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Ok... this morning, I stoped by chevron to get a drink before going to work. I get the drink and wait for someone to let me in the lane BC there a light there and it was red turning green. Someone waved me to come in. So I start moving and all of a sudden someone on a bike its my car and break the mirror off. I immediately go out to him (not thinking about my car damage) and ask if hes OK. He says he's fine. Then I ask him literally 10 times more if he is OK. He says he's fine all of the times... Then we part ways. Was this incident my fault? I left my lawyer a message and he hasn't gotten back to me yet. But just for peace of mind whether its my fault or not Kinda wanted to know.
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Like a peddle bike? or motor? Sorta both your faults but if it randomly went to court the guy on the bike would win being he was a ped. and you're in a vehicle and have to yield.
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pedestrian bike
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i hate bicyclers so much cause they have right of way in the road and on the side walk and yet they dont have to license their vehicle. its really a broken system but the guy on the bike would win hands down and you have to front money for your mirror.
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broken system, imagine that.
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just got quoted $350 installed for the mirror.. good deal?
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Originally Posted by terrykim321 View Post
just got quoted $350 installed for the mirror.. good deal?

i would just say ef that and go all out and get these:
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If the light was red while you were making the right turn then it's your fault.
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The light had turned green.
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A bike is considered a vehicle where I live. And they have to obey the same traffic laws as motor vehicle.
So if he hit you it may not be your fault.
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Cyclist hit you in a regular traffic lane (i.e. not a bike lane), & it's a green light. It's the cyclists fault, I am making the assumption that you have the right of way in your city. Nothing against cyclists, but the insurance is going to look at it like someone rear ending you. They were coming towards you and therefor should have slowed down more quickly or should have not been going that fast i.e. traveling to fast for conditions. Reality does not come into play here. They were "cycling at an unsafe speed based on conditions" or some such story. I've witnessed some nasty bike messenger meets taxi/pedestrian accidents. It was an accident,it happens & it sucks. Either way it's a good thing you and the rider are safe. How is the Fit? Hope everything works out well.

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am i mistaken? i thought he was in chevron, pulling out out onto the street, and a car waved for him to exit chevron and onto the street when the light turned green. then a bicyclist hit him who was going with the flow of traffic for which the light had just turned green? if this is the case, i'm pretty sure it's the driver's fault. no matter if another driver waved to let him in.

edit: nevermind i dunno what the scenario was
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Let us know what your attorney has to say but this is one reason I totally ignore anyone who waves me on.
I did this once to another driver and they nearly got hit so from then on I decided I look and see for myself and don't let anyone try to "help" me navigate traffic and I would do the same because you never know what the other person is going to do. Hope your car gets fixed like new and that the entire episodes goes away without any interacation with the bike driver.

Cat :x
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