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cakacon and xxryu139xx posted in this thread recently
hey all, I was wondering if you guys knew a good replacement axle for an 07-08 fit. My wife has had both of hers replaced with aftermarket ones from the dealership, and one already was replaced under warranty thankfully, but both are going out again. My friend who works at the Honda dealership told me that they won't even put aftermarket axles on any Fits, due to not fitting correctly. Stock Fit axles are like 700-800 apiece not including install. I was wondering if ...
James Butler, arrow_runner and Myxalplyx posted in this thread recently
Anyone install a ZEX nitrous controller in their 2015? I have a complete wet system going in and need to find out which wire is the output wire on the TPS for the ZEX box. This box is used for triggering the nitrous at Wide open throttle, in case you didn't know. ZEX made a kit for the 07-13, but won't answer questions about the 15, as they haven't tested it. Any info is appreciated. Mike
PaeGe8, Mr.Hollow and 555sexydrive posted in this thread recently
I autocross my Fit. It's an auto and doesn't have that many performance mods. But its a fun time. No action shots, but here I am next to a Dodge Viper ACR.
1 day ago in Racing
eGadgetGeek, x_25 and bob89 posted in this thread recently
Anyone one have any ideas on a cheaper alternative to fix. I went to pep boys fyi.
2 days ago in General Fit Talk
FittedOnEm, BMW ALPINA and 2 others posted in this thread recently
Any of you guys had issues with P0172 Fuel system too rich? I have had it pop up a couple times. I have noticed my STFT around -10 and LTFT around -15. They were less than 3 combined after I e-tuned with Turbogixxer, so something has changed. I have replaced the RDX injectors, MAF, sparkplugs ,and confirmed the fuel pressure is OK. The only thing I have not tried yet from the FSM is adjusting the valves, but the car only has 48K? Also car runs great?
Sprintex Supercharger Install
"I just started my installation tonight on my 2009 Honda Fit Sport with 97K on the odometer. Spark plugs have been changed to one step colder NGK. NGK BRK 7EIX-11 gapped ~ 1.2 mm wire loom Here are my injectors almost like new back from Boost Lab after cleaning and flow tested. Fuel atomization with a fine mist spray pattern is important. Notice the injectors flow rate after clean is nearly identical. I will eventually have to change the fuel filter in the fuel pump. Honda does not sell the fuel pump fuel filter separately. AirTex does not sell the fuel stainer nor do they offer a high flow version of this fuel pump, E8943M. Stripped engine bay. Now is a good time to remove the fuel line between the fuel rail and the hard fuel line feed at the firewall. It will be replaced with new ..."
Fuelish, Ehko52 and 7 others posted in this thread recently
New or used! Let's see Ur third generation fit!!! What is your first picture of your third generation fit?
fujisawa, TorontoBoy and 15 others posted in this thread recently
Hi, Background: I am currently considering the purchase of a 2016 Honda FIT (EX/LX). I have been reading the forums and doing my research. Part of my research was to rent a ZIPCAR (2015 FIT LX) for the day to get a true feel for the car. I love everything about the car except for the road noise. My major problem was with concrete stretches on the highway/ freeway (deafening). Question: How much of a difference is there in road noise between the EX and LX? Could those ...
fitchet, exl500 and 3 others posted in this thread recently
Hypothetically speaking . . . what does one do if they lose their push button start Honda Fit key while on vacation hundreds of miles away from home where the spare key is located?
bob89, stembridge and 10 others posted in this thread recently
I put some tape over the plastic area between the doors to stop what looked like someone randomly scratching that area while in the car park at work. I removed the tape but the sticky glue WON'T COME OFF! I'm literally now scratching my new car and making it worse!! I tried soap, washing liquid. Any suggestions? Can it be buffed out by a professional?
xxryu139xx, Bob Levine and 5 others posted in this thread recently
1. Is this covered under a standard warranty? 2. Do you know of a good way to fix it? I'm going to have to drive back to the dealership where I had inquired with my 30,000 mile service, and literally hunt down the service person who was going to "get back to me" . I bought WeatherTech mats for the front; the larger lip at least partially holds back the detached molding, but it still sticks out. Thanks!
ezone, DannyBoy7783 and 2 others posted in this thread recently
2010 Honda Fit Sport. Symptoms: On two long trips I've had my A/C really start struggling to produce cold air. It really starts limping along. On one of the trips some small pieces of ice came out of the passenger side air vent. Also, on some mornings on my way to work when it isn't that hot out yet but I want to run the A/C to cut the humidity I've found the air it blows was very cold, to the point where it was blowing fog-like air out of the vent. Not sure if this is ...
ezone, DannyBoy7783 and xxryu139xx posted in this thread recently
Hi everyone, I am thinking of getting a full set of snow tires for my 2010 Honda Fit Sport. I was also thinking of getting some new wheels for them so I can swap back and forth between all-season and snow on my own. I would like the tire pressure sensors for the new wheels. TireRack indicated I'd need to bring the car to a dealer to get the sensors synced with the car. My questions: 1) Is this required? Can any Honda-experienced mechanic do this? 2) Is the sync something ...
FamilyWagon, Mr.Hollow and 6 others posted in this thread recently
Fixed it for you. Maybe he won't notice Too bad I couldn't use the same size font as his signature...then he really wouldn't notice.
Quoted from counterFIT's post
"Hey BMW I'll trade you my diecast R34 GTR for your Fit "
Guillermo Rodriguez, grag and 4 others posted in this thread recently
Hi everyone! I just signed paperwork for a new 2017 Fit and was so excited to share, but I couldn't find a 2017 thread to share my deal in! Like with the other threads, let's at least include: Area you're in Model/trim /transmission Dealer Listed Price Out the door price Fees/taxes Accessories Other deal-related stuff Trade in Value? Financing?) Here's what I ended up at today: Location: Portland, OR Model: 2017 Fit EX, 6 speed Aegean Blue Dealer list Price: ...
stembridge, TorontoBoy and 6 others posted in this thread recently
How does the Fit with a CVT perform on the highway? Does it have adequate power for passing, merging, and keeping up with high-speed traffic (70-80 mph)? '15 EX CVT here, 47K miles in just over two years of ownership, which includes five 750-mile (one way) trips to see my Dad (who has dementia, so I'm trying to make the most of the time we have left with him). I normally drive in "D," and used ECO mode a lot for the first few months. Never use it any more (doesn't make a ...
kenchan, Brain Champagne and 4 others posted in this thread recently
Six years ago I bought a 2010 Fit. The only thing I could verify from the pre-delivery inspection was the installation of body plugs. Which they didn't do. Now six years later I bought a 2016. The PDI mentions installing the antenna. I didn't see one and asked the salesman about it. He didn't know. I later found it in the glove compartment. Of course the PDI is signed off by a service tech and a supervisor. It seems pretty obvious that they don't really do a PDI except ...
ab30494, salamlaith and 9 others posted in this thread recently
I'm having cycling humming/buzzing on highway speed on my Honda Fit 2016 CVT, I removed the driver cv axel and that's what I found, metal deposits on the end joint splint!, it protrude on the smooth side of the spline. this is my first time to buy Honda and it will be the last time.
Fit_as_a_butchers_dog, fitchet and 9 others posted in this thread recently
I think you should consider a Chevy Cruze. Passion Berry Pearl is way too cool a color for you.
KentFinn, morgantruce and 3 others posted in this thread recently
The key for my 2015 Honda Fit LX is just too big. When I carry it in my pocket, women who I don't even know either get very annoyed or inexplicably interested. All the car keys I previously owned were simple, plain, normal-sized keys ----and I never once had any problem locking or unlocking my car or driving it. Now this Honda key suddenly sports four buttons and a key shaft that is easily twice as long as any old car key. By the time I add it to my house key and garden ...
TofuShop, Hootie and 3 others posted in this thread recently
Got it done at Planet Honda on rt22 in Union, NJ. After i got my car back, there was a rattle in the passenger side door, but when they took the cap off, they couldnt find anything. When i got home, i noticed they got the glue that holds the vapor barrier on the inside of the door cap all over my paint and tinted windows. Parked in the sun to let it get heated up then sacrificed a microfiber towel with lots of QD to clean it all off. Also, in the last pic, they over-torqued ...
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