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2015 Porsche Macan S test drive and review

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2015 Porsche Macan S test drive and review

Intro: I love the redesigned Porsche Boxster and Cayman and just bought a new Boxster S. Of course I an keeping my 2013 Fit Spott 5MT, which I have already put over 50k on! It will be two years in December since I bought my Fit and I have since sold my Mustang GT, my CBR600RR, my Ninja 300, my Civic Hybrid, and my Jeep Cherokee is going on the market soon. I have downsized a lot and at the same time I am making more money than I ever imagined I would be at this point in my life, so I am considering another vehicle to drive daily that is well within my means but closer to my professional and social status. Unfortunately when I go anywhere for business my boss always drives us because his cars (Maserati + RR Sport) are better suited to picking up executives and some of our top salespeople. The Boxster S does not remedy this problem, but it is a blast to drive! After I was test drove the Boxster S the salesman showed me the Macan S. I was dead against the idea of a PDK (flappy paddle automatic) because I simply hate autos. Even my boss' weekend car (Ferrari 360 Modena Challenge Stradale w/F1 gearbox) does not excite me because of the lack of a third pedal. The salesman assured me that he is a manual trans lover as well but based off everything I said the Macan sounds like it might be a good Fit for me.

The Macan S is like an Audi Q5-sized Cayenne with much more sporty DNA. Sporty as in a V6 with a true TWIN-turbo (one for each cylinder bank) putting out 340hp and 339ft-lb of torque. Not. Too. Shabby. At 4100lbs it weights considerably less than the Cayenne and not much more than a 911 Carerra S (3100lbs) with two Americans aboard (600lbs).

I did what I always do when looking over the Macan S, I got into the driver's seat, adjusted it to my driving position, then climbed into the backseat. To my surprise, at 6' tall, I fit quite comfortably. This was a deal-breaker for me on the Land Rover LR4 (I had to sit in the MIDDLE with my knees between the front seats!). Sure there was not a bunch of room in front of my knees (none really), but I was not jammed into the seatback and I had plenty of headroom. I would have been happy in that back seat even on a long trip. My salesman, who was actually able to answer all of my questions very accurately, a refreshing change, said he would drive first to show me "what the Macan can do". As we pulled out of the dealership I was instantly thrown back into my seat as he buried the go pedal. Merging onto the freeway I got a good feel for the lateral support in the sport seats. Without them I may have been flung against the passenger door because he took that turn HARD.
What a great job these guys have.

After a few minutes he pulled over near a nice curvy road and let me take the helm. I adjusted my mirrors, switched the PDK into manual mode, and decided I wanted to surprise the salesman as much as he surprised me when we pulled out of the dealership. I knew the road well and as I approached the first long sweeping turn I clicked down twice to second, enjoying the sound of the rapid rev-matched downshifts. I lifted slightly just before the apex to get the attitude just right then floored it. The whole car felt tight and obedient. It really seemed to be in its element being flung around a sweeping turn at 60, 70, then 80mph. The rear-biased AWD gave me all the grip I needed without any of the understeer I expected. The PDK cracked off lighting fast shifts at redline, with a satisfying burble from the quad exhaust exits. When we got back onto the boring chewed up roads I started to notice the comfortable ride, and the highway stretch was excellent. The ride was smooth and quiet, and during the whole trip there were no squeaks or rattles anywhere. The build quality is impeccable.

The Macan S strikes a balance that the Cayenne S never did in my book. It provides utility of an SUV while still being incredibly fun to drive. It packs a ton of performance and is a blast to drive, unlike any of its competition (such as the Q5). Of course with a smaller vehicle you also get less than you do with the Cayenne S in a lot of areas. You get less expensive fuelups, less back surgery since the ride is smoother, less weight, less time to go 0-60, and you spend a LOT less money to buy it. The Macan S starts at $49,900. No, that is not a typo. This is a 340hp twin-turbo Porsche that comfortably seats four adults, goes 0-60 in about 5 seconds flat, holds a ton of luggage, and is still amazing to drive, starting under $50,000. It has been about 20 hours since I drove it and I still keep hearing the sound of the engine during those redline shifts and rev-matched downshifts. If they had put in the same 7-speed manual available on the new 911 I would probably have placed an order already, but the PDK is a fantastic gearbox and I am still considering this vehicle as a do-it-all replacement for the stable of vehicles I currently own.


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Damn great write up! My dream car is a 911 Turbo S. But we all know how pricey it can get. Same as you I someday wish to drive a Boxster / Cayman S. I would love to own a manual gearbox even though its a lot slower than the famous PDK; the joy of throwing the shifter into gear is pure joy for me. My girlfriend and I have been trying to figure out our ideal SUV/ family car and I think Macan will make it to the list of ideal cars.
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wait wat? you put $50K on a fit? and curvey roads in florida?
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Originally Posted by kenchan View Post
wait wat? you put $50K on a fit? and curvey roads in florida?
50k miles. There are some good curvy roads down here, but you have to know where to go.
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Do it! I hear good things about them.
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