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  1. WTB (Want To Buy) Used Engine Mounts/Hood
  2. WTB (Want To Buy) 15 or 16 OEM Wheels
  3. WTB (Want To Buy) Looking for ONE Honda FIT Sport 16" OEM wheel
  4. FS (For Sale) Rear axle complete
  5. FS (For Sale) Yakima + Audio
  6. FS (For Sale) OEM Shocks Front and Rear GE8
  7. WTB (Want To Buy) GE8 right front brake caliper
  8. WTB (Want To Buy) 2009-2011 Fit Sport Wheels In California
  9. WTB (Want To Buy) Mugen Short Shifter / Mugen Rear-View Mirror Cover
  10. FS (For Sale) Factory Parts Off My 2010 Honda Fit Sport
  11. FS (For Sale) 2010 Sport 16" wheels and tires
  12. WTB (Want To Buy) Exhaust mid pipe
  13. FS (For Sale) Wiper Stalk - Variable Intermittent GE8
  14. FS (For Sale) OEM Springs Front and Rear
  15. FS (For Sale) K&N Filter 33-2422
  16. FS (For Sale) 2009 Fit Owners and Navigation Manual
  17. WTB (Want To Buy) Stock rear coil springs
  18. FS (For Sale) Sun Shade, OEM Nose Mask, OEM Seat covers
  19. FS (For Sale) Moving On Sale
  20. FS (For Sale) window visors oem
  21. FS (For Sale) Beatrush/laile - front performance bar
  22. FS (For Sale) 09-14 Honda Fit GE8 ISC Coilovers Full Length Adj (32 Step Damper)
  23. FS (For Sale) 4 Qty Camber Bolts - 14mm (81260)
  24. FS (For Sale) FS/FT: 13' OEM Radio. $100.00
  25. FS (For Sale) Ecogard premium air filter
  26. FS (For Sale) GE8 - tail lights, get your tail lights!
  27. WTB (Want To Buy) 2013 fog lights
  28. FS (For Sale) Manzo M2 Lowering Springs (Made By Megan Racing)
  29. FS (For Sale) Tein S Tech Lowering Springs (skb74-aub00)
  30. FS (For Sale) Beatrush/laile pillowball top mounts
  31. FS (For Sale) Honda S2000 AP2 18310-S2A-A02 Exhaust Tips Finisher Genuine Original S2K (USED)
  32. FS (For Sale) J's Racing Brake Master Cylinder
  33. FS (For Sale) OEM Door Visors - (GE Fit)
  34. FS (For Sale) D2 Racing Lowering Springs f for 09+ GE8
  35. FS (For Sale) Honda Fit LX Wheels + 185/60 R15 Tires
  36. FS (For Sale) GE8 - B&G Suspension S2 Lowering Springs (28.1.080)
  37. FS (For Sale) GE8 REVO Short Shifter, JDM Tail Lights, Redline Accessories Red Suede Shift Boot
  38. FS (For Sale) T1R Power Response Header & Polished Intake Manifold
  39. PO (Part Out) Parting out my GE8
  40. WTB (Want To Buy) T1R mid pipe
  41. FS (For Sale) Sprintex Supercharger Complete Kit
  42. FS (For Sale) Innovative Mounts left and right mounts
  43. TW (Testing Waters) 2013 Fit Sport 5MT (SF Bay Area)
  44. FS (For Sale) GE8 Clutch Delay Valve Delete KIT
  45. FS (For Sale) Cargo Tray - $35 pickup in northern Colorado
  46. FS (For Sale) USDM Honda GE floor mats with blue border
  47. FS (For Sale) 2009/10 OEM nav unit part # 39540-TK6-305ZA CHEAP!
  48. FS (For Sale) FS JDM OEM GE Tail Light Genuine Honda 2009 - 2013
  49. WTB (Want To Buy) WTB 2009 2010 2011 OEM Sport Fog Light
  50. WTB (Want To Buy) 2013 Sport Upper Glove Box Door
  51. FS (For Sale) Brand New Left Side Mirror
  52. TW (Testing Waters) WTT: JDM tailights for your OEM tailights + cash
  53. FS (For Sale) Modulo Center Garnish (GE8 2011 and up) - Honda Part PP-TD10
  54. FS (For Sale) Unused Koni STR.T (Orange) Struts - Full Set
  55. FS (For Sale) Progress Rear Sway Bar
  56. FS (For Sale) GE Carbon Creations Carbon Fiber Hood
  57. FS (For Sale) Paddle shifters, anyone?
  58. FS (For Sale) 2013 Honda Fit Sport (5-Speed)
  59. FS (For Sale) Stock USDM Tail Lights (Pair)
  60. FS (For Sale) Interior Door Handle (2013 Fit Sport)
  61. FS (For Sale) 2010 Mugen Fit
  62. FS (For Sale) Some GE stuff..
  63. FS (For Sale) Volk Racing, Cusco, Stellar V
  64. WTB (Want To Buy) Used engine mounts
  65. FS (For Sale) North Carolina: Two 5-speed 2011 Fits. STEAL THEM!
  66. FS (For Sale) GE8 carbon splitter
  67. WTB (Want To Buy) Stuff for smog
  68. FS (For Sale) Zeta Armrest & Rear Cargo Shelf
  69. WTB (Want To Buy) OEM Honda Fit wheels/tires
  70. FS (For Sale) Tenzo- R DC-6 Monoblock w/ BFG Comp2 AS
  71. FS (For Sale) Zeta Armrest, Rear Cargo Shelf & WeatherTech Front Mats
  72. FS (For Sale) 08' Struts/Shocks
  73. FS (For Sale) OEM all-weather floor mats, OEM Navi console/brackets/matching glovebox, TPMS sensors
  74. FS (For Sale) WI HKS Honda Fit 09-13 axle back muffler exhaust
  75. FS (For Sale) WI Drag wheels and Blizzak snow tires 15x7 4x100 TPMS Honda
  76. FS (For Sale) Curt Trailer Hitch and Honda Genuine Car Cover GE Fit
  77. FS (For Sale) Modulo Center Garnish (GE8)
  78. FS (For Sale) Project Kics Racing R 40 Neo Chrome Lug Nuts
  79. WTB (Want To Buy) weapon R header
  80. FS (For Sale) 2011 Honda Fit Sport 5 speed, Sprintex supercharged
  81. WTB (Want To Buy) Mugen Front Grille GE8 (2013)
  82. WTB (Want To Buy) Exterior parts from totalled fit GE
  83. FS (For Sale) Honda Fit GE8 JDM taillights..... Genuine JDM Honda
  84. FS (For Sale) J's Racing GE8 Front Strut Bar and Lower Arm Bar
  85. WTB (Want To Buy) JDM Mugen Side Mirror Cover
  86. FS (For Sale) NC: 2012 Fit BASE engine, only 41,xxx miles $300! Also exterior parts FS
  87. FS (For Sale) NC: GE8 interior bits
  88. FS (For Sale) JDM taillights fit GE8
  89. TW (Testing Waters) FT: Enkei nt03s w/ Tires
  90. FS (For Sale) GE8 Cusco front strut bar
  91. FS (For Sale) Mugen Parts & Retrofitted Lamps
  92. FS (For Sale) Used GE8 AirRex Struts
  93. FS (For Sale) For Sale: BBS CS4 Wheels 17x7.5 et38 4x100
  94. WTB (Want To Buy) Bike roof rack for 2009 fit in Canada
  95. FS (For Sale) Fs 2012 headlights
  96. FS (For Sale) Various Parts/mods for GE Fit - OEM, Mugen, Tanabe etc
  97. FS (For Sale) 2011 Honda Fit Sport (Red)
  98. FS (For Sale) GE8 cargo shelf, weather mats, side skirts, Mugen visors
  99. FS (For Sale) 2009 Honda Fit Sport (St. Louis)
  100. FS (For Sale) Totaled 2009 Honda fit sport (in New York)
  101. FS (For Sale) Full air suspension for sale for GE
  102. FS (For Sale) Swift lowering springs
  103. WTB (Want To Buy) OEM Fit Sport wheels or Aftermarket Wheels
  104. FS (For Sale) Koni Strt (orange) shocks full set
  105. FS (For Sale) GE8 Koni STR.T (Orange) BNIB - $70 + Shipping for Pair
  106. FS (For Sale) 2013 Honda Fit Sport 5spd Manual Milano Red SoCal
  107. FS (For Sale) NC: GE8 D2 RS Coilovers. Cheap.
  108. TW (Testing Waters) "Lift kit" for GE8
  109. FS (For Sale) GE8 Tein Lower Springs and OEM Suspension
  110. FS (For Sale) Random GE Parts
  111. FS (For Sale) Eibach springs, spc camber bolts
  112. WTB (Want To Buy) Rear Shock Components
  113. FS (For Sale) Full Part Out :(
  114. TW (Testing Waters) WTS/WTT Swift springs on OEM struts
  115. FS (For Sale) VA - Fit sport grill & armrest for sale
  116. WTB (Want To Buy) Rear Strut Bar / Shuttle Grille
  117. FS (For Sale) Jdm fit shuttle grilles
  118. FS (For Sale) GE8 JDM OEM Tail Lights
  119. FS (For Sale) 2012-2013 oem sport 16" wheels, eibach sportline springs, etc.
  120. FS (For Sale) Work Meisters with Tires
  121. WTB (Want To Buy) 2009-2010 Honda Fit Liftgate
  122. WTB (Want To Buy) Many Things, read this
  123. WTB (Want To Buy) Floor mats and center console
  124. FS (For Sale) 2009 Fit stock rims/ tires and suspension
  125. FS (For Sale) Axis Styling, Thule Roof Rack, Pioneer head unit
  126. FS (For Sale) Yonaka Exhaust System $215 (San Diego)
  127. WTB (Want To Buy) Modolu Access Center Garnish (GE8)
  128. FS (For Sale) GE8 Part Out
  129. WTB (Want To Buy) JDP Rear Diffuser for GE8
  130. FS (For Sale) Door sill trim for sale.
  131. WTB (Want To Buy) JDM Tails for GE8
  132. FS (For Sale) 2013 OEM Honda Fit Springs (only 33k miles on them)
  133. PO (Part Out) WTT: 15in RPF1s for 2009 sport wheel
  134. FS (For Sale) Xxr 530 wheels in gold 17x7
  135. WTB (Want To Buy) Front Strut Bar | GE8
  136. FS (For Sale) 3 rear headrests from my 2013 FiT
  137. FS (For Sale) 2013 OEM Honda Fit Tail Lights
  138. FS (For Sale) 2009-2013 Curt Hitch
  139. FS (For Sale) TRMotorsport C1 16x7 ET42 w/Honda TPMS sensors - $500 shipped
  140. FS (For Sale) Genuine OE Honda/Stanley JDM GE taillights
  141. FS (For Sale) GTA - 2013 White Sport -> Lease Takeover
  142. FS (For Sale) 4 Used OEM Coil Packs (One is Bad) 150k Miles - Best Offer
  143. WTB (Want To Buy) OEM Fit Sport Wheels
  144. FS (For Sale) GE8 Swift Springs (barely used & for sale)
  145. FS (For Sale) Spoon Sports Exhaust
  146. FS (For Sale) tail lights
  147. FS (For Sale) AXIS STYLING JDM LED Tail Lamps
  148. FS (For Sale) Traklite Gear 17x7.5 +45 Yoko S-drive 205/40
  149. FS (For Sale) T1R S-coil for GE8 09-14
  150. FS (For Sale) 2010 Honda Fit Sport Factory Stereo
  151. FS (For Sale) Beatrush (Laile) Tow Hook (YELLOW, Brand New)
  152. WTB (Want To Buy) One ge8 sport wheel
  153. FS (For Sale) Plasma ion yellow (fogs)
  154. FS (For Sale) Full part out!
  155. FS (For Sale) Buddy club n+ coilovers
  156. FS (For Sale) FS: New Koni Orange + h&r springs!
  157. FS (For Sale) Enkei RPF1 w/ Tires & TPMS Sensors
  158. FS (For Sale) GE Orange Revolution Metallic OEM Honda body side molding
  159. TW (Testing Waters) Trade Brushed Metal Metallic parts for your parts!
  160. WTB (Want To Buy) Want to BUY T1R TestPipe/Racing Convertor/2nd Cat Delete
  161. FS (For Sale) JDM Honda Access Modulo spoiler
  162. FS (For Sale) Progress/mugen/OEM sport pedal
  163. WTB (Want To Buy) Mugen Room Mirror Cover in blue>gray>black
  164. WTB (Want To Buy) Floormats
  165. FS (For Sale) Oem coil pack and 2 aftermarket coil packs.
  166. WTB (Want To Buy) WTB: Seat Bracket for Aftermarket Seat
  167. WTB (Want To Buy) various body parts from part out, a few interior bits.
  168. FS (For Sale) Full USDM front end, including rebar, rad support etc.
  169. FS (For Sale) F/S 2011 Fit Sport w. Navi
  170. WTB (Want To Buy) Rear Spoiler Hole Cover
  171. WTB (Want To Buy) Stock front struts/springs
  172. FS (For Sale) 2012 OEM Sport wheels and tires - mint - 675.00 - Socal
  173. WTB (Want To Buy) GE8 USDM Mugen Side Skirts
  174. WTB (Want To Buy) Axis style Tail Lights, Mugen Grill Blue
  175. FS (For Sale) Work wheels, Stock sport wheels, Stock exhaust, stock head unit
  176. FS (For Sale) pulse chamber exhaust
  177. PO (Part Out) Part out in Columbia SC!
  178. FS (For Sale) Used Megan Lowering Springs
  179. FS (For Sale) T1R Racing Converter
  180. FS (For Sale) Fs ge8 09-13 t1r power header and racing convert with 02 simulator.
  181. FS (For Sale) Factory GE8 Sport Springs
  182. FS (For Sale) 2011 CR-Z EX Navi 6-speed
  183. FS (For Sale) GE J'S Racing Tow Hooks (NIB) Pair $100
  184. FS (For Sale) Interior Door Handle
  185. WTB (Want To Buy) OEM Sport Wheel
  186. WTB (Want To Buy) Swift springs
  187. WTB (Want To Buy) USDM Mugen rear Crystal Black Pearl
  188. FS (For Sale) FS parts for GE8 and more local pickup preferred
  189. FS (For Sale) Retrofitted Headlights
  190. FS (For Sale) Clazzios incomplete set $60
  191. FS (For Sale) OEM seat outer fabric
  192. FS (For Sale) Real Mugen front lip
  193. FS (For Sale) 17x7 RPF1 SBC $700!!!!
  194. FS (For Sale) Axis styling tail lights
  195. FS (For Sale) JDM Fit RS Speedometer with AMBER Lighting
  196. WTB (Want To Buy) Redshift Koni Ground Control Coilovers
  197. FS (For Sale) OEM EDM Honda Access GE Jazz Si floor mats
  198. FS (For Sale) Factory Spoiler Tilt Brackets for sale!
  199. FS (For Sale) oem sport side skirts - taffeta white
  200. FS (For Sale) Buddy club seat rail - driver side - like new - socal
  201. FS (For Sale) Enkei Rpf1 center wheel caps
  202. FS (For Sale) swift springs metric coilover springs 6kg
  203. WTB (Want To Buy) Bilstein B14 (PSS)
  204. WTB (Want To Buy) WTT / WTB Stock / OEM Rims
  205. WTB (Want To Buy) OEM Side Skirt / Mugen Side Skirts
  206. FS (For Sale) GE8 & S2K AP2 Exhaust Tips, 2013 Sport Driver's Arm rest & Tail lights
  207. FS (For Sale) OEM JDM tail lights
  208. FS (For Sale) Spacers, cargo net, sport spoiler, stock head unit
  209. FS (For Sale) Trs bi-xenon morimoto mini stage iii (d2s) bnib
  210. FS (For Sale) Function form type 2 coilovers
  211. FS (For Sale) Driver's door panel
  212. FS (For Sale) some thangs....
  213. FS (For Sale) GE8: HPS 27-102P Short Ram Air Intake Kit
  214. FS (For Sale) (IL) Wheels for sale CHEAP!
  215. TW (Testing Waters) T1R Racing Converter+T1R B Pipe+Straight pipe axle back with flange
  216. FS (For Sale) Clazzio seat cover set new black with suede centers and red stitching
  217. FS (For Sale) OEM parts
  218. FS (For Sale) Honda Fit SPORT 2013 Rear Axle Assy
  219. FS (For Sale) Crz stock airbox with bracket and filter
  220. FS (For Sale) Tein S Tech, JDM Tail lights
  221. WTB (Want To Buy) Tanabe axleback
  222. FS (For Sale) 2012 OEM Rear Seat Covers
  223. WTB (Want To Buy) GE8 OEM Side Skirts
  224. FS (For Sale) Mugen Floormats for cheap
  225. WTB (Want To Buy) GE Steering Wheel with Airbag
  226. WTB (Want To Buy) JDP, Progress RSB, Spoon FSB, Cusco Bars
  227. FS (For Sale) Fit Sport Exhaust Finisher for Sale
  228. WTB (Want To Buy) OEM Cargo Tray
  229. FS (For Sale) JDM Honda Red H Front Badge/ Emblem for GE / FIT2
  230. FS (For Sale) GE8 BuddyClub Coilovers
  231. FS (For Sale) 2013 Sport Leather Steering Wheel
  232. FS (For Sale) GE Shocks + CBP Side Skirt - FREE
  233. WTB (Want To Buy) 2012 Sport Grille
  234. WTB (Want To Buy) 2012+ Clazzio Seat Covers
  235. FS (For Sale) Rockford Fosgate P300-10 Punch Powered Loaded 10-Inch Subwoofer Enclosure 10"
  236. FS (For Sale) Goodridge FRONT Brake Line ONLY
  237. FS (For Sale) Injen CAI
  238. PO (Part Out) GI: Part Out... Quality Parts
  239. WTB (Want To Buy) Clear GE Taillights
  240. FS (For Sale) USDM Mugen rear with bumper TW
  241. FS (For Sale) Blizzak Snow Tires - 15" Steelies - $225 - New Jersey
  242. FS (For Sale) Small Parts Sale
  243. FS (For Sale) Bilstein PSS Coilovers | 5K Miles in CA
  244. FS (For Sale) High Quality Part Out (Baltimore area)
  245. FS (For Sale) KNUCKLE SPINDLE Hub Bearing RIGHT and LEFT
  246. FS (For Sale) Cusco V1 Bar, Carbon Fiber Mirror Cover, TWPanson ETC
  247. FS (For Sale) [syd] short shifter for ge
  248. FS (For Sale) Jdm red steering wheel emblem
  249. FS (For Sale) Fs:axis style taillights,clazzio's,winter tires on steele wheels
  250. FS (For Sale) So-Cal - cargo cover - newish stock suspension
  251. WTB (Want To Buy) Axis styling rear tailights (clear red)
  252. FS (For Sale) Mugen Hydrophilic Mirrors - One Damaged
  253. FS (For Sale) JDM Fit Illuminated Door Sill + LED AMBIENT Lighting
  254. WTB (Want To Buy) 15" OEM Wheel Covers
  255. WTB (Want To Buy) Stock/Exedy Clutch
  256. FS (For Sale) FL. 2009 white honda fit $5000
  257. FS (For Sale) Buddy Club N+ Coilovers. Great condition
  258. FS (For Sale) Front Hub and Lower Control Arm
  259. WTB (Want To Buy) 2012-13 Sport OEM Wheels
  260. FS (For Sale) Recaro ABE Pole Position racing seat - Buddy Club Rail - SoCal - 1300.00
  261. FS (For Sale) Tanabe DF210 lowering springs
  262. FS (For Sale) SCOSCHE Double DIN dash install kit $20.00
  263. WTB (Want To Buy) Drivers side tail light for 2010 HF sport
  264. FS (For Sale) Enkei RPF-1
  265. PO (Part Out) Sold the Fit, some goodies for sale
  266. FS (For Sale) Passenger CBP Side Skirt & OEM Shocks
  267. FS (For Sale) Used Clazzio Seat Covers PVC Black/Grey/Red
  268. FS (For Sale) Red Mugen Inside Mirror Cover
  269. FS (For Sale) Mugen Front Bumper Cover / Spoiler
  270. FS (For Sale) 2010 Sport Stock Tail Light Assemblies
  271. WTB (Want To Buy) HKS exhaust or apexi exhaust
  272. WTB (Want To Buy) USB kit for '09 base model
  273. WTB (Want To Buy) 2 - 2010 Honda Fit Sport Wheels
  274. FS (For Sale) Bolt-on GE8 Axle-Back Straight Pipe with Flange $20
  275. FS (For Sale) Air Suspension, GReddy Exhuast, & more!
  276. FS (For Sale) wheels, winter tires, OEM accessories, Thule roof rack
  277. FS (For Sale) Tanabe Touring Medallion
  278. FS (For Sale) Thule Roof Rack Aeroblade
  279. FS (For Sale) SoCal - Custom Sub Box + Sub
  280. FS (For Sale) FS: For sale Cargo Cover and Homelink Upgrade 2nd Gen Honda Fit
  281. WTB (Want To Buy) OEM Springs Front and Rear
  282. WTB (Want To Buy) Oem suspension Front and rear
  283. FS (For Sale) 2012 Fit Rear Bumper Applique and Rear Area Cargo Cover
  284. WTB (Want To Buy) Passenger Side Headlamp / Headlight Assy
  285. FS (For Sale) random stuff
  286. WTB (Want To Buy) Short shifter
  287. FS (For Sale) Parts For Sale
  288. WTB (Want To Buy) Progress Rear Sway Bar
  289. FS (For Sale) Rotiform OZT 17x9 +25
  290. FS (For Sale) Carbon fiber steering wheel trim
  291. FS (For Sale) Brand New | Tanabe NF210 Lowering Springs
  292. WTB (Want To Buy) OEM 15-in. Rims For 2013 Fit
  293. FS (For Sale) Honda Fit factory service manual for model years 2009-2010
  294. FS (For Sale) 2010 Fit Sport A/T Silver 45k Miles Bay Area CA
  295. WTB (Want To Buy) Swift springs
  296. FS (For Sale) OEM Cargo Tray
  297. FS (For Sale) WeatherTech Digital Fit Floor Mats
  298. WTB (Want To Buy) Red Axis Tails
  299. WTB (Want To Buy) Lowering springs
  300. FS (For Sale) Used Sprintex Supercharger 4 sale.
  301. FS (For Sale) SoCal: OEM Cargo Tray, OEM All-Season Mats, Window Visors, Ultimate Sunshade
  302. FS (For Sale) '09 OEM nose mask
  303. FS (For Sale) 2009 - 2013 genuine honda fit carbon fiber dash trim panel new
  304. FS (For Sale) 17" x 7" Kosei K1 TS Silver w/ 205-45-17 Nitto Neogens
  305. FS (For Sale) HID LED Angel Eyes Headlamps
  306. TW (Testing Waters) Trade: Volk TE37 for....
  307. WTB (Want To Buy) Swift Springs
  308. FS (For Sale) OEM Navigation Dash Panel
  309. FS (For Sale) Fit HomeLink Upgrade
  310. FS (For Sale) Honda Rearview Mirror Cover (Fit Mugen)
  311. FS (For Sale) Automatic Select Knob 09-13 Fit
  312. FS (For Sale) Prm intake $150 shipped anywhere in the lower 48!!!
  313. PO (Part Out) Nor Cal GE8 Part Out - Lots of Items for sale.
  314. WTB (Want To Buy) 2012-13 Sport OEM Wheels
  315. WTB (Want To Buy) Looking for RPF1
  316. FS (For Sale) GE Fit Godspeed Mono SS Coilovers
  317. WTB (Want To Buy) GE8 Coin Holder
  318. FS (For Sale) HPS Wrinkle Black Short Ram | OEM 2013 Sport Mats
  319. WTB (Want To Buy) used buddy club n+ coilovers?
  320. FS (For Sale) FS: Tein s. Tech lowering springs
  321. FS (For Sale) *Rare* USED FIT 1st Gen VIP Crystal Full LED GE8 Tail Light 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013
  322. FS (For Sale) JDM Power Folding Mirrors w/LED Turn Signals, Center Armrest Console
  323. FS (For Sale) JVC KW-R900BT Receiver Head Unit all in one (ready to install) GE8 2012-2013
  324. FS (For Sale) Huskyliners Weatherbeater All-weather Floor Liner Mat Set GE8 2009-2013
  325. FS (For Sale) Depo JDM Style LED Tail Lights Fit 2009-2013
  326. FS (For Sale) OEM Honda Fit Cargo Area Cover
  327. FS (For Sale) Tein Basis coilover suspension Fit GE8 09-13
  328. FS (For Sale) Volk TE37 16x7 +35 Reps
  329. FS (For Sale) Fs: Koni rear shocks, tanabe df210, and depo rs tailights
  330. FS (For Sale) F.s. tr1 coils , tein springs, jdm red steering wheel badge, dash face plate
  331. FS (For Sale) K&N drop in filter, K&N DIY intake, stock head unit, etc. [SoCal]
  332. WTB (Want To Buy) Tanabe attack CAI
  333. FS (For Sale) Durflex Type M Bumper(SoCal)
  334. FS (For Sale) FS: 09-13 GE Spoon rearview mirror (NYC LOCAL ONLY)
  335. FS (For Sale) New 2009-2011 Honda Fit Carbon Creations OEM Hood
  336. FS (For Sale) FS: Ge8 Depo JDM RS Taillights!
  337. FS (For Sale) weapon R header GE8
  338. FS (For Sale) 2013 Honda Fit Sport, AT, White, Princeton NJ
  339. FS (For Sale) K&N 69-1017TTK Typhoon Wrinkle Black Air Intake System
  340. FS (For Sale) T1R High Pressure Radiator Cap Type-D (NEW in BOX)
  341. FS (For Sale) FS: GE8 Progress rear anti sway bar: Part# 62.1061
  342. FS (For Sale) SoCal - Custom Ported Fiberglass Sub Enclosure + Sub
  343. FS (For Sale) 09-13 Honda fit Cargo Trunk Tray and new windshield wiper refills
  344. FS (For Sale) 09-13 GE Honda Fit AFE Dry Pro S airfilter $35 shipped
  345. WTB (Want To Buy) intake manifold
  346. FS (For Sale) OZ Fittipaldi
  347. FS (For Sale) Used Tanabe DF210 Springs 09+ GE8
  348. FS (For Sale) Mugen Floor Mat (OEM Genuine Original)
  349. FS (For Sale) (IL) Enkei 17" T-Fork wheels - Like New
  350. FS (For Sale) 2009 Honda Fit GE8 Buddy Club Coilovers
  351. FS (For Sale) Yakima bike rack
  352. FS (For Sale) Buddy Club Super Low Down Seat Rail (Driver Side)
  353. FS (For Sale) Full OEM Honda Bra 09-11
  354. FS (For Sale) NEW GE8 Swift Springs
  355. FS (For Sale) f.s tr1 coil overs for the 2009-2014 honda fit
  356. WTB (Want To Buy) Armrest / center console
  357. FS (For Sale) Factory option side moldings Taffeta White
  358. FS (For Sale) Honda Fit seats and door panels from Tjin edition Sema GE8
  359. FS (For Sale) Tanabe Touring Medalion
  360. FS (For Sale) OEM Genuine Honda SPORT Side Skirt in Taffeta White color
  361. FS (For Sale) Clazzio Seat Covers Black w/ Black Suede Inserts & Red Stitch
  362. FS (For Sale) Progress rear sway bar. & Clazzio seat covers.
  363. FS (For Sale) Bilstein PSS Coilovers
  364. FS (For Sale) Take my stuff!
  365. WTB (Want To Buy) 2012-13 Sport OEM Wheels
  366. FS (For Sale) Stock Tails
  367. FS (For Sale) Parts for sale
  368. FS (For Sale) GE8 OEM Floor Mats - Black
  369. FS (For Sale) XXR 530 17x7 ET35 Chromium Black
  370. WTB (Want To Buy) Progress Rear Anti-Sway Bar
  371. WTB (Want To Buy) JDP CF front lip
  372. FS (For Sale) 2012 sunburst orange Honda fit 5 speed manual for sale
  373. FS (For Sale) Stock USDM Tail Lights
  374. FS (For Sale) Tein lowering spring
  375. FS (For Sale) Honda FIT 09-14 OEM Car Cover
  376. TW (Testing Waters) Clazzio Seat Covers - Black/Ivory $270 OBO
  377. FS (For Sale) Part out 2009 sport Taffy White
  378. WTB (Want To Buy) WTB Stock Fuel Rail
  379. FS (For Sale) Sold car, have a few things laying around.
  380. FS (For Sale) OEM Carpet Floormats $40 OBO
  381. WTB (Want To Buy) Trunk tray
  382. WTB (Want To Buy) Eibach sportline lowering kit
  383. TW (Testing Waters) Tanabe Medalion Touring Exhaust for GE -MA Local Pickup Only
  384. WTB (Want To Buy) Coilover
  385. FS (For Sale) Wedge Engineering Brackets, Recaro Slider style (GE8)
  386. FS (For Sale) Snow Tires
  387. WTB (Want To Buy) Wtb: mugen mirror cover in white
  388. FS: 2009 Honda Fit cargo shelf/cover
  389. FS Honda Fit seats and door panels from Tjin edition Sema GE8
  390. WTB 2012 Sport OEM Wheels
  391. PO (Part Out) GE8 Part Out Carbon fiber hood, tanabe springs, HID, and more
  392. FS (For Sale) 2012 Thule Roof Rack, Complete
  393. WTB (Want To Buy) Swift Springs (GE8)
  394. FS: GE8 PRM Intake & Tanabe DF210 Lowering Springs
  395. FS/WTB Threads pruning
  396. FS (For Sale) FS [WI 54601] NonStopTuning crank pulley (RED)
  397. FS: Alpine CDE-147BT with EVERYTHING needed for install
  398. FS - Brand New NST Lightweight Pulleys
  399. FS *Rare* NEW FIT VIP Crystal Full LED GE8 Tail Light 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013
  400. FS (For Sale) FS: Tein S-Tech Lowering Springs
  401. WTB: Revo short shifter,Mugen Mirror cover ect
  402. FS (For Sale) FS: Trunk tray, H&R Springs, EBC Greenstuff Brake Pads
  403. WTB (Want To Buy) WTB:T1R Lower Arm Bar (2 bolt)
  404. FS - BNIB R1 Concepts Slotted brake Rotors - Fits both GE & GD
  405. GE8: Qty 2 of Denso IK22 #5310
  406. GE8 Used Spark Plugs: Denso (4504) PK20TT Platinum TT Spark Plug
  407. FS: Stock Tails/Suspension
  408. 2009 Mugen Honda Fit
  409. FS: F&F Type 2 coilovers CHEAP
  410. FS: GE8 OEM Tail lights
  411. WTB (Want To Buy) duckbill spoiler for ge8
  412. FS: FD2R and BNIB J's suede sport wheel
  413. GE8: Tanabe T70143A Medalion Touring Axle-Back Exhaust System for Honda Fit
  414. Sold My Fit! Some Goodies For Sale
  415. WTB: Mugen/JDP parts
  416. WTB: Mugen parts / JDP parts
  417. Spoon, jdm, cusco, h&r, isc.
  418. Takeda Cold Air Intake - GVRD, Vancouver, BC
  419. WTB: Mugen exhaust for mugen bumper
  420. **TW** Continental DW 205/50R16
  421. WTB:15" Wheel/Tire in New Jersey/ Philly, PA /DE area
  422. WTB: 2013 SRS unit
  423. GE8 JDM OEM taillights - 150.00 shipped- SoCal
  424. FS: 2nd Gen 09-13 K&N air filter and AFE Dry Pro S airfilter
  425. WTB: Buying stock taillights, messed mine up.
  426. Performance parts for sale. Swift,Takeda,Progress.....
  427. PO (Part Out) Slowly going back to stock sale
  428. WTB: Colored Adhesive Inserts for Steering Wheel
  429. FS: GE Tanabe Touring Medallion Exhaust - Like New!
  430. FS (For Sale) FS: JDM Rear RS Emblem
  431. FS (For Sale) FS: 2009 Championship White GE8 Fit Sport
  432. FS: (SoCal) Hidden Hitch trailer hitch for 2009+ Fit
  433. FS: (SoCal) Tanabe DF210 springs for 2009+ Fit
  434. function form type2 for sale
  435. FS: Koni STR.T Orange | Progress Springs
  436. FS (For Sale) FS: GE Tanabe NF-210 Springs
  437. GI SSR SP1 Spectrum Silver
  438. FS: Yakima Whispbar Roof Bars
  439. LF. duckbill wing for ge8
  440. BNIB Type R 11" BBK
  441. FS PRM Intake, Bumper Bra for 09-13 FIT
  442. FS: struts and shocks, stock 40k miles
  443. FS: OEM and JDM tailights, Last Station Intake
  444. FS: Rotiform NUE 17x8 +30
  445. FS BuddyClub N+ Coilovers GE8 low miles
  446. WTB: shift knob Ge8
  447. WTB stock axleback
  448. 2010-2014 K&N Air Filter, Shark Fin, Weathertech mats and snow tires
  449. FS: Enkei PF01's 17x7 4x100 +45 w/tires (south jersey)
  450. Fs: 17x7 oz racing leggenda wheels (white) south jersey
  451. Will buy 15 alloy rims (could be with new winter tires)
  452. Honda weather mats, cargo shelf, Mugen window visors 09+
  453. FS: Weathertech Digiliner, OEM Floormats, Thule parts
  454. 16" XXR-001 wheels/tires for sale for GE8
  455. FS (For Sale) sprintex supercharger for 09-14 ge8 fits
  456. F/S: 2009 Honda fit rims
  457. WTB Coilovers GE8
  458. FS: Front OEM All-Weather Floormats
  459. FS: BNIB 09-13 Fit rear jdm emblem and jdm Mugen key!
  460. WTB: Mugen Shift Knob / Mugen Oil Cap
  461. PRM Intake (GE8) for sale (NY/NJ)
  462. WTB: Mugen exhaust
  463. FS: 4 Hankook iPike RC01 Winter Tires on Steelies & balanced!
  464. FS: 2010 Fit Manual Shifter Sub Assembly
  465. FS:Honda Fit 09-14 OEM Car Cover
  466. wtb coil overs
  467. Takeda intake for sale
  468. FS: 2013 CBP Honda Fit Sport (Auto) in SoCal
  469. FS: FL - Blox 490 spherical NEO Shift knob
  470. FS oem springs and base wheels and tires
  471. WTS: OEM GE8 Taillights and OEM alloy wheels
  472. Cosmis/Hankook, Buddy Club, Tanabe, Injen!
  473. Say what
  474. WTB: bike roof rack for GE8 (Yakima/Thule)
  475. Maxxim Winner 16x7 | BFGoodrich SportComp2 205/45R16
  476. FS: 2011 Fit Sport, 36k miles
  477. 2010 honda fit sport steering wheel.
  478. 18" Mini wheels for sale
  479. FS: 2011+ Clazzio Seat Covers, Spoon (rep) Mirrors, Volk GT-P's
  480. wtb : duckbill spoiler for ge8
  481. GE8 Swift Springs
  482. Swift Springs | Tanabe Touring | T1R Test Pipe
  483. Trade: 15x7 Volk TE37 for 2012/13 sport wheels plus cash
  484. WTB: Swift Springs
  485. WTB: Lowering Springs
  486. FS $50 shipped (US): Password:JDM Stainless Shift Knob Type I.I
  487. FS: Enkei NT03+M 17x7.5 4x100 with tires
  488. WTB: OEM shocks
  489. FS *Rare* FIT VIP Crystal Full LED GE8 Tail Light 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013
  490. FS JDM tail lights for GE Fit
  491. WTB : sprintex supercharger 2010 fit
  492. Airrex air suspension
  493. FS: rpf1s, bucket seat, sparco harness.
  494. Tanabe DF210 lowering springs
  495. Clazzio Grey/Dark Grey with White Stitching PVC Covers / Throttle Controller
  496. FS: Eibach Sportlines Lowering Springs
  497. FS: OEM Tail Lights & OEM Navi Centre Dash Panel
  498. FS: GE8 Buddy Club n+
  499. T1R Test Pipe / Converter Honda Fit 2009 - 2013
  500. T1R DownPipe Honda Fit 2009 -2013 For sale