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Silver Star High Performance Lighting

Old 12-12-2011, 07:00 PM
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Silver Star High Performance Lighting

I was wondering if anyone has tried any of the Silver Star High Performance Lighting bulbs? They look pretty nice I just wasn't sure if they were the money?

Here is a link to their website I was just looking around at them a bit.

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Skip those and get OSRAM Night Breaker Plus
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Do you have these bulbs? Have you seen them? Why go for those over the Silver Star bulbs? I am only asking because I have read enough reviews on Silver Star its just getting to the point they are all "they are clear and brighter blah blah blah" I am curious to see what other people have to say.
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I ran two sets of the SilverStar Ultras in my 07. They were nice lights but they do not last long, I think the first set burned out around 6 mos (was able to get them replaced) then had the second set last another 7 mos. I never went back to them. While they are nice it's too much money and hassle to worry about bulbs that much.
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I have had the Silver Star Ultras in my 07 Fit and my wife's 95 GMC Sierra pickup for over 4 years.. Her truck was driven more often at night and one of the lights went out about 10 days ago.. As of last night my lights were working very well... There are a hell of a lot of deer and wild hogs around here and you can't drive far without seeing a carcass of one of them or another dead critter laying on the side of the road if not in the road itself... It has been a long time (16years) since I have hit one in a Lincoln Town Car, I haven't come close in the Fit.... I am very pleased with the Silver Star Ultra bulbs and have a problem with why anyone would want anything brighter unless they drive faster than I do in an area where there are lots of curves, hills and trees growing right up to the edge of the road... Like any Halogen type bulb, they will in time lose some of their brightness and mine may be doing that a little bit but they are still better than the stock bulbs were when brand new...
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Use them in a truck. Seem to last at least a few years.
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Had them on my 86, was a good stock replacement upgrade, much whiter and brighter but they blew out in a year and I barely drove the thing.

I guess when I did drive it was at night 99% of the time one or two days a week... maybe that's why

Was thinking about getting them for the Fit but i'm concerned that they'll go out fast since the headlights are always on?
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I've gone through a few bulb replacements over the past five years, and it's usually the low beams that fail. The DRLs run fine, as they use the high beam on a lower power setting. I'm not sure if different brands last longer, but it does appears that Siverstars have a lifespan issue. I do drive on some rough roads, and that will affect filament life. One thing is for certain: I can change those bulbs pretty quickly now that I've had so much practice. 😊
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In my experience with car lighting, the brighter halogen bulbs you can get at most auto parts stores do not last quite as long as the regular bulbs that came with the vehicle.

To create more light, you need more output. The higher the wattage, the more heat it creates which ultimately reduces the life of the bulb greatly. As many of you may know, you probably have to change out your higher wattage halogen bulbs more often than usual.

My recommendation is go with an HID Conversion Kit. They are about 3 times brighter than the stock halogen bulbs and last a considerable amount longer as well. They also produce less heat and draw less power.
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I was under the same train of thought, when I used a HID kit on my sister's SUV... only it ended up frying three sets of them.

It could've been any number of things, constant heating/cooling of the bulb in winter... or just bad parts. Who knows.

So... YMMV.

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