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Timing Belt or Chain?

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Originally Posted by Steve244 View Post
good god no. Don't replace it. It's not a maintenance item. A timing chain is good for the life of the engine. If you're rebuilding the engine that's the time to replace it. Whatever maintenance sheet suggests 105K is for older belt driven camshafts.

Leave the water pump alone unless it's leaking. The MM will call for coolant change around 100K. Mine did at 107K.

At the same time, 107K, it called for new plugs and and valve adjustment. That's not cheap, $500+ at your friendly honda service dept, but you can probably get it for half that at another shop. Or DIY. It involves removing the wipers and the cowl at the base of the windshield, the intake box, and finessing the valves with a feeler gauge and special wrench after rotating the crankshaft for each piston to be top-of-dead-center. Plugs are pretty simple but over tightening can be catastrophic. It's not a simple DIY.

ETA: if the water pump needs changing (leaks) it doesn't require removal of the timing chain, it's on the outside of the engine. Older engines would require timing belt changes every 60-110K miles and the water pump was typically inside the belt housing. It made sense to change these with the belt (most belt kits include the pump), pump is about $50 and could damage the belt if it leaked. Be happy you don't have one on the Fit.

Valve adjustment is annoying, but don't put this off: burned exhaust valves can result (but probably not until after 150K if not done). Other cars have hydraulic lifters that don't need adjusting, but when these need replacement are a major job and very expensive. Better to adjust solid lifters.
Well, I read elsewhere that the valves were only to be adjusted if noisy, FWIW.
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Originally Posted by David Leeds View Post
I go to an honest, old school mechanic who doesn't think it should be necessary under normal circumstances.
If that was his suggestion and he was thinking it had a belt instead of a chain then I would find a new mechanic.

If he knew it had a chain then yes there is no reason to replace under normal circumstances. They are lifetime.

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Originally Posted by David Leeds View Post
Well, I read elsewhere that the valves were only to be adjusted if noisy, FWIW.
The exhaust valve seats wear due to higher temperatures and aluminum heads, and the valves recess into the head. The exhaust valve-train has too little lash as a result, and won't make noise. After time, the valves don't seat completely when closed and heat isn't conducted away. This results in burned valves and expensive repairs.

When adjusting it's normal to have to loosen the exhaust valves adding lash while tightening the intake valves to remove lash (and reduce the tell-tail noise).

Honda used to recommend valve adjustment every 30K miles but they've increased this to 100K on our Fits.

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