Watch out if you are speeding in BC

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Watch out if you are speeding in BC

Just read this article today in the Sun

Albertans stung by B.C. driving rules | Michael Platt | Columnists | News | Calgary Sun

New law effective Sept 20:
Don't get caught speeding more than 40 km/hr over the speed limit or your car will get impounded.
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Thanks for the heads up, will slow down a bit next time when I visit Van town
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.05 isn't very high;

6 cars per week and impounded for 8 days (7 full days + they close at 4pm this is the government...) at a cost of over a thousand dollars.

My parents have travelled internationally and mentioned how in some countries with military checkpoints every 20-30km the driver has to get out a show the vehicles gps record and have the vehicles scanned to prove he hasn't been speeding, the vehicles in good shape (according to the computer) etc. Otherwise they have to pay fines on the spot. The technology's here too, I suppose it's only a matter of time...

I could definitely see it when you go to renew your insurance for example. Oh you need to go pay a mechanic $300 to report on your vehicle and then pay extra because you didn't change the oil until after the light had been on at 10% for another 100km. Oh you've been changing the oil and fixing your car yourself, well we cannot trust you to look after your own vehicle and keep it in good condition. You have to take it in to the dealership pay them $75 and have them do it...remember if it isn't documented by an independant third party whom you (over)paid then it didn't happen. You're guilty until proven innocent...

I don't work up north, but know people who do, and won't ever have a drink with dinner because of drug and alcohol screening.

People can and do abuse almost anything, but like airport security screening all these regulations slowly build up until we're in some dystopian environment where people don't trust anyone since the only people who are reasonable, responsible, and capable of looking out for others are the ones the authority has documented as being so.

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