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Old 07-02-2017, 02:02 AM
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Keys possibly stolen?

So, today I went out in the family vehicle, but before taking off, I had to get something from my Fit. Thus, I had my Fit keys along with another set of keys for the family car. I'm 90% sure I put the Fit keys in the cupholder in the family vehicle. My family went to church, then to the Neighborhood Walmart and then to a little get together at a friend's house after. I stayed in the car when we went to the store.
My car only has one set of keys. My mom asked a friend who was still at the get together to see if they had fallen out into the yard or something, they didn't see anything. I've made mistakes, and maybe didn't lock the car at church. I don't really know where the keys would be besides the car, church or Walmart. It's late at night right now so not much can be done. I'm just a teen who's freaked out since I can't find the only keys to my car. I had the single Fit key with my house key on a lanyard. I really don't want to think that it has been stolen, but I can't rule out the possibility yet.

I've read online that a new key can be made, but a locksmith may be cheaper than a dealer? Since I can't move the car? I'm also worried that if someone has the key, and I get a new key then they could somehow find the car (by chance at the store or going around a neighborhood trying to find it). I live in a town of 26,000 people...
I also read the old key could be programmed out if I got new ones? But the old key could still unlock but not start the car? Unless I got the locks changed of course. I also thought of getting something to track the car in case of any of these scenarios. My parents are pretty mad that I can't find the key and I'm really freaking out. It's been about two hours since I realized I didn't know where the keys were. I've got a bunch of bad scenarios going through my mind right now, and would love to hear some advice.


Sorry if this is really sporadic, my thoughts are really spinning.

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Old 07-02-2017, 04:47 AM
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Get your mother's car to block it in, so it cannot be driven off, and look for your keys in the light of day when you have a clear head.
My wife lost her house key, so I changed the lock, only for them to turn up in the corner of her bag the next morning!
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To be honest, if the key was lost/stolen it CAN BE deleted from the vehicle's immobilizer system (what senses a chip in the key and starts the car) and WILL NOT ALLOW the car after the new/replacement key has been programmed to the car. HOWEVER... the previous key's blade will still lock/unlock the car.

An even bigger set back is that I believe the only way the key can be programmed (be it a traditional key or the Smart Key) is by Honda since the vehicle's immobilizer will have accessed to register the new/replacement key. So the vehicle may need to be towed to the dealer unless they are local and kind enough to have send a tech to you and program the key.

Definitely retrace your steps and see if you can find your keys.

If the car has the Smart Key, hop inside and check around the center console area (in between the console and seats especially), pull back the floor mats if you have any as well as look in the door pockets. Sometimes people place their keys in an odd spot or dead zone where the immobilizer CANNOT see/sense the key. Around the parking brake handle is one of them.
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