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2014 Fit Brochure Scanned - Looks to be the final design to me.

Old 06-29-2013, 03:30 PM
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Originally Posted by BMW ALPINA View Post
there are some cars that the look had not grown on me any bit,
in fact it look worse and worse,
which are car like the 2012 Honda Civic, and the latest Honda CR-V
Even after the latest facelift, the 2013 Honda Civic still not look as good as the previous generation civic especially if you look from behind.

The current Honda CR-V looks like a previous generation Honda CR-V with deformed shoulder/back like hunchback of notre dame.

The Toyota Prius is also one of the car that NEVER grow on me no matter how long it had been on the market...

I don't know about this new Fit since the USDM version might had entirely different front bumper/grille and rear bumper style,
so hopefully the USDM version will look better.

my question is,
why can't Honda Design Dept. make car that looks Gorgeous from the start anymore ?
I think they send them to Europe

USA Civic

UK Civic

USA Corolla

Euro Corolla

Old 06-29-2013, 03:31 PM
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Originally Posted by BMW ALPINA View Post
(the lower picture suppose to come from scanned copy of brochure)
more like a camera shot of the brochure rather than a flatbed scanner/photocopy of the brochure (because of the distortion and angle).
Old 06-29-2013, 05:20 PM
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The HondasAcuras pics honestly look like concept car photos. I dunno what it is but concept cars always seem to have these gaudy front shots.
Old 06-29-2013, 06:44 PM
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I was hoping for something like this

or this

or this

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Old 06-29-2013, 08:23 PM
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I hope they include the official Honda headbag accessory. This handy bag has eye cutouts and can be worn over ones head in case they could be identified as the driver of a 2014 Honda Fit.

Someone leaked the name of two of the official colours: Urinary Tract Infection Yellow and Stomac Flu Brown metallic. You heard it here first!
Old 07-01-2013, 10:56 AM
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Originally Posted by fujisawa View Post
"Mostly as a result of not focusing our efforts on visual appeal or performance engineering, the Fit will achieve excellent fuel economy and will rarely be the target of thieves. Insuring it will be affordable and we expect the car to have high appeal among retirees, which we will specifically target with marketing materials designed to appeal 20-year-olds."

That might not be 100% accurate but you get the gist. :)
You forgot the part where the disclaimer said most of these upgrades, options will not be available for the North American market.. :rofl:

Originally Posted by BMW ALPINA View Post
I remember car like Integra or the old Acura Legend, or the NSX,
or the 1990's Accord and early 90's Civic,
they all look great from the moment they were launch !
Sadly it, seems those days are gone. Miss my old Integra's like hell, and if I was able to I would've kept my '89... Still regret the day I had to dump it. :(

Originally Posted by BMW ALPINA View Post
Look at Hyundai Sonata or it KIA Optima twin sibling,
they look Gorgeous from the start...
if not because they are "Korean" car,
I think they would sell even better....
Not for nothing, but look at those Kia/Hyundai hatchbacks (Accent or something?) they look just like the old 90's Civic hatches... Look at the Genesis it's a straight rip off of the old S-Class.. a few more of their cars are pretty much carbon copies of other manufacturer's cars.

Originally Posted by BMW ALPINA View Post
here one more picture, NSX and Senna !
His red one is/was for sale in Portugal..... Ayrton Senna's NSX for sale

The black one he had is still in Brazil I believe.

As for the new Fit... I'll reserve judgement till it reaches our shores... these times vaguely resemble the rift when the GE was announced back on these forums way back when.. lol.
I will say this though, Honda (and other makers), need to stop making their cars larger every year. The GD was nice and small, the GE is still within reason but obviously larger than its predecessor... let's hope the new Fit isn't as big as an Accord.
Old 07-01-2013, 11:10 AM
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1. Despite my earlier comments - broadly true for Hondas - I think the new Fit looks OK and I'd be just as happy owning one as I would my current car. Let's not forget our current-gen Fits are pretty unattractive in general. Wait, you say, how can you conclude that? Here is my proof: When a Hyundai looks good by comparison, then your car is ugly. Job done. On a scale of 1-10, the current Fit is probably a 4. That's enough.

2. That red Fit is what I would expect - and want - the next Sport to look like. Unfortunately, I think it's actually a car mag / photoshop concept. The reason is, there are enough differences in window shapes that they'd require two separate body shells, and I think it's unlikely Honda would make two separate body stampings for the same model. The other possibility is that one is truly a separate (non Fit) model that we won't get.

3. Don't forget the US Fit will likely have an extended nose, like it does now. Maybe that won't be necessary, but if it is, it'll look a bit different than the cars that have been shown ..

4. Also don't forget that we'll get slightly different cosmetic bits, which work better in our minds than the Asian-market doodads those brochure scans have going on. The odd eco-wheels on that car will be toned down for the US market - the base will get steel caps and the Sport will get something similar to the Civic / Accord / Fit sport wheels.
Old 07-01-2013, 03:54 PM
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I will hold my opinion until the final product is out

I am not a fan of the current Civic sedan but I like the coupe and really like the new Accord. I am sure I will like the final version of the next gen Fit
Old 07-01-2013, 05:53 PM
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Now this doesn't look too bad.
Old 07-01-2013, 11:58 PM
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Old 07-02-2013, 12:28 AM
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Originally Posted by BMW ALPINA View Post
Most of the comments in Autoblog say this new generation fit looks UGLY.

well, ...

yeah, it is UGLY !

Car that will NEVER be my car:


My Car Sweet Car :)

What The Heck is WRONG with Honda Design Dept. ?
They hired a bunch of Dyson engineers.
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