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Question about HIDs.

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Question about HIDs.

So since the Fit has one main eyelid that the light shoots out of and there is no separate high beam eyelid. If I got High Low Hids then would the High beams work??? Because from reading something online about Fits the high beam lights cut off even though you have High Low Hid kits. Anyone informative enough to explain to me about this?
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a: there's no "eye lid"... more like eye BALL (or rather socket).

b: if you get an ACTUAL hi-lo HID kit, high would work. what you might be thinking of is the "single beam" kits, THEN you lose high. those are for use in cars with dual bulb set ups (like my swapped headlights).

in case you didn't know, the halogen headlight bulb in the car is one bulb with two filaments (one for high and one for low)... if you look at the bulb, you'll see that one of the filaments has a cup on one side of it... that's the low beam filament. each filament is its own circuit, when you switch up or down, it switches circuits.

there are two dual beam hid kits... the crappy "hi-lo" that uses HID for low and a halogen bulb on the side for high beam. I call it crappy because no matter how you aim it, one (or worse, both) won't be "aimed" because they aren't in line like the filaments in a halogen bulb.

the better kit is the "bi-xenon" kits, and now that i've thought about it, there are two of THOSE. there one that MOVEs the bulb up and down (back and forth if you're thinking in relation to when its mounted). that way, it better mimics the dual filament in a regular H4 bulb. the kits should have a huge shield around half of it with a hole in there, normally blocked by a smaller shield with in low position. when in high the shield moves with the bulb opening up that hole for light to pass through. it isn't as open as the high beam filament in the halogen bulb, but because it is a "high intensity" bulb, it doesn't need to be. the other bi-xenon only moves the shield (so, kinda crappy too, since it might not project properly depending on the position).

Of course, those were PNP kits (plug and play)... if you do the whole retrofit, then the bulbs won't move and instead you'll have one single HID bulb surrounded by a HID-based projector that should have a flip up shield (if it's for dual beam)

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