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Optimal Tire Inflation Psi

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Originally Posted by MikeyGrz View Post

I was JK, my Yokohama tires have a psi rating stamped on them, says 36 psi.
is that right. thats cool. i wonder if the one yok tire i have on my GK has it too.. never mind the one tire part (nail).
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I have a cheap stick type tire gauge. Cost about $3.29 US. Reads 0-50 psi. I have another stick that reads 0-100 but I dont' use that for car tires. I have no idea how accurate my 0-50 stick really is. Filling my tires to 33, as opposed to 32, or 34, seems like I am trying to be more precise than the stick actually is. In fact, I can measure a tire at 33, then check it again a minute later, and the gauge says 34. I'm guessing it is probably accurate only within about 4 psi, that is, +/- 2 psi. Anyway, I fill my tires up to 35 psi on the gauge. Can't distinguish the lines between 30 and 35 at all clearly anyway, even with my reading glasses. When I see the pressure on one or more tires creeping down to around 32, I fill back up to 35. My original Firestones took about 4-5 months to lose 3 psi. My new Pirelli P4 Four Seasons Plus tires lose 3 psi in 2 months. Hmmm. All 4 tires on the car lose at nearly the same rate. I rotate the tires every 6000 miles or so. I haven't noticed any unevenness of wear that is obvious to my eyeballs or to my caliper. Atleast, not with the Firestones. I haven't really had the Pirellis long to come to a conclusion about how they are wearing. But the firestones wore very evenly right down to 4/32 inch. Very even tread depth from side to side, and from point to point on the circumference. I attribute this to well-designed suspension and wheel alignment, and well-balanced tires. Not all cars I've had had such even wear. I was surpised by the Fit.

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