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xxryu139xx, BMW ALPINA and FamilyWagon posted in this thread recently
My JDM CR-Z Mugen AirBox just arrived today, hopefully I can install this soon. It basically DOUBLE the Filter area of the CR-Z AirBox that I currently had on my Honda Fit. It will also connect to the CR-Z OEM Snorkel to inhale cold air from near the grill. It came with K&N Air Filter. I bought this because I plan to tune it TOGETHER with the Sprintex Supercharger so I don't have to retune it later. Now, I really need to save money to get Sprintex... The Box: Very Nice ...
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theindiearmy and xxryu139xx posted in this thread recently
Hey guys, long time no see. My KMR lower tie brace that I got here through a Tiger Tuning group buy has finally took one too many hits and started rattling against the wheel mount. So I'm in need of a replacement. Trouble is I don't even know where to start looking. I saw Cusco had one for $200, which seems abnormally high compared to prices of similar parts for other vehicles. Tiger Tuning seems to be defunct as well now. Anyone know where I can get a lower front tie ...
2Rismo2, robs and 3 others posted in this thread recently
How do you use the container or tray beside the hand brake, in the center console? Mine just collects dust. It's too shallow for gloves. It is oddly shaped, with the rear higher than the back. Has anyone made a cover for it to keep the dust bunnies out of there? This cubby is 8.25" long Behind the tray is a space used for the heated seat switches. Are there any alternative uses? Is there a cover for this cubby? This cubby is 3.5" long. 2016 Honda Fit: What do you do with ...
ezone, FitfulKenny and 3 others posted in this thread recently
Hi all. I have the 2015 EX model. The steering wheel can be turned even with the ignition off/key off. Is this normal? I think I read that on some Hondas the steering wheel locks only for models with a start and stop button (no key). Thoughts?
alexwatson2015, spryter and 4 others posted in this thread recently
My old DC5R Integra was also quite modified and honestly, had I known that I would have only lived on Guam for 19.5 months and moved back to Japan, I would have never sold the 5R and probably still be driving it today as it was built for attacking circuits, but just didn't have any circuits down on Okinawa. So it was regulated to gymkhana (not the gymkhana that KBlock has everyone knowing, similar to auto-x, but memorization of the course is needed as cones aren't laid out ...
Quoted from counterFIT's post
"Man, that method of economics is the type I wish I learned about in Civics & Econ... Keep doing whatcha do, you're an inspiration for everyone in this forum. Also, if you're 80 and don't feel like getting into a bucket seat, I can always take over :P Again, I'm not ridiculing or criticizing 555 in any way, and I don't want to start any arguments. I am just continuously amazed with his rendition of the Fit. Xtina, I agree, and I would probably have a few more Mugen parts if it weren't for those damn hookers... Fit Charlie, this is what amazes me every day about this forum: the fact that there are somewhere around 81k members, and no fit is alike. It's incredible. Regdog77, I agree entirely, although I would prefer a DB9 (Aston) Also 555, I would absolutely love to see you mod a Civic ..."
swade and EightyFour posted in this thread recently
Ill try to get these in order but its been awhile. Cruising to All Team Bash with the shaved wiper and panel. Got a JDM Type-s/modulo (heard it called both) wing. Swapped in Silver Lights and JDM Mirrors. Rolling shot on the way to IFO LacedUp coverage from IA Summer meet. One of my Favorite rollers from IA Summer
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4 days ago in Fit Photos & Videos
kkim, tbFit and 7 others posted in this thread recently
For any that might not have not seen this vid, here is a comparison of the JVIN FITs.

2016 Honda Fit review - Made in Japan for 2016, not Mexico. Let's take a look. - YouTube

Anyone own a 16' JVIN FIT, yet?
"Wondering how the build quality is on these cars. I'm picking mine up (16 EX CVT) in a few weeks. I've seen the YT vid on this issue, but would like to hear from actual owners instead of a Honda salesman."
hogwylde, thewebgal and 6 others posted in this thread recently
5% tint on mine.
darthfit, Myxalplyx and 5 others posted in this thread recently
Hi everyone, I recently purchased 2010 Sport 5 speed MT with 120K miles. I've been browsing the site for a little while now and because I love to drive I was inspired by Bananaclip's 13 Sport Commuter Build thread. However, since this is a first car that I own (I used to lease) I don't know whether a 2010 Fit with 120K on it worth significant investments. I'm not talking about interior inexpensive mods but rather about things like 17 inch wheels, Tanabe Medalion Exhaust, ...
space egg, 555sexydrive and 8 others posted in this thread recently
My BBS Red Emblem and Red Lug Nut just arrived, The Lug Nut is very good quality, it even have a ring on the surface where it touch the wheel that can spin freely to reduce friction when tightening the Lug Nut. Test Fit: Can't wait for the rest of the 4 wheel to arrive next month... more pictures here: I also order 4piece of Schrader EZ-Sensor part#34000 TPMS service kit to move the old TPMS from the OZ Racing wheel to the new BBS today, and 3 piece of 215/40ZR-18 ...
Myxalplyx, ezone and 9 others posted in this thread recently
Ah yes....thanks! Link is here for intercooler and intercooler piping. Not sure how I missed it before. Notice it says the intercooler is only $78.00. Haha! I need to start getting parts together asap. Gonna talk to my shop guy tomorrow and toss around some ideas. He's already excited about it from our email exchange today. Got a pic from Honda website.
Quoted from ezone's post
"Sure does, right where it should be"
BMW ALPINA, xxryu139xx and 6 others posted in this thread recently
Murpheys law, that dark cloud seems to follow you between the chipped hood, vibration now this. My spacer nuts are funny, they flare out @ the bottom so the socket wants to teter while tightening. Once again good luck By the way, once I get the cash together i was going to give the ge innovative mounts a try.
Quoted from xxryu139xx's post
"to top this off i found two rounded off spacer lugs. my spacers are thin 11 mm and so are the lug nuts that it came with. i was able to change out the front tires to my snows, but i couldn't change the rears. FML!"
mike410b, toro404 and 5 others posted in this thread recently
Press Fit - How about the Aries 3D, I've got these and they look great, IMO not so plastic looking and cheaper than Weathertech and Husky. Tboy - I went to Home Depot in Toronto and got a generic mat for $15, slightly larger than cargo area but then again it simulates the upper lip of custom fits or you can trim to fit.

Honda Fit - Aries 3D Floor Mats - YouTube

Floor mats
"I've never bought aftermarket floor mats before. Anyone have an opinion between and ? It looks like the Weathertech give better coverage, but they are also $50 more."
xxryu139xx, BeauDiddley and 6 others posted in this thread recently
Hate to bring up another old thread but has anyone dealt with this company lately? I'd love one of their antennas to match my WOP 2016 EX but I sent them an email a couple nights ago and haven't heard back yet. I'm not in a rush but many have mentioned how quick they respond. The site still doesn't work but if they're still putting out a quality product with matching paint, I'd be happy to drop the $80.
Visual garage shark fin antenna
"Ok so I find it annoying to remove my antenna everytime I bring it to the carwash so I did a search and found Visual garage. Even though their site is down I emailed sales at 10pm and was surprised that I got an email back 5mins later. He ask me for the color code that is on my door and confirmed that they do have the paint which is NH797M Modern steel metallic. The lead time is 1 to 2 weeks. As soon as I get the antenna I will post some installation pictures."
Michael Raymond, xxryu139xx and 2 others posted in this thread recently
Group buy for clazzios for the 15 !!! Anyone?
ezone, KikeDiaz and 5 others posted in this thread recently
9500 miles and 17 months into ownership, my battery died today. I went to go run some errands today and when I hit the start button, I heard the starter click about 8 times and it gave up. After pushing the car out of my garage I jumped it and headed out to the Honda dealer. First battery test said the cell was bad. Second test said it was good. So at first, they didn't want to replace it under warranty. They tell me since the test said the cell was good, they can't ...
TorontoBoy, KikeDiaz and 2 others posted in this thread recently
I created my own padded insert which was fast, easy and cheap. May not look great nor OEM, but it has served me well and is easily removed back to stock by pulling it up and off in one second. The camera makes the colors look off, but in reality, it is a pretty close match the the black on the armrest and blends in nicely. The raised surface also has the advantage of allowing my elbows to sit a bit higher and between that and the , I'm able to grab the wheel at 9 and 3 ...
kenchan, Press Fit and 7 others posted in this thread recently
Today's Autoblog featured an article about how 1/3 of today's cars don't offer a spare tire: The main reason behind this is weight savings to achieve higher fuel numbers, increased use of cell phones for roadside service, fewer people who know how to change a tire, and to be honest, cost savings This was also one of the reasons I bought my Fit. I did cross-shop this car with the Accent, and very briefly, the Kia Rio. Neither have a spare tire. I really liked the Accent, ...
SilverEX15, thewebgal and 4 others posted in this thread recently
This is what I get about a second after the thread appears. Then the thread comes back, and I work my way to the bottom.
Quoted from thewebgal's post
"Sounds to me like you have some malware in residence on your machine. I access the site with my iPhone 6S+, with Firefox on my macPro at home and with Firefox on win7 at work. I don't get any of that stuff you are talking about. When I click the emails I get it takes me right to the thread in question ..."
kenchan, badself and 4 others posted in this thread recently
Taking a quick look at the Honda site, I didn't notice any differences between the 2015 and 2016 Fit. the pricing seems to be about the same, too. I'm glad I got the new model because it will be a few years before there is a major change.
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