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madvillain and KentFinn posted in this thread recently
My rant in 3....2.....1 Or else I am going with VW Golf (or maybe even the Chevy Spark). I have been an avid Honda fan since my 1987 CRX but my current car is the 2008 Honda Fit. Unfortunately I missed the standard Bluetooth by one year and the patchwork solution that I have isn't great (FM Tuner). So for the past 7 or 8 years, I have suffered. I will not miss Android Auto (or Carplay) by one year as I expect to have my next car for at least 10 years (I am commuting a ...
ezone, iandunham and 2 others posted in this thread recently
Hi all, I'm new here. I have an '08 manual Fit, and today the AC stopped blowing cold air. I took it to a garage, and they said the compressor clutch needs to be replaced, but that because the clutch only comes attached to a new compressor, I have to buy the whole package. Also, I've now read differing opinions about whether it's really a good idea to replace the clutch without replacing the compressor. It just stopped working today, though, so I didn't drive it that long ...
Action Jackson, Fitster C. and 3 others posted in this thread recently
Reinstalled OEM Hi tone horn with the Fiamm Freeway blaster Hi tone. Low tone is the Fiamm version. (so that's 3 horns altogether). Installed a fake CF shift plate surround. Installed JDM Hazard button.
mike410b, ron3 and 4 others posted in this thread recently
Hey folks, I've been lurking for a while and hoping Honda gets the bugs worked out of the FIT. I know they shifted production back to Japan for 2016 and only offer the CVT right now. Has anyone heard anything about when a J-VIN 6-speed might be available? Sorry if this has already been covered.
fittmann, counterFIT and 8 others posted in this thread recently
Road trip last week, about 120 miles from home.
What did you do to your GE fit today?
"Since the threads are slow today and I saw this on another forum (Acurazine) and thought it was a good idea I figured it would be interesting to see what people posted here. Just fill in whatever you done to your fit today. If its a modification, washed it, drove, anything chime in. Could be a fun thread to see peoples progress/activity. To start things off I made my back emblem match my front emblem today. Sorry I will have to post pics of the back later but here is my front I did a couple days ago to give you an idea."
Silvermelon19, Carbuff2 and 2 others posted in this thread recently
So I have been having a problem with my 07 fit with 166k on it. Started a few weeks ago I was driving when all of a sudden my car started jerking and bucking. The check engine light then came on and the D light started blinking. Now I had a similar problem before and had all 4 coils packs replaced. This is almost the same feeling so I took it to the shop and my guy said it was the transmission speed sensor and he replaced it. It ran perfect for about two weeks until this ...
Tacit Blues, csb101 and 4 others posted in this thread recently
Getting married and moving, and the new house is gonna need a ladder, so I went to the big box home improvement store and bought a 22 ft ladder. Luckily it fits just fine in my 13 foot car
Cruatchi, Frenzal and 11 others posted in this thread recently
what rear wing is this
Quoted from 1SickVeilsideZ's post
"I want to say I believe Waiz, but there's always that one item that is needed to "finish" off the project. Then of course there's something else that comes along and it's a never ending cycle lol! I was finally able to get most of the stuff back on the car for one last event before she goes down for version 2.0 which should be completed in a few months. One picture my brother sent over from someone on a website called Instagram."
Fit_as_a_butchers_dog, KentFinn and 4 others posted in this thread recently
I saw my first and only 2016 Honda Fit commercial yesterday, on CW TV, OTA, probably from Buffalo, NY. It had a black musician with a huge white double bass case. He dropped the front passenger seat and rear seats down and it fit right in. Smiles all around. For such a nice little car with great utility, it is too bad that there are so few on the road. Honda is not helping.
mikeGe82012 and JRHPNG posted in this thread recently
I install a JDM/Eudm cluster onto my 2012 fit sport everything works but after I switch the cluster my a/c knobs steering wheel and gear indicator all would light up. I know that some pins need to be move around just don't know which ones. Can anyone help with this???
Burzpaw, Mr.Hollow and 7 others posted in this thread recently
Whoah it's only been that long haha nice I've had mine since 2011 but I've been a student the whole time so I guess it makes sense haha I want to redo my roof too but I've taken vinyl off my roof before and it was a pain
Quoted from Waiz's post
"I bought the car April of 2013, alot of mods have come in waves but yeah I can't believe it's been that long Nah, believe me if there was something else I wanted I would have bought it. I honestly have nothing else I want I might redo my roof vinyl but that's about it "
KentFinn, dwtaylorpdx and 5 others posted in this thread recently
Ok, I have a EX with a 6 speed manual. For those not familiar with Honda's manual shifts know that the clutch must be pressed completely to the floor before the starter can be engaged. In a strange way, I consider this a sort of secondary anti=theft device. If band guy gets in car and manages to set by the start button, will said bad guy know about the clutch/start lock out? Now if I had the optional remote start installed, would it work around the clutch lockout? I don't ...
counterFIT, Burzpaw and 3 others posted in this thread recently
Plates came in today, so I took a couple pics of the car earlier this morning.
Xcrave, pizzapie and 3 others posted in this thread recently
My '07 has about 124K miles on it. I've had no problem shifting until a few days ago. It then got VERY difficult and I found I had to force it into all gears. This has been intermittent. Yesterday, I went back to the oil change place where I had the transmission fluid changed. They said it was dry (no leaking) and the fluid level was topped off. But, I could barely shift driving in and it was much better driving out. The clutch never feels any different when I can shift and ...
Fit Charlie, COBEs and 14 others posted in this thread recently
Hi All, My 2015 Fit was traded in due to mechanical failure. (117,316 miles). The past month I've felt like the engine was missing at speeds under 45 mph. The engine warning light came on and I took it the Honda dealership. They hooked it up to the onboard diagnostic computer and told me that there were oxygen sensors that were bad. And . . . THE CATALYTIC CONVERTER WAS SHOT AND HAD TO BE REPLACED !!! Before I get on with the story, I purchased a $1200 extended ...
JRHPNG, Alvarooo90 and F-it good posted in this thread recently
Looks like cleaning shouldn't be too hard.. That's one pass with the vacuum. Have just finished wet cleaning them so will see how they look in the morning.
Quoted from JRHPNG's post
"All from wreckers.. managed to swap and barter so it all cost less than $50 USD."
csb101, Mainia and 3 others posted in this thread recently
There is no radiator line to the tranny on my 2015(air bag) loaner. Here is an HRV but no pan on this one? Should be the same or close to the Fit CVT? I will have to look under my 2015 loaner to see if it has a pan. .

Honda HRV with CVT - Changing the Transmission Oil - YouTube

Quoted from csb101's post
"Do you know what the procedure is for doing a full 6 Quart change of the CVT? Is it like some transmissions where I can drain from the radiator line to the transmission and remove fluid of increments of 2 quarts? till i remove a full 6. Or do i just drain from the pan, fill, run through the gears, drain from pan, fill again and run through the gears?..."
brivers222, Ladylockness and 8 others posted in this thread recently
I just read that there is a recall for 09-14 Fit regarding the airbag. Below is the summary: "SPECIFICALLY, IN SOME VEHICLES, THE DRIVER'S FRONT AIRBAG INFLATOR COULD PRODUCE EXCESSIVE INTERNAL PRESSURE UPON DEPLOYMENT. IF AN AFFECTED AIRBAG DEPLOYS, THE INCREASED INTERNAL PRESSURE MAY CAUSE THE INFLATOR TO RUPTURE (BREAK APART) AND DEPLOY ABNORMALLY." Now since the fix is not available until Fall 2016, can you call Honda and request for a temporary car to use while they ...
stembridge, 2Rismo2 and 2 others posted in this thread recently
2Rismo2 guessed it correctly - I finally got time enough to finish my spring updates, as well as install camber bolts. First step is to remove the strut nut covers: On one side, the nut came right off, but I had to use a hex key on the other side to get it started: On the strut itself, you need to disconnect the brake line support and ABS line: Then disconnect the swaybar linkage: Finally, remove both strut bolts - note the floor jack supporting the a-arm and knuckle, which ...
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