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Old 12-06-2014, 06:39 PM
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Unhappy Lia Honda, Northampton, MA, USA

The Salesman (John) we (me and wife) dealt with was pleasant, warming and very comfortable to talk to and deal with, you almost want to invite this guy out for a drink..

The first sales managers we dealt was pleasant also, but as always, a businessman. We left that evening due to time and to discuss a few things, unfortunately we didn't get the same sales manager when we returned.

The sales manager we dealt with on the second time we went up was just horrible, it wasn't even the haggling, she was just cold and rude. Her attitude was like I was bothering her and I should just shut up and leave, in fact she rudely interrupted a few times while me and my wife were discussing accessories. We weren't going to drive that distance again with the traffic/construction bull so we decided to stick it through. We get all set on a number and are signing paperwork when they tell us they don't have any LX's with MT and will have to get one in, yet when we walked in the door they had told us they had 2 (one white, one blue); now we can't change our mind because we've already signed on the paperwork.

When we picked up the car a week later, the sales guy was again very, very courteous, taking some time from his job to show us everything in the car and answer all of our questions, we probably had him to ourselves for over an hour as he "held class" for us. In fact, every time we've gone back, he's come over to say hi and find out how we are doing.

**Trade-in value tactics were horrible, over and over again they tried arguing bellow scrap rate for trade-in; that's right, I could of gotten more at a junky yard, but we held out and eventually got real reasonable for the trade-in.

As they were dealing with the paperwork with the bank, they messed up money values on almost everything, requiring another day of trying to get the paperwork right. The person dealing with our paperwork at the dealership assured us everything was all set. We check with the bank and our car insurance company, sure enough, not one piece of paperwork had been sent to the insurance company so we couldn't get our insurance binder released to the bank therefore the bank could write us a check, delaying this further. The day we pick up the car, they "forget" to refund us our deposit... for two weeks... we in fact drove up there 3 times just to deal with different paperwork issues and the deposit. Unfortunately for us, the dealership is 20.9 miles away from our home.

This is when the bad goes worse...

Accessories installed by dealer: Door Edge Guards, Door side moldings, rear applique, and mud guards.

We don't have children at the moment so we rarely use the rear doors. We're out one night and make a stop at the store when I notice that the rear doors make this weird clunk sound when you open them, I do it a few times and figure out that the door side moldings that we asked for were installed incorrectly from the factory. They installed the rear door ones soo close to the front doors that it was actually binding and bending the front doors inwards when you used the rear doors, we call them, notify them of the issue and request that they install brand new ones. They schedule us 3 days later and have us drop off the car and send us on our way. I decide to provide them with the correct install paperwork that I had found on the web just in case. They call back and tell me that other customers weren't liking the look of the install so they had changed the way they install them to what we have now and that our only option was to remove the door edge guards to stop the binding/denting... I had to push the issue for them to agree to change them, but, they don't have any in stock so they have to order it and keep the car an extra day; when I had called them 3 days prior I requested new ones and now they have to order them. Unfortunately my wife picked up the car late in the afternoon; it was dark already and she just checked to make sure the doors opened correctly without the clunk sound. I check with a flashlight when she gets home and low and behold: They got installed a second time WRONG again.... Now this time they're 3/4" from the front door, they don't bind anymore but they are still not installed correctly AND they buffed the car, there's swirl marks all over the car.... She went back the next day, and they refuse to do anything about the molding, they don't have an install template to show us that they did it correctly, but, if we get one and it is installed incorrectly, they will do something about it. She was soooo focused on the side molding that she forgot to mention the buff job... We have now put on over 200 miles just going to the dealer and have lost use of the car for 2 days, the section of highway we use to get there is being repaired and creates a huge traffic problem so on top of that we loose 45 minutes of our time each way... and we're still not done trying to get this corrected.

We should of bought the car at the local Honda dealership instead, but we thought we would get higher trade in there due to her previous Honda being bought and serviced its whole life there... what a mistake that was.
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