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post your Fit traffic violations!

Old 04-05-2007, 08:36 PM
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post your Fit traffic violations!

OK I'll start things off. Coming down a two lane road with the infamous "orange barrels", that at the end of the construction zone, turns into a four lane highway. Truck in front of me through "cone zone" was chuggin' along at about 50mph, but as soon as we came out of the "cone zone" I floored it and passed him to realize that in one of the other lanes coming towards me, a State Trooper saw me. He turned around and stayed hidden behind the other cars until i had to stop at a red light. I turned on another road--he followed---and preceded to "light" me up. Long story short---clocked me going 68mph coming out of a 30mph construction zone!!! He reduced it to 45mph zone--and me doing 66mph...wheewww and my "cop" friend" called the ticketing officer and my ticket is in the process of being dropped OK everyone elses turn!
Old 04-05-2007, 11:13 PM
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No tickets or issues here yet! Thats what you get when you downgrade from a 5.0 Mustang (3 tickets in 4 yrs) to a 109 HP car! (Even though HP has nothing to do with it, I'm convinced the 'look' of the car does).

However, one late night coming home, I pass through a remote 4-way stop sign with a lonely gas station on the corner...As I drive by accelerating, two Honda vehicles (I think a Civic and Prelude) both were pulling out. The speed limit is 45 but the road is 2-lanes each direction just outside the town...even I'll push 55-60 but this was at night so was cruising at 50. So sure enough, they both appeared in the rear mirror and blew right by me...for a split second, the urge to hit the gas and play came upon me, but again, at night, who knows what was hidden in the dark. They got way down the road (I could still see 'em) and a set of non-assuming headlights appears coming the opposite direction...they must've been going 80 or so in the 45...suddenly the red/blue lights came on and the car swung around quick, caught up with one of them and pulled him over...the other guy followed 'at a distance'.

So I guess I'm glad I didn't join in that fray...see the benefits of having a slow car? Does nothing for ego, but everything for the walet. Now if I ever get that turbor or charger...
Old 04-06-2007, 03:44 PM
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LOL great topic.

-Coming home from a 2,000 mile road trip, through Virginia last weekend there were 3 speed traps with dodge chargers waiting and cops in the center of a 6 lane highway radaring people. Was going 83 in a 65 zone and got a ticket for 80 (as above 82 is wreckless driving or something). Anyways, i was pissed, nearly ruined the road trip but oh well... my insurance is gonna freaking blow.
Old 05-17-2007, 04:49 PM
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Originally Posted by matt7277 View Post
LOL great topic.

-Coming home from a 2,000 mile road trip, through Virginia last weekend there were 3 speed traps with dodge chargers waiting and cops in the center of a 6 lane highway radaring people. Was going 83 in a 65 zone and got a ticket for 80 (as above 82 is wreckless driving or something). Anyways, i was pissed, nearly ruined the road trip but oh well... my insurance is gonna freaking blow.
If it happened in Virginia, and you're insured in Pennsylvania, nothing will happen to your insurance rates. States don't share information (at least, they didn't used to, it may have changed).
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I was stuck behind a truck going 15mph in a 35. I switched lanes and floored it. Motorcycle cop comes out of nowhere and pulls me over. He asks me what kind of car it is. I say "Its a Fit" he said "I never seen one of these before." He then asks "Whats done to the motor?" I said "nothing, they dont make anything for this car yet" so he writes me up for 50 in a 35.
Old 05-17-2007, 05:12 PM
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75 in a 55, exp. reg., 35 in a 25, 55 in a 40, suspend license, and exp. reg again.

I have a problem that I am still working on, but this is after the last 6 months and the list was about twice as long when I had my Evo.

The Fit loves to go fast...or I do, one of the two....or both
Old 05-17-2007, 05:40 PM
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Nothing with the Fit yet, but do see a lot of the highway patrol here in Tennessee, especially lurking in the grass on I-40.

My days of outruning/outfoxing them are done and no more crazy stunts like driving cars around Ohio with Dutch or French drive-out plates (and getting poped in the early AM).

Will keep checking, this should be an interesting thread.
Old 05-17-2007, 06:36 PM
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I got arrested last year doin 125 in a 45 but not on my fit... I had to pay $500 fine, and had to go to traffic survival school, a well learned lesson
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1st day of a 2000 mile trip middle of the night pouring rain we went via kansas small towns to avoid tornados along the oklahoma interstate.highway goes from 65 to 45 as we enter meade kansas we slow to 47 anyway way cool old town so as I am getting into the turn of the century architecture miss the 35 sign ,all of sudden see a 25 sign slow to 30 cop lights up he was following me to see if he could get me for more than the 47 in 35 several blocks mercy 45 would have been a cheaper ticket,he hands me the ticket and says the fine is 35$ no problem i think thats cool till I see they add a mandatory court costs of 65$ no matter how you plea or don't.Moral those small town cops need something to do late at night and those small countys sure have to keep up their courts with high fees
Old 05-18-2007, 01:02 AM
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hwy 101 washington state. Ticket 80 mph

Hey you know what is funny. The Fit does 80 mph very easy. I was going up a hill at or near sea level. I got the radar gun and a green slip for a citation. Yes it hurts
Be carfull out there so you dont get a ticket.
In the past I owned a volkswagon diesel rabbit which is imposible to get a ticket in because you never get up to speed.... the mpg was excellent. 50 to 60 mpg in the USA. I often traveled 540 miles on 10 gallons of fuel
Old 05-18-2007, 02:21 AM
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My wife got pulled over by the CHP for getting into the carpool lane too late and crossing the double-double yellow lines, I was in the passenger seat. Officer was cool and gave her a warning about the carpool lines, which was great because it's a pretty heavy fine. He did write us up for not having the front license plate on, but it was just a fixit ticket and got it signed off a few days later, after which I took the front plate back off again.
Old 05-18-2007, 03:51 AM
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oh man. mine tops everybody's lol.

To make it short an sweet, i was speeding at 105mph in a 65mph. CHP (the worst) gave me a no front license plate, front tinted windows (i forgot 2 roll it down 2 inches b4 i turned off the car and he saw it, plz don't gimme beef about it at eibach cuz i need 2 get em re-tinted) and the speeding. At the end after seeing the judge 2x, i got 2 points on my license (insurance is gonna go up) and had to pay the maximum $1732, but luckily she was nice enough to not suspend my license. If i didn't have to pay that, i'd be on the bottle by now (nitrous) and had a full cat-back exhaust. =[ Stupid me.

Next one, occured 20 days after my first ticket.Well it was for no front license plate (yeah i know i know, AGAIN)
she goes: "very nice car. i love the color. what is it?"
i'm like "brand new 2007 honda fit."
she's like "It's beautiful, but where's ur front license plate?"
im like "dealer didn't supply me w/ the bracket and since it's brand new they gotta order it straight from japan and it's going to take minimum a week."
shes like "okay ima write u a fix-it ticket"
im like "okay that's fine ur just doing ur job. thnx"
A week later i lost the ticket and a couple months later got a letter sayin i owe $650 or i gotta see the judge. went 2 see the judge w/ the ticket corrected and paid $110. I know it was a careless mistake. I actually left it in my backpack and at the time, i was on winter break so i never thought 2 look there for it. =[
Old 05-18-2007, 10:36 AM
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2 months ago I took a trip to NJ for the Meeting. heading on the highway exit adiving 40mph and follow my buddy. wewewwwe...."cop" stop me.........."Kid do you know you following too close with your friend, what will happen if he stop??" I thought what the hack you talking about, who will stop at the middle of the highway. I Got the ticket, but I gave it to my lawer to fight for it. 4 fxxking point.........shot.

Couple weeks ago I got the other for my exhause to loud. Which is not make any sense, he caught me under the subway bridge....damn under the subway bridge should be loud. he didn't use and device to check how loud is that, he just said too loud. Gave me ticket need to go to court at point...not affect insurance.
Old 05-18-2007, 05:12 PM
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Originally Posted by sy11580 View Post
Couple weeks ago I got the other for my exhause to loud. Which is not make any sense, he caught me under the subway bridge....damn under the subway bridge should be loud. he didn't use and device to check how loud is that, he just said too loud. Gave me ticket need to go to court at point...not affect insurance.
If I were you, I would try to fight this one.... If no instrumentation was taken to confirm that your exhaust was indeed above legal DB range, then to me it is all here-say, and assumtions! On a side note---just like if you were to get a ticket via traffic camera. You HAVE the right to question your accuser, and being since you can't question a traffic camera, you could win by default. Just like in your case----no documented proof that your DB's were too loud--only the cop assuming it was too loud---you have a good shot of winning by default. You just need the balls to stand up for yourself in the courtroom!!!
Old 05-19-2007, 12:52 AM
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i got a $10 fix it ticket for my limo tint but got it signed off and kept my tint
Old 05-19-2007, 03:26 AM
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Jan 1st 2:30 A.M. 2007

Went to a new years gig. I was the designated driver for the night, we leave my friends place and I am driving a friend home. We go through town and are caught
up in a conversation. The limit is 30 mph, I apparently was not paying attention. Any other night & I would have been fine. It's new years, cops are out in force. I pass one and he pulls a u-turn, I know whats next. I was doing a whole 36mph in the 30 zone. He was doing his job, and was really polite and professional. So, no harm done, my futz up. First ticket in about 9 years, so I feel okay about it. Did the traffic school thing and my insurance stays the same. It happens, thats all I have. Now here is the sad part. I get home after all of this to find that my 14 year old dog had run away for the first time. I live in Illinois so it was f**king cold out. The good news is that after a 3 mile jog the dog (after crossing a river and three major road's) found a nice old rich lady to let him in and she called me the next day. My dog is awesome, but not to smart. I'd take a ticket over loosing him again any day. So thats how my 2007 started, thankfully it's gotten better.


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My FIRST day back in town from New Mexico (where I bought my car) I got pulled over doing 90 in a 65 the cop asked what kinda car it was. I told em "its a FIT"

Cop : "A whaa?"
me : "A F-I-T, FIT"
Cop : "well I dont wanna be seein none more of these fast bastards , git on"
me : " ::smile:: Iam sure you won't"

-- three days later

same cop same place, only got a warning that time.
Old 05-19-2007, 12:29 PM
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Crazy stories and funny stories!

Mine's nothing at all but I just wanted to share my type of driving. My wife bugs me about it. She says I drive slow on the highway. I get in my own world and drive 60-65mph. Speed limit is 70. It keeps me from getting tickets anyway, when I'm not paying attention. One night we were going to Austin, I just had my HID installed that week. I was still getting used to the headlight beam. It was so bright. We were cruzin down this highway with lots of traffic. This SUV was going about 5 miles over the speed limit. 60mph speed limit she was going 65 or so. I followed. but then I sense I don't need to go fast since we're near town. So I slow down to 60mph. Just as I do that, we were going up the top of the hill and on the side of the road,, In the GRASS, the cop was sitting there without his lights on. I was still somewhat behind the SUV and going under 60mph. The cop flips his lights on and hauls ass behind us. I pull over thinking my lights were too bright so he pulled me over. But the SUV pulled over too and the cop parked in front of me. So I looked at my wife and asked, "should we stay or should we go?" we were clueless and so I just pulled out and took off.

But I still watch my speed on the highway, especially when I carry my Smith & Wesson with me. Keep my money in my pocket and buy mods!
Old 05-19-2007, 07:15 PM
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Some of these are just too funny.

Last year when I had mine about a month. 65 MPH limit I'm doing 75 rounding a curve in the road and pop there's a local cop, clocked me before the detector could even sound off. Watched him turn around and went on to the next safe place to stop and pulled over.

He says "Do you know how fast you were going?"
Me: "Not really, finally got around that car and there you were."

He runs my License and comes back. On the way back he does a double take of my license I have a "Shields Up plate cover" and "Photo Blocker" too funny.

He says "You have a CDL and you're speeding like that! What's your excuse?"
Me: "No excuse, that would just be stupid."
Cop: "Well I'll just let you off with a warning this time since I used to be one." (gave me the warning).
Me: "One what?"
Cop: "A Truck Driver."
Me: "I appreciate that."
Cop: "What is this anyway?"
Me: "A Honda Fit F-I-T."
Cop: "Never heard of it."
Me: "It's new, a 2007, handles great too."
Cop: "Now I'll have to remember it, don't let me catch you again." (as he looks it over).
Me: "You wont, have a great day, as I start it up and drive off."

A couple weeks later I have a couple ink pens that say "COP" on them that were given to me from a place I go. I stopped at the store and saw a cop sitting in the parking lot when I came out so I pulled up to him and gave him the pens and said: "I figured you would appreciate the irony of these." and asked him to give one to the cop that pulled me over. He said sure and off I went. Very small town, I think there are only 2 cops but I told him the others name.

So there's mine.

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my car was a birthday present. That day got tinted and later in the night went through the capital city San Juan to chill out with some friends just cruising by. Since I had to take one of the girls to their home, I had to take a route I rarely use. For my surprise there was this huge amount of police blocking lanes and checking things were right. This cop who was looking at his boots with his flashlight suddendly looks to the cars oncoming to him and points at me. Next thing I know they're wishing me happy birthday, made me lower my windows which were tinted like 4 hours ago, gave $100 for tint and $50 for not having the car's licence with me, even though I explained that I just got off my surprise birthday party where i was given this present, which I made out actually. They actually gave a sh*t what car it was.

1) Tint= $100
2) Not having car's licence= $50
3)Switching 4 lanes to the exit without signal lights= $50 (this one was funny)
4) Tints= $100
5) Stop sign= $30
= $330. in 7 months I own this car.

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