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GI: GE8 Rear Disc conversion Brackets

Old 05-02-2013, 04:17 AM
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Here are a thread from user of T1R brake kit and he said the kit from T1R came with one bad caliper. so even the kit create by professional company some time might had problem
The author of that thread then forced to do some modification and replace the rotor but that mean he had to do more modification.

again a good example on how variance in parts (outside bracket) like rotor and caliper might need extra modification before it can work FLAWLESSLY.

I just re read your post and I think you said no kit is available for GE after 5 years,
Regarding the FastBrake kits, do not fit GE,
I am really curious whether people had indeed call FastBrake or not,
because if they advertise their kit will fit a 2011 Honda Fit,
I am sure FastBrake knew that the only 2011 Honda Fit is the Honda GE model.
It had been GE since 2009 !

Yes a GD kit from Fastbrake might not fit GE,
but I am pretty sure if you can make a rear disk conversion,
I think it will not be hard for Fastbrake to just change their bracket and
make their GD kit work for GE.

If you look at the pictures of the T1R kit for GD on the thread that I point out,
it will show that there is not so much different between the T1R kit for GD,
and what you did for GE. If there is differences it will most likely be the bracket.

to put it simple, if you can make a bracket, I am sure Fastbrake can make it work too.

so again, had anybody here ever called fastbrake and ask if their kit fit GE ?

The only thing that I notice people keep mentioning are the ability for the GD to have some negative camber using shim,
but we lost that ability in the GE due to some welded part,
but since we all mount the rotor on top of the hub and then mount the caliper using bracket to the holes on the axle
that used to hold the rear brake drum, that mean
a GE (and GD) will be easily converted to rear disk brake using USDM beam just like you show here.
so it shouldn't be a problem for Professional like fastbrake,
the welded part on GE do not have anything to prevent a rear brake conversion like what done in a GD.
I really confuse on why people always say the Fastbrake kit do not fit
simply because on the fastbrake website, they wrote the title of their fastbrake kit as 2007 to 2011 honda fit...
so people quickly assume that Fastbrake had made a typo because most people assume there is no way
the 2007 GD and 2011 GE might have the same fitment for the rear brake.
I think differently,
I think
in fact there might be a possibility that the 2007 kit will be direct bolt on to 2011 kit using the same bracket
or fastbrake might had the same kit (rotor and caliper) for GD and GE but just with different bracket.

the rotor and caliper that used for GD and GE rear disk brake conversion should be the same,
because on the thread that I point out about the T1R for GD, the author of that thread use the Civic Si rotor for GD, just like you using the Civic Si Rotor for your conversion for GE !.
so that mean the offset of the rotor are the same between what you use on your GE and what he used on the GD.
so the only differences is the bracket connection to the rear axle (if there is differences).

again the T1R kit for GD can use Civic Si rotor with minor modification, your kit also use Civic Si Rotor.
The caliper from your kit is Civic Si caliper and the caliper from T1R kit based on the pads are integra caliper,
but I had read from other forum that Civic Si of certain years and Integra of certain years used the same exact
caliper and rotor too. this mean your kit for GE and T1R kit for GD used the same rotor and caliper.

so more possibility that Fastbrake indeed have rear brake conversion for GE.
unless of course, someone had called fastbrake and fastbrake say no.
if someone else here had called fastbrake in the past and wrote in a post here please point me to it,
cause I miss it despite having read most post about brake this past few months.

Last edited by BMW ALPINA; 05-02-2013 at 04:59 AM.
Old 05-21-2013, 05:07 AM
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Haven't been on here in a bit so I just got the pm to sign up. I'm sure I missed a few things along the line here, but has anyone got this kit to work 100% yet?

From experience with the other cars I've had and converted, obviously we need brackets, but how about the brake booster? Proportion valve? Not to worried about the brake lines/rotors/pads since that's the easy part.

Just want to see what issues have been covered and which ones are still in question?

I'm in if everything looks good.
Old 10-14-2013, 01:38 PM
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Is this a dead duck? I'd totally be into doing this if it's going to happen...
Old 10-14-2013, 01:48 PM
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Originally Posted by linus011 View Post
Is this a dead duck? I'd totally be into doing this if it's going to happen...
i'd say i'm interested if this is going to come back.
Old 10-15-2013, 10:03 AM
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It appears to be dead...
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