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Synthetic oil additive: MOTORKOTE

Old 04-21-2019, 04:54 PM
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Synthetic oil additive: MOTORKOTE

Has anyone tried this?

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If you're using a high-quality synthetic oil (engine, gearbox, differential, whatever) an additive is not necessary and in some cases can be detrimental. The additive packages used to get the viscosity correct as well as the anti-wear, anti-rust properties are very critical. Adding an unknown to the oil to create a blend will more often than not likely lead to a degredation of the properties of the synthetic oil used.
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Originally Posted by Alfa38 View Post
If you're using a high-quality synthetic oil (engine, gearbox, differential, whatever) an additive is not necessary........
Excellent advise!!!

Today's synthetics have been a world better than regular motor oils for over more than the last two decades. When doing my oil changes, it's always when the service indicator hits 5% or less. (My '07 GD went through the same service regimen and its still going strong with our niece back on the islands reaching 200k) Usually occurs between 7 - 8k miles. Engine still sounds great, runs smooth and doesn't drink even a teaspoon of oil!!

Have been using 0W20 Castrol Magnatec or Edge.

If cleaning or performance improvements are the goal, better to put in an established additive to gasoline instead.
Chevron is highly rated.
Berryman works wonders on my scooter!!!

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Thank you but has anyone used this product?
Trucker use it and most truck stops sell it. The trucker's feedback it positive
Improving mileage and having fewer repairs. And unlike myself that drives 200 miles
a week back anf forth from work these guys drive millions of miles.

I have tried it with Mobil 1 3.5 qts. and 13 oz. of motorkote and have had great results in my Integras.

Not to say anything negative or positive everyone has an opinion based on your gut or research.
Im just looking for someone thats has used it and their thoughts.
For me it instantly quited the motor, noticeable difference in acceleration, and helped a little on mpg, but right now thats hard to tell as I'm still hoon'n around !

My test is not a low mileage engine, its a well maintained 2000 Integra GSR and another Integra LS. The LS is an a/t car and of course the GSR is a 5 speed. The GSR really likes the motorkote and changed its behavior dramatically. The LS on the other hand did better on all point discussed above just not as dramatic.

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Every once in a while someone launches an oil additive and they claim it works wonders. I remember being convinced one helped increase acceleration on my 48 hp diesel VW Rabbit.
But the science said otherwise.
Placebo effect.

Does the company that makes this stuff have any scientifically valid, double-blind studies proving it makes a difference?

And if it did, wouldn't the auto companies be using it?

A few years ago I was wondering whether synthetic oil was worth it (my car at the time didn't require it). I figured if anybody had studied it, it'd be UPS. Because their trucks drive zillions of miles and they're very scientific about saving every penny.
I got in touch with someone there who'd know. He said they used the cheapest oil they could find that was the right weight for their engines.
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Hello Mike, Yes I did use in my 08 Fit. It does work but there is a question about having chlorinated hydrocarbons. All oils are pretty much semi synthetic to meet the SN rating and I use the cheapest oil I can find and add a few things in my older cars.
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