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Old 07-06-2017, 11:49 PM
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Just picked up my first Fit, probably gonna have some questions

Hello! I just bought an 07 Fit Sport Manual in black. Not the best example by any stretch but when compared to my Civic, it looks way better and has way fewer missing interior pieces. Speaking of, my other car, which is now being taken off Daily Driver duty, is a B16A2 swapped 96 Civic CX Hatch (hence my username) in Midori Green Pearl. Well most of it is Midori Green Pearl anyway.

So far I like my Fit but I'm gonna have to get used to the driving position. My Civic was my daily for nearly 11 years. Since I already have a modded car and am sick of dailying one, I plan to leave the Fit stock... ish. I'm so used to a bit stiffer clutch that I MIGHT change the clutch for an Exedy Stage 1 like my Civic. Otherwise, I'm just gonna change the brake pads and rotors, change the filters, give it an oil change, replace a few missing clips and trim pieces, put some new brake and clutch pedal pads on, and take it to get a proper wash and wax.

I'm also gonna swap the wheels. The factory wheels are in terrible shape. I have no clue what happened to them but they look awful. I'll pull one of the LS Meshes off my Civic and see if fits OK on the Fit. The wheels are the same diameter and width (15x6) and use the same tire size (195/55-15) but the offset is different (Meshes are +45, the Fit wheels are +55). If they fit good, I'll get some EM1 Si/EM2 EX wheels (same dimensions) or maybe another set of LS Meshies. If they don't, I'll just order some Keystone reman/replica OE Fit wheels from Rock Auto.

Also, had to drive it home through a torrential downpour so I already got to test out Mr. Regular's warnings of the first gen Fits leaking. It has one leak that I could find that was behind the driver side tail light. That bulb was burnt out so when I went to change it, I discovered the inside of the access panel was wet and few drops of water in the floor of the "trunk" area so it's not that bad as far as I can tell cause that was some serious rain. One small leak, but I don't think I'm going to have a Silicone Sally on my hands. My Civic on the other hand has a bad seal around the windshield and the driver side carpet gets soaked every time there's a light sprinkle.

I do have a question or two involving some issues but I believe I will make threads in the proper place for them. Also, please make sure I don't try to cram a K20 into the thing. I don't work at an auto parts store anymore. I work in an office.

Thanks for having me!

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Old 07-15-2017, 09:17 PM
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Welcome to the Fit family, dude! Nice rides!
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Old 07-17-2017, 02:02 AM
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Bleh... K swaps. >.>

Anywho... Hello and welcome!

I pop open the hatch and check the seam welds right below the roof moldings. Its another common leak point and also the highest point of water entry that I've found on the GD as of yet.

Also, for what its worth Tire Rack Motorsport C1s are CHEAP 15x7s with ET+42 and decently light at a tick over 12 lbs that you can get as an alternative wheelset. New they're either 95 or 100 bucks from Tire Rack... You should be able to find them on autocross/road race classifieds for cheap.
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Old 07-17-2017, 03:02 AM
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I figured I would post a quick pic. This is like the day after I picked the Fit up. The Civic is definitely ratty looking. Poor thing has always been a bit homely under my ownership but man has she been a workhorse. Most reliable car anyone in my family has ever owned.

I may try to get a better shot of the Fit sometime soon.

I've already done a little to the Fit. The fuel gauge wasn't working when I bought it (thank goodness it had enough fuel to get me down the interstate). I pulled the cluster out, took the cover off of it and twisted the needle around. It was definitely stuck. It broke free and now works. It does seem to catch sometime though when starting the car. I may have to take it out again.

Also both fog lights were busted. Snagged a hell of a deal on a Honda original driver side and a TYC passenger on Amazon and popped a set of GP Thunder Yellow bulbs in. Had some extra LED 7440/7443 laying around and threw them into the back up lights. The day I bought it, I stopped off at Advance to get some oil and a filter as well as new blades. It had some wore out Goodyear blades, so I put a fresh set Trico Flex blades on it. And tomorrow, both a cargo cover and an armrest should arrive for it.

I need to pick up a few more pieces for it. The passenger fender liner is missing as well as the pull handle for the hatch. I think the spacers that hold the front bumper cover in place are missing cause I can move it around very easily (though all the mounting hardware appears to be in place). I need to get a spare key. And I'm waiting on a replacement cruise control switch. The main button won't stay in. Appears to be a common problem.

It may sound like a lot, but trust me. This is FAR less work than when I originally got my Civic.

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Old 07-17-2017, 07:09 AM
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cool civic hatch. i had one of those a long time ago new. think mine was a 2003 or something can't remember but it was a fun ride.
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Old 07-17-2017, 04:26 PM
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Good Luck.
11 years with that Civic is an impressive run.
I hope your experience with The Fit finds ways to rival that one.

If that Civic has been your daily driver for over a decade, there is going to be an adjustment period.

And IMO given it's age, that Civic looks pretty good to me.
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