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Xtina, spryter and 16 others posted in this thread recently
Not today, but yesterday I drove around finding people in Fits to park next to and take pictures of. Only found two... :P Seriously, though: Fit meets are good fun.
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harry22673, g95pteg and 9 others posted in this thread recently
First time posting a picture to this place as I've just finally found out how it works The next few pictures aren't Actually from today but are just to fill the previous gaps Here is some snazzy tape I've added to the back end And a chrome exhaust cover I won't be doing big things yet as my insurance is all about not modifying Also I have this magical tyre pen stuff so frequently go over some letters on there And it also seems to have made its way onto the engine ...
counterFIT, cajlog and 9 others posted in this thread recently
Well recently I had installed a NonStopTuning Lightweight Crank Pulley. Total failure. Worked fine at first, then made a terrible grinding sound which made the fit sound like a lawnmower. Reinstalled the OEM pulley and realized that the NST pulley wasn't even OEM spec! Disappointing. I have yet to email NST about it. It's not a huge loss though because I paid a low price for it. The image shows the comparison between NST and OEM. The filed down areas are where the crank case ...
phillyfit08, Wallygator and 7 others posted in this thread recently
Oh and Toyota announced their support for Android Auto back at Google I/O 2014. What? They didn't?!! Wait that was Honda...... Dude you should really know the subject before posting Would you like me to post video of Honda displaying Android Auto about a year and 2 months ago? I can if you want. Toyota never said they would support it so your link and retort is irrelevant. Edit found it:

Honda Android Auto Demo @Google I/O 2014 - YouTube

Quoted from Dick W's post
"But I could be wrong. Honda might have just last week commissioned a team of fifty with getting Android Auto out for the Fit by September because phillyfit08 said. At any rate, we'll know in about four weeks. Looking like it's too late for you to work your will on Toyota:"
KikeDiaz, alphabitter and IamNabil posted in this thread recently
This is really ridiculous, but you never know until you ask... I have never been crazy about driving automatics. I learned to drive on a manual and drove one for years. My Fit replaced my 2003 Corolla that had over 250,000 miles. I had vowed that I'd drive it into the ground (as I do with all vehicles I own) and I did. Problem is, my drive-it-until-it-dies philosophy left me desperate for a replacement car. I knew I wanted a Fit as a replacement, but I never imagined I'd ...
ChazLyle, Fit Charlie and 5 others posted in this thread recently
Well played, my friend!
Quoted from alphabitter's post
"My mpg drop was difficult to watch, but I also love my wife, so I kept my mouth shut. :P"
Redd, GeorgeL and 5 others posted in this thread recently
My rant in 3....2.....1 Or else I am going with VW Golf (or maybe even the Chevy Spark). I have been an avid Honda fan since my 1987 CRX but my current car is the 2008 Honda Fit. Unfortunately I missed the standard Bluetooth by one year and the patchwork solution that I have isn't great (FM Tuner). So for the past 7 or 8 years, I have suffered. I will not miss Android Auto (or Carplay) by one year as I expect to have my next car for at least 10 years (I am commuting a ...
phillyfit08, Dick W and 7 others posted in this thread recently
Enjoy your Honda Fit Nav: I will enjoy my nav: I bet you I get to my destination first
Quoted from Wallygator's post
"As mentioned, enjoy your Golf."
richardhylands, 555sexydrive and 13 others posted in this thread recently
Pictures as requested and I made a little video.

Quoted from g95pteg's post
"would be interested to know more about how you did this.. any pics?"
festiboi, tbFit and 4 others posted in this thread recently
You won't be sorry if you have to settle for the red.
2 months ago in 3rd Generation (2015+)
Fit Charlie, SilverEX15 and GoBucky posted in this thread recently
Like many of you, I coast down hills whenever possible. You might have noticed that the car will occasionally shift down one or more gears while coasting downhill. This increases the revs and slows the car. I found that by flicking the right paddle shifter once or twice, the car goes into a higher gear, revs drop, and speed increases. Of course, you don't want to be flying down a twisty hill at 90 MPH, but gaining a few MPH can help MPG.
3 months ago in General Fit Talk
richardhylands, Black3sr and 9 others posted in this thread recently
Finally wired up my fogs. Also played around with the race car rubbers.
GoBucky, troyinpdx and 4 others posted in this thread recently
My average mileage is slowly creeping up. Now that I am off the highway and using most of my fuel capacity, it's a long time between fillups. That's a good thing. I'm still not allowed to post pictures but when that gets turned on, I'll put up a shot of my Ultra Gauge mount. The placement is not perfect, it covers up my low temp light, but Water Temp is a selectable item on the gauge so nothing really lost. The gauge has really pointed out how much fuel even a moderate ...
Fuel Mileage Related Discussions
"Now that some of us are lucky enough to have gotten our Fit's, it would be a great opportunity to compare and inform others what we are getting in MPG. Perhaps list the level of Trim and actual mileage and displayed mileage by car computer. My first tank I got 36.4 actual computer said 37.3 I have the EX-L AC was used probably 85% of the time"
3 months ago in 3rd Generation (2015+)
spryter, n0thing and 4 others posted in this thread recently
looks really good! i've considered this mod as well.. that modulo kit looks so great... should pull the trigger and just order it
Quoted from Mr.Hollow's post
"Got my roof wrapped. Really liking it."
CN_Fit, jhn and 2 others posted in this thread recently
I'm at about 4cm drop in the front right now, depending on how level the car is sitting. I'm thinking about replacing the bumpers to increase the rate in the early part of the stroke. Keep in mind elastomer doesn't function like a raw, undamped spring. It has some inherent damping characteristics. It's possible it will increase ride height a bit, but the amount I cut off was around 15-20 mm or so. I really don't think it will more than a few mm. This car has an inherent ...
Swift Springs for the GK5, specs are out.
"The springs are stiffer than the ones that they made for the 09-14 model but lower the car less than the all previous models. 1 inch in front and 0.9 in the back. Some of you will probably be disappointed by the smaller drop but that is exactly what I was looking for. The bigger drops of other springs seem to be causing rubbing problems with just about anyone who has changed the OEM wheel/tire combo. I'm not sure if they are on sale yet. I can't find them anywhere so far."
CN_Fit, jhn and mikeDF posted in this thread recently
I'm aware, saw the pics. But they aren't engaged on OE, if they would be, your drop wouldn't be there, your ride height would be maintained like OE then. Less than one inch drop front before cutting (steering turned to lift off the bump): One inch drop front after cutting 15 mm doughnut:
Quoted from jhn's post
"I have two of these cars: one lowered, one completely stock. I can tell you the jounce springs are loaded as OE; I cannot reach under and spin them by hand. I am not at all concerned about some sort of premature wear to the jounce springs due to compression from lower ride height. They are designed to compress. That's cool though. It sounds like you know what to do and what works for you."
sonicfox, Stingray and 5 others posted in this thread recently
Well, I guess if its a better fit for you. I didnt drive the manual Sonic or Fit so cant comment on it. I seem to remember a little bit better left leg room in the Sonic as sometimes I find myself pushing my leg on the dead pedal in the Fit. I'm the other way on the Chevy's and the Fit's styling. I know from your other threads your Fit woes, which really really suck, so I imagine if I'd gone thru the same thing I might feel the same. Good luck with it whichever way you go.
Quoted from festiboi's post
"Trying to at least.... and have had plenty of sleep to think about The Fit just hasn't been what I thought it was going to be. The quality issues have been aggravating and unexpected. I find the Sonic to be much more refined on the road; quieter and more composed. The gearing of the manual is much better sorted, and the front seats are more comfortable with plentiful legroom. I also like the styling much more, I don't get the Fit's odd creases and holes in the bumper. The Sonic's pseudo motorcycle theme is kinda cool. Lastly, buying a car made here in the US makes me just feel better as well. To me, the only things that the Fit does better than the Sonic are rear seat room (I'm not back there anyway, and it still beats the Fiesta), fuel economy, and I do know (unless I get a ..."
3 months ago in 3rd Generation (2015+)
CN_Fit, festiboi and 6 others posted in this thread recently
This is totally embarrassing! It all started with good intentions to wax and detail the car, and before I know it, I ended up with body damage! While waxing the roof, I was resting the elbow that was not doing the swiping and whipping, and once I stepped back, there were three dents on the roof above the passenger door where I was resting it. Gasp!!!! I can't believe that it dented that easily. I used to wash cars for Enterprise in college, and have waxed my cars, and ...
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3 months ago in 3rd Generation (2015+)
CN_Fit, _craven_ and 2 others posted in this thread recently
I removed the center console and installed the shift boot from a JDM Fit RS to go with my JDM RS knob (the JDM knob didn't fit right with the stock boot ring on my Fit). Here's the pic heavy post:
What did you do to your GK Fit today?
"I am gratefully cloning a thread initiated by Committobefit08 titled "What did you do to your GE fit today?" I quote Committobefit08's apt intro: "Since the threads are slow today and I saw this on another forum (Acurazine) and thought it was a good idea I figured it would be interesting to see what people posted here. Just fill in whatever you done to your fit today. If its a modification, washed it, drove, anything chime in. Could be a fun thread to see peoples progress/activity." I'm just a psyched GK driver, and would like to snap a shot here and there in my travels, and pass it along, hoping to see what others are coming up with also. For the curious observer, that is my wife/navigator riding shotgun, as always. Here's hoping for lots of peeps at interesting venues, ..."
3 months ago in 3rd Generation (2015+)
Regdog77, CN_Fit and 3 others posted in this thread recently
ET, combined with tire width absolutely is the problem. No amount of spring rate adjustment on lowering springs will correct or prevent fender rubbing with too much off-set/ too wide tires. Regardless of what the springs are "designed" for, lowering the car will cause the shocks and struts to compress the bump stops (jounce springs). The jounce bumpers are not only bump stops to reduce harsh bottoming, they are supplemental springs. They add a progressive rate to the ...
Quoted from CN_Fit's post
"Not the person you asked but anyway. ET isn't a problem per se, I'm running 38 on 17x7.5 and have never heard or seen wheel touching the wells on mine. I also think springs (not coilover kits) are not cross compatible between gd and gk because on gk the rear rides on bump stops all the time. This might not be a noticeable problem if you only ride on smooth to slightly less smooth roads or on the circuit for some fun but if you often ride on rougher roads and have people sitting in the back, it gets old very soon."
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