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Who wants more miles per tank, not MPG?

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Originally Posted by rocksnap View Post
Who wants MORE miles on a tank of gas? I will hit 360-365 miles BEFORE my low gas light comes on. And often go 50 more miles before filling when the light does come on. But I am only getting 33.5 MPG highway driving 75 MPH. When I fill up, I will put in up to 12.9 gallons in a 10.8 gallon tank!

How so you say? Defeating the laws of physics. When I fill up and it clicks off, I shake the car side to side, add gas, shake, ad gas, shake.... This puts .2 gallons in each time. I can fill it up to the opening, about another two gallons or more after first click. I will get 120 miles before the gas needle even moves, 220 miles to a half tank. And the above mentioned 360 plus miles when the low gas light comes on. If I fill to first click I am lucky to get 280 miles until the gas light comes on.

Please, please, please don't tell me it is not good to fill up that full. Been doing it since new, 50,000 miles and have not had one lick of trouble. If you don't want to do it then don't. Don't rain on my parade...

Whether you fill when empty or at half full the result is same except that nodays the longer you wait the higher youre average cost per gallon.
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Originally Posted by Carbuff2 View Post
Depends on traffic...really. Los Angeles basin or NYC area can make your mileage SUCK.

Another way to increase MPG is to move into a jurisdiction that uses Imperial gallons!
yes nyc is horribble I live in brooklyn or as i call it the red light capital in the united states i forget what a stop sign looks like lol

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