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Great Intake Test

Old 03-13-2016, 02:22 PM
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I've changed the intake back to the Myxal SRI-CAI today. I like the concept of the PRM intake. There is just too much 2" piping going on after the throttle body. I feel it needs to open up asap, right after the maf sensor with little or no 2" intake piping.

Anyways, it was fun. I'll save the parts as usual for some future project or nutty ideas. Until next time.......
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Originally Posted by TofuShop View Post
Not true at all. It is very common for turbo cars to use 4 or 5-ply silicone hoses for their aftermarket intake or aftermarket intercooler piping for multiple reasons.

1- Silicone doesn't heatsoak like metal pipes will
2- Cheaper
3- Can be built to be shaped in the perfect bends that is more difficult with metal pipes

They won't 'burst' or collapse as i think you are implying.
Well like many things we all have our own experience with what we think works and doesn't.
I road race,,, occasionally drag race. I have lost count of the number of cars I've towed off track with blown hoses road racing. You can get away with it on a drag car because the time spent at boost is fairly low, and the heat is lower usually, but eventually it will weaken from heat and under full boost pop. Things can go fairly badly after that depending on where the fail is. Hose bends can also suck shut if you over-bend the hose, I've also had longer hoses suck shut when the driver lets off the throttle and the engine goes back to suction instead of boost, then when the boost comes back blow the hose open. (Saw this up close on a dyno pull. it was freeking loud even with my ear muffs on...)

Length of the silicone hoses has a lot to do with the risk as well, couple inches no big deal long runs I don't trust.

I can tig my own stuff so the cost is about break even. Good 5 ply hose can be well over 10 bucks a foot. I pay about 100 bucks for 3" AL tube to do a full car. I also have lower risk for rubbing damaging the tube.

All about actual use and expectations.. I have serious issues with equipment failure knocking cars I prep, out of a race.. Its kind of a OCD crazy thing.
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damn fine post. thank you for going through all the trouble, and providing so much detail, and helpful pictures
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