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Lost motion springs outside of recall

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Lost motion springs outside of recall

As my username states, I'm an uncle working on my niece's 2010 Fit, built 12/09, and rocker date 091214, serial 20486. A week ago Monday, she went to start her car, and it cranked like the spark plugs had been removed. In doing the diagnosis, I've come across the recall on the lost motion springs, but her engine is three weeks later. I haven't disassembled the rocker arms to inspect the lost motion springs, but has anyone heard of any of those springs failing on any engine *outside* of the recall?
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Check out the recent spark plug threads here. It seems some Fit engines had spark plugs that were not sufficiently torqued from the factory, so the spark plugs tend to work out. Look at this ASAP before driving.

If there was an active Honda campaign speak with the dealer as sometimes they will extend to friendly customers. I would visit in person and put on your best positive attitude.
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As a mechanic and diagnostic tech (I'm on disability, so my ASE certs have lapsed), I can certainly "speak their language," as well as be respectful. As it turns out, because I'm going on vacation early next week, my niece wants to send the car to the dealer, so I've reassembled the engine (I did verify the plugs' torque but I didn't adjust the valves), and as soon as I have taken care of a friend, I'll hit up the local Honda dealer, go from there. Anyway, hopefully someone can chime in if they had any problems with the lost motion springs outside of the recall. As Maxwell Smart used to say, "Missed it by that much!"
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Originally Posted by kirko View Post
The cowl absolutely has to be removed, including the wiper arms, wiper motor, and steel cowl cover. Its the only way to remove the intake manifold and valve cover. You would never be able to "tell" I removed the cowl because I know how these come apart and I even bought a special plastic clip popper from snapon specifically for this recall to make the job more efficient and less likely to break anything (im flat rate here).

Upon removing the valve cover, you need to read the stamping on the rocker arm assembly, and if it falls under the known recall dates, all of the loss motion springs need replaced. I have done about 30 of these so far at my dealership, and I have it down to about a science. Valve clearance needs to be checked/corrected upon reinstallation of rocker arm assembly. I know that the washer fluid tube runs under the cowl, and can be easily overlooked if you have only done 1 or 2. If your engine is noisy after the recall, ask for a competent mechanic to re-lash the valves. If I have a "waiter" LMA recall, I let the car sit on my rack for about an hour to let the engine cool first before lashing the valves to make a more accurate valve adjustment.

Replacing loss motion springs in D or B series honda engines should never change valve lash, unfortunately, in the L series, the rocker assembly in bolted using 8mm thread bolts @ 11ft/lbs, and when reinstalling, changes the lash ever so slightly. I found that using a snap-on digital torque wrench vs. a clicker type makes valve lash far more accurate when reinstalling the rocker assembly. If I use a digital torque wrench, I may have to adjust 3 or 4 valves, and if I use a less accurate clicker type, I may have to adjust every single one. Just some food for thought.
- just some info from an old thread.

I'll kick off by saying that I acknowledge your experience and hope that you dont mind that I respond the same as I would to someone less experienced, it aint meant to be insulting.

Does it start and run? I'd be inclined to see the thing fire with the valve cover off, hahah, but that could be supplemented by turning the engine over via the harmonic balancer, verifying proper valve movement and also giving opportunity to inspect lash. If that all goes normal (you were so close too! But better to have specs) then swap the springs and eat a sandwich I guess. They run about 40 bucks I think.. I assume thats for a set.

Tired just thinking about it. If the dealer wont bend, we'll provide procedures, specs, and I think i can find the P/N for the springy thingies. It should be pretty easy, not too invasive.
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130+K on 2009 fit with no recall done. Engine sounds good, quiet and steady.
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