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BRAKE warning orange box

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BRAKE warning orange box

I recently bought a 2018 Fit LX, it has the tech cruise control, lane departure, etc. I more recently noticed something weird which happens sometimes and then only for a second. In the lower right corner of the LCD? part of the dash display, where the gas gauge is, it will light up an orange rectangle with the word BRAKE inside the orange background which takes up that whole lower right corner LCD? corner display. I think that it may be due to stray strong RF signals, because it happens sometimes near railroad tracks. it once happened passing a police car, another time I may have been passing an electric sub station, or maybe it was something else that time. has this happened to anyone else or anyone have any ideas ???
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if you go back to the same rail road tracks, and cross the track say .... 10 times in a row.... does the light come on, 10 times?

Please report back
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Could be something interferring with the radar? we
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I'm thinking the RF may just be coincidence and that you're a bit low on brake fluid and hitting bumps, or the hand brake is set a bit wrong so it indicates incorrectly from time to time.
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I know that the brake fluid level is good, the parking brake could use to be tightened... it holds just fine but I prefer when it is tight on about 3 clicks.

one thing I forgot to mention is that as it happens, there are three fast electronic beeps, at which time the lower right corner display flashed BRAKE twice in super quick succession, so if you don't see it as soon as it happens, it only seems like it flashed it once.

But, the whole warning happens so fast that it is over almost as soon as it starts, the whole warning is over in slightly more than one second !!!!
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Sounds like CMBS is being false triggered by interference.
Turn the CMBS system off.
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I also noticed a BRAKE dash warning light suddenly come on a few days ago for no obvious reason. I also have a 2018 LX (Canadian). I was taking a sharp S curve in the road at the time. The road was kind of bumpy and slippery with slush and the car slid sideways a bit at one point. At the time I figured that the BRAKE light might have briefly flashed because the brake fluid was getting violently sloshed around and that momentarily triggered the warning light. The car's over a year old and I've never seen that light come on before (or since). I've made a mental note to check the brake fluid level once it's a little warmer outside. Probably some Honda bean counter got a bonus by telling his boss "Hey, we can remove another 19 drops of brake fluid for a huge cost saving and the customers will never notice it!".
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