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MPG estimate downgrade?

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Originally Posted by blazej View Post
1. Yes leather is nicer, IMO, but you pay for it and people seem to like th seat covers
2. Sure, but big deal. If it were panoramic (like on Kia's) then woohoo!
3. Who cares
4. Who cares, the car is so small that the sensor is overkill
5. Sure, but again, this is not a large SUV
6. Absolutely
7. Not much better. Highway is only 3mpg better with a CVT (yuck) vs Auto.
8. Absolutely
9. Absolutely, depends on why the rating increase
10. Great, but I hear that comes at the expense of head room
11. Why? In any case it's a $20K compact car. Nobody thinks wow, that's upscale.

Overall, I'm a bit underwhelmed as a person with an 09 Sport. I have the auto, but wanted a manual. I was hoping for 40+ mpg highway or a RS model with more power. I guess this is more of an evolution (like 08 to 09) than a revolution. For now, I'll keep my 09.
#5 is a big deal, and I use mine all the time and makes backing up so much easier and safer.

But remember, this new model will not change for a good while, so if you were hoping for the Wow factor that is not now offered to your liking, you might as well leave this forum, and go else where, since it will not change for about 5 years, and you probably cannot wait that long to see what Honda does next time around, and I don't think you can hold out with an 09 (5 years old now)

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Originally Posted by SR45 View Post
....wait until the final figures come out and not be to hasty is down playing the current estimates.
Originally Posted by SR45 View Post
.......this new model.......will not change for about 5 years, and you probably cannot wait.........
SR45's words are not born out of conjecture. The GK is brand spanking new with $800m invested in the Mexico plant. There may/will be updates on the GK platform to "refresh" every 2 to 3 yrs. It may be so successful, Honda may decide to bring in the EV, RS or even an emission-friendly diesel version. The plain fact is we all don't know. What we do know, are the various 2015 US models that will be coming in.
Wise for those who have apprehensions to at least wait till some units get to their dealerships and physically check it out prior to arriving at a definitive conclusion.
Come on guys, only a few more weeks (for mainland folks) for those demo units to arrive and answer all your questions.
In the meantime, a few more days and Accordguyintake will make his detailed "reveal" and am certain he'll be deluged with tons of queries.
Like or no like, buy or no buy, we're all fans/owners of GDs, GEs and soon, GKs. They're all Fits so we all belong in the same family!!!

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I think many people might benefit from an understanding of EPA fuel economy "Estimates"

Each manufacturer tests their own cars on a dynamometer programed with EPA specific tests. Then the manufacturer calculates the results and issues its own fuel economy numbers. The EPA has the ability to ask a manufacturer to back up their numbers, but does not test the cars themselves. They publish the numbers supplied by the manufacturers.

People who pay attention to the EPA estimates know that Honda is always very conservative with the numbers they report and that most owners get real world fuel economy that is better than the ratings. By contrast Hyundai and Ford always grossly inflate their numbers and most Ford and Hyundai drivers never come near getting the published numbers.

So Honda's fuel economy numbers for the new 6MT fit are:

29 city/37 hwy/ 32 combined for the 2015 6MT
Compared to
27 city/ 33 hwy/ 29 combined for the 2013 5MT
So the increase for the manual is 3mpg over the old model.

For me, I have averaged 35mpg combined over 34,000 miles from my 09 fit that was rated at 29. I hope to average 38mpg with a new fit that is rated at 32.

At 35 mpg combined, the CVT shows even greater gains over the old automatic. But it remains to be seen if the CVT will deliver these gains in the real world.

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