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Mr.Hollow, shinjari and 3 others posted in this thread recently
Just performed 60k (B123) service. Oil and filter (Mobil 0w20, Honda Manual trans fluid, Fram in-cabin filter, recharged the K&N drop in air filter and tire rotation. Took about 2 hours. Would've been faster if I invested in a real floor jack instead of using the dinky scissor jack to get all 4 corners on jack stands and ensure everything was level lol.
What did you do to your GE fit today?
"Since the threads are slow today and I saw this on another forum (Acurazine) and thought it was a good idea I figured it would be interesting to see what people posted here. Just fill in whatever you done to your fit today. If its a modification, washed it, drove, anything chime in. Could be a fun thread to see peoples progress/activity. To start things off I made my back emblem match my front emblem today. Sorry I will have to post pics of the back later but here is my front I did a couple days ago to give you an idea."
aybeekay25, Desmond Lamar MacRae and 5 others posted in this thread recently
Looking to sell the whole thing as a set (Taffeta White). This includes the USDM Mugen front lip, USDM Mugen rear lip, USDM Mugen sideskirts, USDM Mugen grill, carbon fiber hood and wing made by JDP who was a vendor on these forums, and JDM Mugen window visors which are still in the box from JHP USA. It will be local pickup only for the northern nevada california area, i can meet in reno NV or drive as far as sacramento. Im asking $500. There is one scuff on the front ...
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KentFinn, ezone and 3 others posted in this thread recently
92 degrees F outside. Engine feels very hot to touch. Can only leave my finger on the aluminum parts for a second or so before it hurts. Even the alternator feels hot like this. I noticed the radiator fan didn't come on at idle, even after the hot engine was idling for a few minutes - I thought this was odd behavior. However if I turned the AC on (or the flow knob to the defogger) then both fans went on at low speed, then occasionally went to high speed momentarily, then ...
mstr916, bladhmadh and 8 others posted in this thread recently
Hey there new to this forum and my fit. Was wondering how to disable the DRL's without pissing the rest of the car off? Anyone do this on the 3rd generation yet?
dwtaylorpdx, Dr1v3r and 2 others posted in this thread recently
I quoted on the price for the coplus headlights, and DAAAAAAAMMMMMMMMNNNNNNNN!: "Thank you for your email and inquiry about our FIT/JAZZ LED headlights. Our FULL LED headlights for FIT/JAZZ can fit on the US edition, but please note that our headlights assembly comes with low/high beam, position light, and turn signal, but without side-marker lights. The total price for 1 set headlights is US$1,540 (product US$1,300 + express US$240), but please note that we are not ...
Uncle Gary, DannyJ7 and posted in this thread recently
Kia 83 Porsche 84 Hyundai 92 Toyota 93 BMW 94 Chevrolet 95 Buick 96 (tie) Lexus 96 (tie) Lincoln 96 (tie) Nissan 101 Ford 102 GMC 103 (tie) Infiniti 103 (tie) Volkwagen 104 INDUSTRY AVERAGE 105 Audi 110 Mercedes-Benz 111 Cadillac 112 Jeep 113 Ram 114 Chrysler 115 Mitsubishi 116 Dodge 117 Subaru 118 Honda 119 Acura 122 Scion 123 Jaguar 127 (tie) Mazda 127 (tie) Mini 127 (tie) Land Rover 132 Volvo 152 Fiat 174 Smart 216
ezone, kanadary and 3 others posted in this thread recently
I have a 15 fit that i took into the dealership to get the oil changed (only because they gave me 5 free ones) and the guy told me i would be needing to change my fluid changed. They tried selling me Honda fluid saying that that is the only fluid i can use blah blah. Just seeing if anyone has herd this or if this is a scam from the Honda place.
ezone, Juliane and dwtaylorpdx posted in this thread recently
Last Saturday, just normal driving, my engine light suddenly came on, and the (D) on the dash started flashing. Well holy sh*t, but I had to get where I was going about 1/2 mile away. The car had no performance problems during this time, drove normally. Of course no mechanic is open on Saturday. When I finished my errand we drove home, light still on but I think the (D) stopped flashing. We checked the gas cap, checked the transmission fluid, let the car sit for a ...
dwtaylorpdx, memo and 4 others posted in this thread recently
Next to the AZTEK, this was the other Pontiac misfire.. Handled like a pig and the paint on them washed off.. Roomy as all heck though.. If you squint it kinda looks like a Fit just BIGGER
KentFinn, Jaeger and 4 others posted in this thread recently
What annoys you about your Gen 3 fit, now that many of you have had months to enjoy one. For me: 1. Cabin noise from the engine is a bit annoying at say 70 mph and up. - I actually enjoy the engine tones in some rev bands and at some speed levels, but a high highway speeds and in some situations, it seems Honda could have engineered in some better dampening for that common scenario. 2. Front seat leg room - For over 6 foot individuals there could be more play in the front ...
xxryu139xx, cajlog and 4 others posted in this thread recently
I need these. Do you have a cut list?
Quoted from Mr.Hollow's post
"My EBC slotted rotors and green stuff pads came in the mail on Wednesday. I decided to also purchase the G2 caliper paint kit (Silver). Hopefully they won't attract any attention in silver and will keep the calipers from rusting over. Today's project is to build some wood 2"x10" race ramps. I plan on changing the rotors and pads myself but I have to jack up the car on Jack stands. But the car is too low to fit the jack under the center front jack point. Hence the ramps to give me some more clearance to get the jack under. Like this:"
ToddF, Desmond Lamar MacRae and 2 others posted in this thread recently
Here is the pile of unopened component boxes and other supplies. I used a short length of 10 gauge wire to connect the dual 4 ohm speaker coils in parallel. This gives a 2 ohm load to the amplifier. If you do this, be sure that your chosen amp is designed to handle your speaker wired this way. My amp is sold as a combo with this speaker, and is designed to work like this. Also shown is a supply pigtail with Anderson previously installed by the Triple Helix electrical ...
ezone, Regdog77 and 3 others posted in this thread recently
So I recently bought a 2015 EX (that has the Smart Key as you know), but I just realized I have a bit of a predicament now... I'm a surfer, so my routine for my old car (traditional transponder key without a built-in remote) when I went surfing was to pull my key off the keychain, attach it to the little lanyard in my board shorts pocket, and lock the doors; easy. Now, I'm not sure what to do with the smart key. It's probably got a decent level of water protection like ...
xxryu139xx, Odie and 5 others posted in this thread recently
I just read that there is a recall for 09-14 Fit regarding the airbag. Below is the summary: "SPECIFICALLY, IN SOME VEHICLES, THE DRIVER'S FRONT AIRBAG INFLATOR COULD PRODUCE EXCESSIVE INTERNAL PRESSURE UPON DEPLOYMENT. IF AN AFFECTED AIRBAG DEPLOYS, THE INCREASED INTERNAL PRESSURE MAY CAUSE THE INFLATOR TO RUPTURE (BREAK APART) AND DEPLOY ABNORMALLY." Now since the fix is not available until Fall 2016, can you call Honda and request for a temporary car to use while they ...
GetchWill, ToddF and 4 others posted in this thread recently
Yeah, I'm noticing the same thing. I was about to dig out my manual to see what the capacity of the tank is. Once you get a handle on your normal mpg, you can multiply that by 10 for a better idea how far you can drive. I just didn't want to see how low I could go until I was more confident. I drive my car pretty gently, so I'm getting 40+ mpg with just city driving. Next tank, I'll push towards 350-375 miles before filling up. I wonder if the lights start going ...

going below "E"

New 2016 Honda Fit fuel Guage
"I just bought a new 2016 Honda Fit about a month ago (automatic cvt, LX model). I have a little over 1000 miles driven on it. I love the car, but am a little curious about the fuel guage compared to the actual amount of fuel left. Let me give you an example based on my last fill up: I was able to drive about 230 miles from full tank to the empty gas light turning on. My car said I got about 35-36 mpg between fill ups. This was about 3/4 city driving, so I didn't expect to get the full 400 miles that specs said I should be able to drive, but 230 miles seems very low. Anyways, I filled up with the empty light on (2 ticks left on the gauge), but, according to the gas pump, I was only able to fill up roughly 7.5 gal of the 10.6 gal tank the Fit has. I understand that the empty light gives ..."
Fitster C., SilverEX15 and 3 others posted in this thread recently
Built a slung below a deck that acts as a cargo cover. Any ideas for strengthening the cargo cover mounts to handle increased weight?
2Rismo2, KentFinn and 4 others posted in this thread recently
I really haven't had many problems with my 2015 FIT. I have the dashboard misalignment, and have not had anything recalled. I am waiting for the wheel well liner to start sagging, and am pretty sure once I get my first oil change the plastic underbody cover will fall off. with all these posts about recalls and issues with how cheaply built this car is, I am starting to regret having traded my 2010 in for this one.... I only have 2K miles on it, and am seriously ...
Burzpaw, counterFIT and 12 others posted in this thread recently
Dang it! You snagged those!? Exactly the color I wanted. Pics man!
Quoted from counterFIT's post
"Installed my Black Leather/Suede Clazzios with Red Stitch (courtesy of 1SickVeilsideZ), and they're amazing. I can finally check that off the list. Also, added a Low&Slow sticker pics to come"
TorontoBoy, Press Fit and 6 others posted in this thread recently
Hi all, I'm looking for general opinions and/or advice about my current dilemma.... I own a manual 2007 sport model that has 183,000 miles and the AC just busted ($700 bucks to fix the compressor). I have been planning on getting a 2017 manual EX and have a dealer working with me to ensure I get the color I want (Black) when they are released in late summer. Now that the AC is busted I will be looking at going the entire summer without air and I have a two year ...
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