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  2. serpentine belt adjustment/tention for 2007 sport fit
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  28. New Fit owner
  29. Open Motering Meet - Sept 3rd XXX Diner in Issaquah
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  31. good places to look for inline hockey skates?
  32. weathertech digitalfit floor mats and new oem door visors
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  38. NOS Energy Drink's Forum Fest *July 18th*
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  43. sorry little geo storm...
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  47. scared a mustang, humiliated a hyundai
  48. Can anybody share..
  49. Third-Annual Cruise up Mt. St. Helens June 7
  50. Spokane Multiforum Meet August 21st - 23rd
  51. Car Toys TRAFFIC JAM Car Show Series - $1000 Grand Prize!
  52. Lake Meridian Park Meet
  53. who wants to buy an 07 vbp?
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  56. WTF Hit My Fit?????
  57. Monthly Federal Way Meet at Celebration Park
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  59. NW Meet N Greet, Jan 31st, Spanaway, wa
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  61. BOND OF BELLEVUE - March 7th, 2009
  62. wa state/pacnw aim chat?
  63. Itchy Fit meet, wa and pacnw peeps need apply
  64. snow
  65. NW Toy Run 2008
  66. Proof of the Washington Fits
  67. Official fit meet in wa.
  68. thinking of selling my fit.
  69. Fit accident #2.. vs. 08 civic
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  71. Washington State Dealers
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  73. best tint shop in seattle area
  74. PAC NW Meet including Western Canada
  75. Hin
  76. get a kick...
  77. Summer Drive - Darrington run - or Deception pass run
  78. No Front License Plate Initiative, Washington state
  79. PNW Fit owners are Invited
  80. Interest in getting a meet up
  81. Seattle area owners, where to tint?
  82. Big cross-forum meet/drive on Jan27 (Sunday)
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  84. Hurricane force winds rock the northwest
  85. PNW Honda Tech Meeting in March
  86. Newbie PNW Fit owner
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  88. Sunday, October 21, 2007... PacNW Fit Freaks Meet n Greet
  89. "Does that Fit have V-TEC?"
  90. Shops in seattle area
  91. oh my God...
  92. Honda Tech Meet July 14th.
  93. traffic tickets in interstate hwy by wsp
  94. Western Wa. Meet Feeler
  95. taffeta white Auto sport Wa community. It is my second Honda Fit this year
  96. sshhh
  97. Photography in Portland
  98. Seattle/Tacoma Area Meet!
  99. Ooopsie this morning...
  100. Feb. 3rd Meet
  101. Show and tell.
  102. washington Fit freaks
  103. big fit wrecked the ss base fit.
  104. Washington comunity lets keep the ball alive
  105. wake up thread for washington..
  106. lets post pictures of stuff you have fit in the Fit.
  107. thule/yakima/racks/bikes/skie/kiyak
  108. Need Washington FIT for KW Automotive
  109. If you are possibly interested in a rack system for your fit read this thread
  110. washingtonions and nw people post your honda fit pictures here.
  111. we should make some Fit Club Stickers.
  112. honda factory 16 inch wheels in the U.S,A
  113. Is a honda Fit a gas saver utility car or what. What have you halled with your fit
  114. Tell a fun story about your fit.
  115. what do you like about your fit now that you own one?
  116. Oregon? Please Add Oregon to this section
  117. Miles Per Us Gallon ?
  118. Fit Owners in the NW lets make some noise!!
  119. Ipod Integration
  120. colors of honda fit in the USA