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  2. Gd3 sport. Will they fit??
  3. Just put 215/45/17's on 2nd gen. No problem...
  4. Weird rotor wear.
  6. Dub 57rv (gram lights 57v reps) 15x8 +0 3.5" lip & 15x9 +0 4.5" lip aggressive
  7. Dub 0.01 16x8 & 16x9 BBS RS STYLE STARTING $499.00
  8. Ccw classic reps 15x8 15x9 4x100 4 colors gold white matte black silver starting $389
  9. Dub classico (ccw classic reps) 15x8 15x9 16x8 16x9 4x100 new look
  10. ModernRS 15x8 or 16x8.5 NEW DESIGN Starting $399.00
  11. Volk te37 5 spoke reps 15x8 4x100 +10 matt gun metal
  12. Rotiform roc replicas 15x8 15x9 16x9 candy red or hyper silver look in stock
  13. 10% off Sale www.dubfelgenwerks.com Spring Holiday Sale code: spring10off
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  17. Klutch 15x8.5 3.5 step lip on Honda EF!
  18. soften suspension
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  33. Rear Skunk2 spring clunking after install.
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  36. 205 50 15's on SWIFT springs and 40 offset..How do I not rub?
  37. ESM Wheels Brings The Old Skool German Wheel Designs Direct To FitFreak.com FREE S&H!
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  53. newbie here...
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  55. Winter Wheels, steel rims
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  57. upgrade my rims
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  61. heliums and lowered
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  64. TSW Kyalami's - anyone using em?
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