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2012FitFan, D429302 and 3 others posted in this thread recently
Hello fellow fit freaks! My 12' sport threw the VSA and check engine light simultaneously the other morning. I drove to work (20miles) and on the way home they both shut off. I checked the code and got a Cylinder 2 Misfire. While the VSA light was on I could not toggle the VSA on or off. Any ideas on where to start? Car has 35K miles and is well taken care of. Oil changed at MM intervals etc. it was fairly cold the morning this happened and it was within 1-2min of the car ...
connor55, 13fit and 2 others posted in this thread recently
Since the threads are slow today and I saw this on another forum (Acurazine) and thought it was a good idea I figured it would be interesting to see what people posted here. Just fill in whatever you done to your fit today. If its a modification, washed it, drove, anything chime in. Could be a fun thread to see peoples progress/activity. To start things off I made my back emblem match my front emblem today. Sorry I will have to post pics of the back later but here is my ...
13fit and Lyon[Nightroad] posted in this thread recently
I stumbled upon this while lurking on FT86 Club forums. This apparently is a real working electric powered supercharger. Before anyone calls me an idiot, please read the thread before doing so. This isn't your crappy ebay electric fan that you stick in your intake, this appears to be the real deal. This seems perfect for our Fits. Low enough boost so it won't blow up our engines, small enough to fit into our already cramped engine bays. It only engages when you need, so you ...
badyellowvette, xorbe and 29 others posted in this thread recently
If your ever in north central PA I will have to take you for a ride in my Corvette, you might rethink that.
Quoted from ikutoisahobo's post
"That's why I got the Fit. It can Fit almost anything, even a 8ft 2x4 however from the outside it doesn't look like it can. ( ) It gives you great fuel economy. It can handle like a Corvette. But the only thing it can't do is go fast... It also looks unique, in a good way. Not the Juke way. Otherwise it's a best of both worlds car."
Japan Tragic, 555sexydrive and 4 others posted in this thread recently
Does the 2015 Fit have any Trim that has HID's? If not, does the 2015 Fit have Projector headlights? if not, what is the bulb type for the 2015 Fit? I am heavily debating on buying a Fit or CRZ EX. I know the CRZ EX has HID's.
ROTTBOY, ColinS and 2 others posted in this thread recently
Anybody know when we can expect to see the first drives in NA media given that the on sale date is 4/14? It should be soon, no?
Jack92029, elementrace and 7 others posted in this thread recently
I'll be needing to buy a car in the next few months. I know the new Fit is supposed to be available in "spring", but does anyone know whether that's closer to March 21 or June 21? I'm thinking if they begin building next month per the press release, even if it's the end of February, we should start seeing these by April. Any opinions?
ikutoisahobo, Santiad and 4 others posted in this thread recently
Good afternoon everyone! (07 Sport AT 144k) When my car is idling at a stoplight I feel a vibration every 3/4 of a second that lasts for about 1/4 second, and it seems like it's coming from the engine. Would this be a motor mount issue? New spark plugs? Coil packs? It's much more noticable in drive as in neutral it's not really there. Maybe that's a tranny fluid symptom? I'm low on money and not really able to be buying many parts at it fixing this one issue. It doesn't ...
stockton2007, medbill and ROTTBOY posted in this thread recently
Hi all, about to trade my vw gti in on a 2013 fit sport, 5 speed. Looking for simplicity and reliability while lowering my car payment and fuel expenses. Not to mention, strong resale value. The quote is the following, let me know what you guys think... Msrp 17,950 Discount (2,006) Sale price $15,944 Tax, dealer fee and registration is about $700 factoring my trade allowance. I will have $1,400 in negitive equity from the vw. The dealer is also giving $500 towards ...
13fit, PaleMelanesian and 3 others posted in this thread recently
Like many of you, I have been reading reviews of the 2015 Fit, and looking forward to trying one out. Lurking here for a bit - this is my first post - apologies if this has been covered elsewhere. The Manual Transmission - now in 6 speed. I feel like I am taking crazy pills! As I see it (not a mechanic or gear head), it seems that they just added a gear between 4 and 5. The ratios for the old 4 and 5 are the same as the new 4 and 6, with one in between. Sure, 1 and 2 ...
kochsteven4, painterguy and 5 others posted in this thread recently
I have a 2009 Fit Sport in BBP with 90K miles. I put on about 20-25K miles per year due to my 90 mile/ day commute. I pretty much plan on driving this car for the next 5 years (at least until 200K miles) as it has been hassle free. About a year ago, somebody dinged the driver's side door and there is quarter sized rust patch there. Also, I have a verticle tear in the bumper (no rust, since it's plastic). I did a quick stop at a body shop and they said the bumper would be ...
Note-ified, painterguy and 2 others posted in this thread recently
When are we all meeting up?
SR45, kobudo and 11 others posted in this thread recently
Where are you from ? Here in Dunedin, Florida my dealer will have 2 2015 fits later today. Said the manager got word (unknown if true) that the 14th would be the day Honda released in mass the 2015 throughout, not months from now. However, some models will take time, and I had to order mine since the ones coming in are EX-L, but without in-dash Nav and I have to wait it out. We here in the United States never got the 2014 model, but other countries did for some reason. ...
Quoted from idletickover's post
"According to, the dealers still have over 6200 leftover 2013's to flog. Given the limited supply of 2015's, it may be a while before Honda starts pushing the Gen 3's. BTW, last week I asked the local dealer about arrival of the 2015's "You've got to be kidding! We're having problems getting 2014's! It's gonna' be months and months before we see the 2015's coming in. Come on out here. I can make you a good price on a 2013 they're the same as the 2014's." I once asked a dealer for a mirror, so that I could see the S T U P I D that was obviously written on my forehead "
ColinS, SR45 and 8 others posted in this thread recently
I have been reading all the press release information about the the new infotainment system included in the 2015 Fit. Many of the features I read about sound great, but a variety of discussions here at fitfreak have lead me to believe that many of the cool features do not work as advertised or will not work on anything other than an iPhone. So I started this thread to discuss this system as a whole. And I have a few questions that I bet the experts on the forum will be able ...
glarus, accordguyintake and 5 others posted in this thread recently
Honda's Japanese site shows that rear light guide on certain Fit trim levels
Quoted from elementrace's post
"Jason did you notice if the rear tail lights actually go all the way to the top or is the top part just reflectors? I haven't notice in any pics whether they were or not. In this video they go all the way but then it is a modded vehicle"
john21031, ColinS and 10 others posted in this thread recently
The argument is not about fuel efficiency and engine displacement. Just because you didn't see problems come to parts department at you dealership says nothing about limitations and issues associated with direct injection. Seeing one engine clean or dirty is irrelevant and is not a basis for generalization of DI performance. Here is some info about why D.I. has not been adopted sooner and among all engine makers. " However, direct injection isn’t without its ...

Cleaning Carbon Build Up in a 2008 BMW 335i at BMWworx in Redondo Beach - YouTube

Quoted from accordguyintake's post
"Using this technology, they were able to get the same MPG ratings as my 2008 Fit on the current HONDA ACCORD with almost 1 extra liter of displacement and a hell of a lot more weight! As I said before, I worked in the Parts department at lexus and saw issues with buildup on the IS250, but the IS350 has direct injection as well and none has ever come in for this issue. There was a recall on IS350s for an unrelated issue and my mom's IS350 had to have its engine partially pulled apart. I peeked in while the tech was working on it and the engine looked pretty damn clean to me"
Japan Tragic, 555sexydrive and 2 others posted in this thread recently
So at the moment up in Saitama visiting my friend Kaz from J's Racing and we were talking about stuff and got into the new GK and he said for tuning aspects one should get the base model versus the RS due to weight. Fuel tank is only 30l versus I'm guessing 42l like previous Fits and all the windows are slightly thinner. Always good to lose weight up high to lower the CoG. No idea if they will be different there, if Honda does bring out a sport model, though I doubt y'all ...
ROTTBOY, ikutoisahobo and 8 others posted in this thread recently
I have worked really hard to keep my 2007 Honda Fit looking good even though it is a daily driver. Last Friday it had rained a lot the night before and the alley beside the employee parking lot had more water than normal standing. Everyone drove through it only to find out that there was some sort of grease mixed with the water. Found out that weekend that Long John Silvers down below us had an event Thursday evening when the tanker that collects their old grease had a spill ...
klilja, TKE and 4 others posted in this thread recently
Thinking about getting some new wheels & coilovers and want to go from my base 16" to 17". What offset do I need and how wide can I go without rubbing or needing any fender work? is 7.5 too wide already? Thought about getting getting Rota D2 17x7.5 4x114.3 +20 Although I've read up on the forums, I thought I'd ask those who have experience placing a 17" wheel on their GE8 and your recommendations including wheel size. Any assistance from my fellow GE8 owners would ...
konig_feather, George02 and 3 others posted in this thread recently
April is Jazz Appreciation month and we're throwing a (hopefully big) meet. It's gonna be in Fresno so hopefully we can get a bunch of folks from NorCal and SoCal. When: Sunday April 13th, 2014 2pm-7pm. Yeah it's far for most of us on a Sunday, but April is a good ways off so lets put in those vacation requests! Where: Woodward Park in Fresno, CA (specific directions to come) What: BBQ! Not sure how this will work yet since the majority of is will be driving a few ...
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