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Anyone replace a MAP Sensor?

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Anyone replace a MAP Sensor?

First off, I don't know much about cars but I do try to learn how to fix things when able or at least have time. Anyway, out of nowhere my car started to stutter, felt like it was wanting to stall & the emissions control/check engine light came on periodically. I checked the MAF sensor & air filter (K&N, oiled/cleaned 4 months ago) & everything looked good. I had the car towed to Honda & they told me the MAP sensor needed to be replaced. Said it was an expensive part + labor, total cost $568. What?

I Googled MAP sensors & called a few places about the part and the average price is $50-100. Called Honda & asked why it'd be so expensive & they said "oh our mistake, we shouldn't have included the charge for diagnostics". New price $268.

Does $300 sound normal for diagnostics in this situation, has anyone here replaced their MAP sensor, & how difficult is it to access? I couldn't tell by looking at the diagram attached to the parts description from Vatland Honda .

Also, some say the K&N filters are no good.. could this be the cause? I was super thorough when I cleaned & oiled, followed written directions along with the official K&N video but now it's got me wondering.

Thanks ahead for any advice.

2012 Honda FIT 5-D0OR SPORT (SUZUKA PLANT) 5 Speed Automatic

Sensor Assembly, Map -
Honda (37830-RNA-A01)
Manifold Absolute Pressure Sensor
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Diagnosis is kind of one If those who knows areas. It could be time consuming and involve expensive equipment. 300 bucks is probably like 2 hours of labor at dealer rates I’m guessing?

but in this case it looks more like a sticker shock tactic to help you bend over easier to pay an hours labor for a 10 minute install

looks like the map bolts on to the intake plenum (the big black plastic thing over the engine) if you have to remove the wiper pan it’s a 30 minute job, if you don’t it’s probably 5 if you have a hard time with the electrical connector.

edit: I checked. It’s right next to the throttle body super ez pz.

edit2: is it the K&N drop in filter? ive had one in my fit for... 4 years? never had any issues with it. air gets recirculated several different ways into the intake for emissions purposes. the MAP probably gets crudded up with oil etc.

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Thanks for the reply & yes, it's a drop in filter. This ended up being the weirdest experience I've had with Honda.

After the car was dropped off (over the phone) I told them I disconnected the MAF sensor to see if that was the problem. About all I knew to check really...a tip from a previous mechanic. Car still wanted to stall. Especially when I turned on the AC or hit the gas. So the Honda rep says "the mechanic ran some tests and it turns out the MAP sensor is what's bad." I asked if he checked the MAF sensor because I noticed an almost reddish residue on it. Not dripping but enough to notice. I told him the filter also looked a little wet around the edges, almost like it had just been cleaned & oiled (but too much) if that makes sense. Not soaked, but not the way it looked 4 months ago after I cleaned/oiled & put it back. I even made extra sure to follow the directions, shook out any excess, and let it sit for 24 hours before installing. Mechanic said they noticed the same thing.

So again, the service rep tells me the mechanic is saying it's not the MAF, but needs a new MAP sensor, which needs to be ordered. I wait 2 days, called to check on things & the rep says "oh the mechanic made a mistake, he meant to order a MAF sensor and we ordered a MAP". I'm like wtf man you guys told me from the jump it had a bad MAP sensor? Of course now I'm thinking why did the car still want to stall when I disconnected it because I would have ordered one & replaced it. Anyway they replaced it for $210. (Labor shows $0.00)
I realize I don't have the right equipment to run tests but I would have liked to do it myself.

I also had them do a fuel system service - (fuel injection flush, throttle body, combustion cmbr svc kit) $219. At 67K miles, maybe unnecessary? I'm sure if I had more experience I could have done this too..idk, I'd like to anyway.
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