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oil myths?!?

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Originally Posted by parmm View Post
thought you were referring to FS Suprex Gold ESP, which was what you linked to. I know about the Centinel system, which will work with any good "C" category motor oil.
Sorry, I just seen it was a good write up about soot. Things have change since we started driving a truck. Our old line haul trucks have 700,000 miles but that seems to the highest with out a new motor. We have a 3 minute idle timer before the engine shuts down without moving the truck or you go into over idle or shut down. The manual says 3-5 minutes and I do 30 stops a day, so that equates to at least 80 stop/startups. I already have coolant issues with 17000 miles and some starting issues too.

Ice road truckers use 0w30 oil. 10w30 is also starting to show up in the new trucks. Its a little thinner than the 15w40 so maybe a little more oil consumption but is strong enough for heavy duty operation from what I have read.
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Originally Posted by Subie View Post
Interesting thread indeed... What I can't get my mind around is how car owners bought into the "3k mi" oil change intervals that were being pushed... by both dealers and drive-thru places.
Bingo! In reality longer intervals have been in owners manuals for half a century. Ford had a 6000 mile recommendation in the early 1960's. By the 1990's most automakers were comfortable with 7,500 since oil chemistry was so much better by then. The only cars I owned with a legitimate 3000 mile interval were air cooled VW's that had no oil filter, only held 2.5 quarts and had poor temperature control compared to liquid cooled engines.

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