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Originally Posted by TOPHER1 View Post
Yes, the headrest has to be taken off for refresh mode to work. I take it the seat covers you have are one-piece, that cover the entire seat, including the headrest. You could try using the good idea s0x suggested, by lifting up the rear seat, and lowering the front seat to make a reverse bed (sleep with your head at the front, with your feet hanging over the headrest). Then you won't ever have to go through all the difficulty of removing the covers each time, and the holes you've already cut for the side airbags will still be in the right place. Good thinking s0x!
I'm a little confused by this. Do you mean lower the rear seat, with my feet in the cargo area?
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"lower the rear seat, with my feet in the cargo area?"

That's what I did. You'll need something to rest your feet on. The front seat isn't a perfectly flat surface, so it took a bit of effort to find a good position. But still it was more comfortable for me than sleeping in a tent.
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I have two mode stories for "Refresh" mode.

Story 1: I was attending a week long class at the local community college. We had a 90 minute break and I really didn't want to go anywhere. So I posted up in my car and chilled with the windows down. That was a blast.

Story 2: May 3rd my girlfriend had surgery to repair her ACL. So, pretty much she has been couped up in her house with her leg in an immobilizer and going stir crazy. I decided to take her out and it was so convenient that I had my Fit. I put the seats in "Refresh" mode and I cheauferred her around town. We picked up some food and went to a local island to eat lunch. It worked out great.

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Originally Posted by pokems23 View Post
Rode with two of my friends. After we got some slurpies at 711, I drove around town. My friend sat behind me while my other friend wanted to relax in refresh mode on the other side. He was still able to wear his seat belt and stretch out his legs. They kept saying that, "this car rocks." I kept saying, "Don't spill the slurpies!!"
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My Fit's modes get a work out every day. I'm an MIS (Manager of Information Systems) and I regularly have to pick up computers, large departamental laser printers, networking equipment, racks, etc. from suppliers.

The first week I had my Fit I had to pickup a rather large purchase and one my associates told me to take his truck, that I couldn't fit all that into my "clown car" as he calls it. I told him to keep his truck's keys and we made a bet that if I could bring the entire purchase in one drive he would have to buy me lunch the next day.

I came back with two large HP LaserJet printers (LaserJet 4345's, look em up, their big as hell), 4 computers with their LCD monitors, 4 UPS battery backups, 2 boxes of Cat5e cabling, a 19" rack-mount network switch, a 19" Cisco rack-mount Cisco router and a free lunch. All that in cargo mode. Nobody in the loading area of my building could belive all that stuff was coming out of my little Fit.

On top of that sometimes I have to do field work with network cabling instalations so I end up carrying an 8' ladder, boxes of cables, tools, certification equipment, etc. etc...

For this I put it into cargo mode and fold back the front passenger seat and fold it back as far as it can go. I put a large beach towel on the seat's cloth to protect it from the ladder's harsh aluminum, I fill the left side of all the cargo space with every large object I can, I put some of my toold duffle bags on the right area and when its all packed in I lay the ladder accross the right side of the cargo area and off I go. Of course in this configuration it becomes a single seater, but that's fine by me.

My biggest problem is taking care of my interior wich for the most part (thanks to a few handy beach towels) has been kept scratch free.
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My fiancee had a bridal shower this weekend. Our living room is full of presents now. My mother was going to use her minivan to bring to our apartment any of the gifts that didn't fit in the Fit. However, with the back seats folded flat, I was able to get everything in, and none of the glass broke!
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