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morgantruce, 2Rismo2 and 4 others posted in this thread recently
The key for my 2015 Honda Fit LX is just too big. When I carry it in my pocket, women who I don't even know either get very annoyed or inexplicably interested. All the car keys I previously owned were simple, plain, normal-sized keys ----and I never once had any problem locking or unlocking my car or driving it. Now this Honda key suddenly sports four buttons and a key shaft that is easily twice as long as any old car key. By the time I add it to my house key and garden ...
paulsheer, kylerwho and 2 others posted in this thread recently
Hey all I just talked to zage they make a turbo kit for the GE8 for 1,365$ shipped to Southern California. Been looking for a turbo kit for a while I want to run that turbo kit with k-tuner Evox fuel pump and RDX injectors how much boost can I run on the turbo it comes with a 15G it's a daily drive so something safe was thinking like 8 pounds of boost? All info and feedback helps
BMW ALPINA, Mr.Hollow and 3 others posted in this thread recently
I like those, thanks for the link. They remind me of Mercedes mirrors, they look more VIP than the other ones.
Quoted from Burzpaw's post
"Actually, those are the jdm side mirror reps-- mine are a little different: Reason I chose these is because the one you mentioned above has blue lights for the parking light and I wanted it to be white to match the rest of my lights. Also, it has a more VIP-esque look that flows with my car's theme "
TKOCarrotFlowers, Buck Fitty and 3 others posted in this thread recently
Only when it's humid, especially in the morning when the windshield is heavily covered in dew, my radio will change randomly. It will change radio stations, go to control settings, go to different input settings, it might even dial a recent phone call. It can do it all, all by itself. The dealer looked at it and did nothing, "wait till it's not intermittent, or breaks completely". In my 40 minute commute, my radio has changed a dozen times. And the dealer punts. Not ...
kenchan, 2Rismo2 and 6 others posted in this thread recently
screenshot from 0-60 video It's recorded by a free app and has 0.2 sec of accuracy. Any one give a shoot? I will tell you how to use it.

Wdoney, Uncle Gary and 7 others posted in this thread recently
Just curious on what GK owners think of their Fit so far. As for me, I probably would not get another Fit and just switch to the Tesla Model 3/Y. Even right now, if I have to get a new car, I would pick up the new Civic instead of the new Fit.
shinjari, connor55 and 2 others posted in this thread recently
Does anyone know a way to to rotate that hub without taking out the axle? for some reason my transmission is engaged on the front wheel, and the hub is locked in 1 position.
shinjari, connor55 and 5 others posted in this thread recently
Got these side mirrors on yesterday but had time today to hook them up to my parking lights. Not a huge fan of the delay switching from turn signal back to parking light but all in all I'm satisfied with them.

What did you do to your GE fit today?
"Since the threads are slow today and I saw this on another forum (Acurazine) and thought it was a good idea I figured it would be interesting to see what people posted here. Just fill in whatever you done to your fit today. If its a modification, washed it, drove, anything chime in. Could be a fun thread to see peoples progress/activity. To start things off I made my back emblem match my front emblem today. Sorry I will have to post pics of the back later but here is my front I did a couple days ago to give you an idea."
2Rismo2, Uncle Gary and 7 others posted in this thread recently
Anyone else have completely bald tires at 35k mi? I have a 2015 EX and I've been pushing my tires for the last few thousand miles, but they are completely bald (yeah, I know). I looked but didn't see any other threads about this, so I apologize if this is duplicate. Has anyone else had the problem? I checked to see if there were any issues with the tires and I didn't see any recalls... I just don't get it. I have had so many cars over my lifetime and this is a first for ...
jmsplitfyre, leonine and devmail posted in this thread recently
Builder: JK Motorsports in CT. They are on FB and will likely be posting pics as we go in the weeks to come. The Plan: bring the C15-60 to its max impeller speed which supports 240 hp. The Goods: - CSS block. Decked and bored to 73.5mm - Crower rods. - custom CP pistons. 10:0 compression. - rotation assembly balanced. - ARP head studs. - ARP main studs. - custom head gasket by JK Motorsports. - CAT cam valve springs and retainers - custom camshaft grind by JK ...
counterFIT, jbyron and Mr.Hollow posted in this thread recently
This has serious potential for people who are really slammed and want to see how steep of an incline a driveway is.
Quoted from jbyron's post
"The reverse camera is powered by the reverse light bulbs wires and triggered by a tap on the camera's positive lead. The HU harness has a trigger wire that just needs to be spliced to a +12v source. So once you go into reverse it sense that the camera is now on and juice is flowing and automatically switches to rear cam, then back to radio screen after. The front cam is constantly powered through an add a fuse on the accessory slot in the cabin and grounded to chassis. The front cam uses the AV input on the HU (for DVDs, game consoles, etc) so when I'm pulling up to an obstacle I just push AV on the HU to switch to it."
DrewE, kenchan and 10 others posted in this thread recently
Last night while looking for parking, I was cruising on 3rd gear (20-30 mph) i noticed that the car was still moving (like an automatic) even if i let go of the pedal. I put it on neutral and geared back to 3rd and it did the same thing. I tried to lift the gas pedal with my toes maybe it was just stuck but it was not. Tried it for the 3rd time and it did the same thing (put it on 3rd gear and let go), this time i stepped on the break and the engine died (normal) . Anyone ...
erikzachariah, ezone and 2 others posted in this thread recently
Hey yall I'm new to the forums, so please point me the direction of a relevant thread if this is redundant- So I just bought a 2007 Fit Sport w/ 108k miles, auto transmission, and it's getting 11mpg in the city (LA). Bought from the original owner, always maintained at the dealer, always on time, with records (on carfax, not hard copies). The records show it got it's 100k treatment, and more recently vavles adjusted, tire pressure checked, serpentine belt replaced, safety ...
Jen42081, Hootie and 2 others posted in this thread recently
Be warned! This is a venting session. I'm looking specifically for a 2016 or 2017 EX with a six speed transmission, but none of the dealers within 50 miles seem to have any interest in keeping any in inventory and those I've spoken with balk at the idea of ordering one (or reserving one from the factory, whatever)! It's crazy. All they want to do is try to shoo me into one of the CVT models already on the lot. One dealer even tried to convince me that Honda straight up ...
15 days ago in General Fit Talk
KByers12, orataro and 4 others posted in this thread recently
Hey all! This weekend I had to take apart my bumper and passenger headlight fixture to reset the headlight. I got into a small fender bender and I really didn't have the money to cover my deductible, and since it wouldn't void the pre-owned warranty, I just decided to JB Plastiweld, and reattach the bumper since everything was still intact (save the headlight mounts) So in "classic Fuzz" fashion (as my friends would say/call me) I decided to do a little chrome elimination ...
leonine, Desmond Lamar MacRae and 3 others posted in this thread recently
Cat cams custom grind for GD3. Available direct from JK Motorsports in CT. Ask for Greg. 1-203-255-9120
KentFinn, Wdoney and 2 others posted in this thread recently
please let me know if you own a Honda Fit 3rd Gen and you live in Middle Tennessee ? I would like to know them and change info and experience about the car.
FamilyWagon, Boostedtaco and 4 others posted in this thread recently
Where did you get the convex side mirrors? I have a convex rear view mirror but that still isn't enough for the blind spots.
Quoted from Boostedtaco's post
"Lol. I think it's #3 on the list. Behind Oem arm rest upgrade and civic Si seat. Either way I wish I done it sooner."
Boostedtaco, shinjari and 7 others posted in this thread recently
Project Air Flow FULL update on the link below: Move aside PIAA horns, you can NOT be on the way of Project Air Flow Uh... after Honda Fit picking it's nose and kicking RS emblem Far to the "ALT RIGHT SIDE", Honda Fit can inhale much better now
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