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2016 Honda Fit Jacking Points: Front a problem, Rear is easy

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1. A real hockey puck will not compress nor conform to an object set on top of it.

2. Depending on the manufacturer [and model?] pinch welds may or may not be reinforced so the jack can be applied directly to the pinch weld. How does one know if the weld is strong enough to support the car's weight, inspect the jack that came with the car.

If the jack's pad is flat such that it acts directly on the pinch weld, you may use other jacks that do the same. Some of these pads have shallow slots/sides that do not touch the floor pan but do prevent the pad from sliding off the weld.

If the jack pad is such that it is slotted and the the weld slides into the slot but the weld DOES NOT touch the flat/horizontal part of the pad, ie such that the "sides" of the slot touch the floor pan on either side of of the weld, the weld is not lifting/supporting the car's weight, the floor pan is. One should not apply any jack directly to the pinch weld, some un-reinforced welds will bend. How to know which will bend, try it. You will only know of the damage after it is done.

3. A hockey puck with a slot cut into it may be tall enough to apply the jack's [or jack stand's] force to the floor pan, they do work with generation 9 Corollas. A hockey puck without a slot would only be useful as a spacer to get extra height if one has the reinforced pinch welds.

4. Some [all?]all North America Toyotas have central jacking points front and rear. These are so much easier to get up on jack stands and thus safer. Some one posted Hondas in other countries have this feature. WHY NOT HERE??????
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Originally Posted by Press Fit View Post
Can I jack it there without bending the pinch weld if I use a hockey puck there?
The slotted hockey puck does work when the vehicle's floor pan is strong enough to support the car's weight, ie the supplied jack acts on the floor pan at the designated locations.

I have seen two cars with bent up floor pans when someone used a jack and/or jackstand on a floor not designed to be used that way, no idea how many did not bend.

I have seen nonreinforced pinch welds not not fazed by by being used for lifting/supporting [most of them at the end without the engine/transmission]. . I have seen a number that were bent. No idea how the owner would know the outcome prior to trying it.

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