Disabling ABS?

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Originally Posted by finito View Post
Disabling EPS it might be a littel bit harder, because the rack and pinion on the FIT are electrical no oil pressure. It is an electrical motor making move the rack gear. When the power is off the electrical motor wont move, no steering at all.
Not true. Think about it. What would the liability be for Honda if the car crashed due to locked steering if the fuse blows or some other electrical failure. Just as with hydraulic, its an assist. I have coasted a short distance with the engine off. The steering is stiffer, but certainly not that hard. If anything could be damaged in the long run by disabling it is another question.

One of my other cars is a VW Thing. While it is lighter in the front than the Fit, it has wide off-road tires and a small aftermarket steering wheel. The effort is high, but not that difficult, even parking.
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^ also if that was the case explain why I can still turn the wheel when I roll my car down a hill in neutral without anything running.
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wow disable ABS? unless you're tracking the car it's just a horrible idea. Not to mention it will just about void ANY insurance policy you have no matter who it's with. It snows here quite a bit and I have never had a problem. Like others have said I think the problem is with the driver!

Who resurrected this thread anyway...lol
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I hear the ABS kick in (07 Sport) when I brake very lightly at low speed, like approaching a line of cars at a light. Not sure if it's normal, but I do find it annoying. My 06 Toyota Sienna is not nearly as sensitive. Those are the only cars I've owned with ABS.
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^^^^^^^More than likley a tire issue.
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Originally Posted by mkane View Post
^^^^^^^More than likley a tire issue.
Sure does sound like a tire issue ,ABS kicks in at high pedal pressures,mine works great,in fact if ABS is doing it's thing at low speeds and moderate pedal pressures,either very incompatible tires or the ABS itself is the problem,maybe you should have that looked at,, ABS is great when it works right. JJ
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OK, thanks for the info. I'm coming up on my first service visit, so I'll ask them to look at it.
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Tires with a high treadwear rating loose grip a heck of lot sooner than a tire with a treadwear rating of 340, so the ABS kicks in to keep from losing grip.
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Nah, this is seriously just coasting up to a stoplight. The car is still under certified used warranty, I'll have them check it out when I take her in.
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I wish I had seen this thread before I went rallycrossing.
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