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Old 01-03-2010, 03:01 PM
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Thumbs down Rick Case, Davie, FL, USA

Yep, I went to buy a used fit, they "didn't have it" (we called before we left and they had it, 45 min drive later, they completely sold it. Obviously a little bit of shenanigans there, but I digress). So, the used car guy sells us a 09 fit sport, but it only has steelies. We used it to pull down the price, but really, they didn't have much of a selection. But, once we bought it, thats when it became annoying- the car wasnt washed (as per dealership "procedure") and the tank wasn't full. The guy wrote me a fill voucher (to fill up at a place 45 min away from my house, oppisite anything I do at all in my life, including college, which is an additional 3 hours in the other direction) and off I went.

Disclaimer: It was my first car, I was way too excited to care about little things... next time will be different.

The TPMS light then came on. So what do I do? I reach into the glove compartment.

NO MANUAL. I was pissed. Call back, they closed. So, I call the next day.

"Come on down, we have some papers that we forgot to have you sign anyway.."

The sales guy isnt there. No manual is given to me. They can't find a single one. Eventually, the salesman sent me the manual via fedex a couple of days later, after 2-3 calls a day.

Later, I looked up TPMS, and said "oh well, might as well fix it." I bring it down to rick case, because afterall, it was their mess up since it should have been checked....well, my expectations are now too low. Just fix it, right?

Nope. They need to replace the computer, and they are going to have it for the day. And, our shuttle van doesnt go where you live (WTF- I buy a car from you guys, come back for the manual which you don't have, bring it back again for unneeded maintenance due to your negligence, meaning an additional 3 hours of drive time and plenty of extra wasted time, and you won't drive me one trip?!?!). Finally, since I don't bring an extra car with me wherever I go, they realize that unless they want me to sleep outside, they gotta bring me somewhere. So they bring me to my girlfriends house which is about 30 min away, and she drives me home.

Yep. Dealers like this are the true testament to Honda quality. I want another honda in my life, the Fit is EVERYTHING I need in a car without a doubt, but will I buy from that dealership again? expletive no.

Side note: Their powersports dealership? They got their act together. We own a scooter and a bike from them, both were top notch, and when I was looking around killing time I had to wait for them to tell me I wouldnt be able to pick up my car that same day for a 20 min procedure, the salemen there were excellent. Not that it's that hard to sell a 19 year old a CBR 600...
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Old 02-12-2016, 08:53 AM
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Yep, Rick Case is a bit of a fast paced Honda dealer as its one of the largest dealers in South Florida, so check before you go. They are selling out the door as you walk in and the salesmen are ready to make a deal. They have a 10 year warranty on any Honda they sell which most Honda dealer sell a 8 year warranty, so I have tried several times but got to get their quick or it is gone. Best thing to do is have a salesmen contact you when they get the color and model you want. I would rate them a 7 out of 10....
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