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Rigid Collars

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Post Rigid Collars

My buddy and I were able to tackle this install relatively easily. We didnt have a lift or much fancy equipment, but still able to finish in under 2 hours.

Rear collars were insane simple:
-jack up the rear end
-remove wheels
-before removing bolt, support with a jack
-unbolt bolt in question, slap on collar, and re tighten.

Fronts were not as simple as the rears, but not too tough:
-Jack up the front end
-Remove wheels
-Loosen all 4 bolts to allow some slack/movement of the subframe
-Install FRONT collars, top one first, then bottom one onto bolt. Insert bolt and hand tighten
-Install REAR collars next. Exactly as you did the FRONT collars. May need to remove a nearby bracket and bolt if more clearance is needed
-Tighten it all down with your impact gun, and marvel at your awesome ride

Using this graphic, we'll call position 3 "FRONT" and position 2 "REAR"

For those who own a lift and have a means to support the sub frame, my guess is the install is easy beyond easy. My install was on a driveway, we had to do 1 side at a time. That said, we did have to use a big friggin Pry Bar in order to create a gap to insert the upper collars:

FRONTS pry angle:

REARS pry angle:

Here is the hardware for the FRONTS and how the finished product should look:

Here is the hardware for the REARS and how the finished product should look:

Conclusion = HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. The diff in feel these little collars make is night and day!

These collars can be bought on ebay, and other places. google is your friend folks. There are also other brands out there like Spoon, Magic Collar, etc

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here are the included (and horrible) instructions:

Originally Posted by evilchargerfan View Post

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Nice write up!

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thanks! for those who will ask "HOWS IT FEEL" .... the below would better illustrate what these collars are good for:

Rigid Collars

Very very pleased. I wanted to add the rigid collars specifically to be able to handle certain types of roads more effectively and reduce some of the harshness in the feedback and they have done exactly that. They also act as insurance that the subframes will remain precisely in place. Not necessarily a major concern, but it seems there are plenty of instances where people's subframe bolts were loose and may have allowed for more play than desirable. This is a relatively expensive modification, with the cost of the collars themselves, the cost of the install (need the proper equipment to drop the subframes), and a fresh alignment. Money very well spent in my opinion though. Anything that increases driving feel at all is worth it in my book, and this is quite an improvement. Of course I will be testing these at the track as well (I will be at Laguna in early September) but honestly a track test isn't required to feel the difference. But increased driving feel = increased confidence in the car which usually = faster lap times

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Hi there,

I am in doubt..there are 2 pieces number 20004430. Any idea where should they be applied? On their product description page they called it as "spare bushing"
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I am not 100%. And I simply left those aside
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