, a simple headunit replacement can get you there.

39k miles on a 2011 is very low - I suspect you would be able to get a great price for it.
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That's a pretty minor upgrade to justify the costs. Its arguably more safe .. A little. If that's the reason though then get a bigger car at the same time 😊

Of course sometimes people just want to drive something newer and that's fine too if its worth it to you.
Old 04-12-2019, 07:41 AM
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If you're worried about the CVT, then buy a manual (while you still have a choice).
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Originally Posted by Uncle Gary View Post
If you're worried about the CVT, then buy a manual (while you still have a choice).
+1 Agree with this!
Old 06-10-2019, 11:34 AM
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I would suggest to keep your original 2011 rather than getting 2019. I would rather drive my 2010 Sport than the current 2016 EX if the 2010 was not total loss in a rear-ended car accident. There might be gadgets nice to have like backup camera, but you can also add those as after market items by diy or your trusted mechanics.
Old 06-10-2019, 07:00 PM
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I would stick with the the car you have now, no one likes car payments.
Old 06-11-2019, 05:32 AM
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A GE will be easier to maintain then a GK. I would keep the GE!
Old 06-11-2019, 09:56 AM
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My Mom is in your boat except she has over 100k miles. Even with that mileage, there's no real reason to change. Generally speaking, GD and GE Fits, if well maintained, last a really long time. I suspect that it will outlast her desire to own it so she'll eventually just want something new.
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We have a 2009 with 210,000 that was our primary car for long distance road trips until we got a 2018 EX. We simply had too many days where each driver needed a car. Otherwise we'd have just kept driving the 2009. We also have a 2001 Civic with 270,000 miles that's now a hand-me-down.

One thing I notice at about 10 years is various rubber bits start aging and wearing. On the 2001, over 18 years old, the steering rack seals, sunroof drains, seals around the taillights have given some minor troubles. The 2009 is still new-ish in every respect except holes worn through the floor mat and carpet (the Fit's weakest area) and some fogging of the headlight lenses.

I have to admit I pushed ahead on buying the 2018 EX because I missed the old Civic's moonroof. I'm was pleasantly surprised at the adaptive cruise. There are incremental improvements in ride. The 2018 is definitely quieter than the 2009. Mileage on the manual 6 speed is similar. Rear seat legroom is greatly increased. But other than that, the 2nd gen compares well with the 3rd and would not justify replacement until necessary.

Unless you are considering getting a manual: In that case, definitely buy one. I worry that Honda will discontinue manuals if fewer people buy them. (Plus it makes the Fit a blast to drive).
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