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PRM Intake

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PRM Intake

Myxal PRM Intake

What a pain! I have a pretty big PRM filter that I had lying around so I figured I'd give it a shot this afternoon and get it fitted. This currently is about 90% done. I have to get the inlet side of the intake hooked up to the cold air part, which is starting to be a challenge. Will update when it is fully completed. Just wanted to show some early pics as some people would probably stop here.

I actually have the filter mounted in reverse of typical PRM setups. I don't like the 'normal' way people have it in their engine bay. For this filter, the normal setup would have a 3" inlet and a 3.5" exit. That makes no sense to me as I'm not understanding why you would widen the intake as you get closer to the maf sensor. It'll work but air velocity would slow down as it hits a wider diameter. Also, the filter inside would have air sucking into the exit of a normal filter setup. You'd have to see it to know what I'm talking about.

At any rate, the inlet on my setup is 3.5" from ram air/PRM Air Filter inlet. PRM air filter outlet is 3", going into a 3" 180 degree silicone bend. Then it reduces to 2.5", to a 2.5" 90 degree pipe that reduces down to 2" before going through the maf sensor. The filter itself is HUGE though. Barely fits under the maf sensor. Hehe! This setup was made this way to reduce any restriction from having a long length of same diameter pipe. Also, the reducing bends heading towards the maf speeds up air intake velocity as it gets closer. I read that any bend in the intake piping causes air to slow down but a funnel affect (reducing diameter) causes air velocity to speed up. So I try to speed the velocity as it goes around a bend towards the maf sensor or just have the bend so large (3") that it doesn't cause the motor to have to try to suck in the air harder. This is EXACTLY what I wanted.

It starts up and runs without issue. Will drive tomorrow as it's getting late. Once I get the cold air portion connected, I'll take another pic and test it at the dragstrip this upcoming Friday.

Update: I uploaded a short video so you care hear how it sounds at idle. Nothing much to hear since our 'Earth Dreams' engine sounds like diesels. I'm no video expert so no sure why it's not a full screen. Either way...


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That's awesome ! Where are u gonna have the cold air portion? Directly behind the front bumper or routing it to behind the foglight corner ?
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I've combined the PRM intake with my vacuum intake to make this contraption. I also turned the PRM intake around like it is on all the other PRM intake setups. Heading to the track to see how it goes.

Here is an indication of how big this filter is. I have it beside the maf sensor and an HPS intake.


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I ordered the prm for the gd to give something similar a try. Looks good!
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