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  1. Uninsulated stock PCV hose?
  2. Sprintex Supercharger?
  3. Apexi Smart Accel Controller Install GK5
  4. L15B1 Max Effort NA Engine Build Thread
  5. Catch can, or regular cleanings?
  6. Going to 1.6... anyone have experience here?
  7. Aluminum performance radiator
  8. Battery Relocation
  9. L15b BLOCK overbore?
  10. Hks muffler
  11. ignition coils
  12. STOCK L15 tuning session (stock vs MoTeC)
  13. Spent a little time on the dyno... check this sheet
  14. Oil catch can installed
  15. AEM Cold Air Intake System for 2019 Fit Ex 6M
  16. Lrptec l15b carbon fiber intake manifold
  17. Electronic Throttle Controller
  18. Another Oil / Blow-by Catch Can Install - Long Edition :)
  19. Weapon-R Secret Weapon Intake (301-175-101)
  20. GK Earth Dreams Intake Manifold Porting
  21. K&N Air And Cabin Filters.
  22. Plastic Undercarriage Buckled- Is It Necessary(undercarriage)?
  23. Homemade Turbo - Done
  24. 2015 Fit Gk5 with 10th gen Civic L15b7 swap
  25. LF : 2017 Jazz GK ECU Pinout Diagram
  26. Myxal Thoughts on Modifications for GK5 - Power
  27. Any GK owners using E Throttle Controllers?
  28. DIY: Shifter Cable Bushing Upgrade
  29. Testing waters on potenial group by for 'Cold Air Scoop'
  30. Does anyone have Dyno Numbers for GK5
  31. Fit Si and Fit R
  32. HPS SRI (short ram intake) Install
  33. Hasport Rear Mount for Gk5
  34. Porting?
  35. 10th Gen Civic 1.5t Swap?
  36. New performance air filter
  37. K24z7 swap GK5 Coming soon
  38. New intake
  39. Maxbore throttle body numbers
  40. FIT RS Earth Dreams Motor
  41. 2015 GK5 Turbo Kit
  42. Spoon sport intake manifold
  43. GE or CRZ exhaust on GK
  44. nice mod..
  45. Nitrous TPS Help
  46. Sport Clutch or light flywheel for USDM MT GK?
  47. Fit gk oil catch can install
  48. 2015 Honda Fit (GK5) with Tanabe Touring Medallion Axleback (T70185A)
  49. Tanabe Medallion Touring Exhaust - Drive-by Video
  50. Wiring a Megasquirt?
  51. Proreka Sprintex Supercharger Kit for GK5
  52. CVT Ktuner
  53. New Buddy Club Titanium Axle back exhaust
  54. Honda CVT Reflash or Reprogramming Tool
  55. Intake Snorkel
  56. Spoon Sports N1 exhaust and B pipe videos
  57. HPD - Honda Performance Development
  58. Air Con Bypass
  59. Next Generation Platform
  60. signal rpm from ecu
  61. HKS Cool Style Exhaust Vids?
  62. Turbocharge with 2016 Civic Turbo Parts
  63. Bisimoto Cold Air Intake
  64. K&N rebate
  65. Performance exhaust
  66. Tanabe Medallion Touring Exhaust - Installed!
  67. Want to Install a V6?
  68. Will Honda Jade RS Turbo Parts fit our FIT
  69. CVT Wide Open Throttle RPM Flash Stall
  70. Need test gk for rv6 exhaust testing......
  71. My diy cold air intake proto
  72. Skunk2 Connecting Rods
  73. Where is the Aftermarket
  74. Finally! Tanabe Medalion Touring
  75. L15B aftermarket headers?
  76. HKS Silent Power vs Tanabe Medalion Touring Exhaust
  77. Finally Got my Exhaust!!
  78. NST crank pulley
  79. HKS Silent Hi Power - with video
  80. HKS Silent Hi Power from Kamispeed (DO NOT BUY)
  81. Ktuner ECU tuning!
  82. New M2 muffler
  83. Anyone own bisimoto's pulse chamber exhaust?
  84. GK5 HKS Silent Hi-Power Exhaust - fits with CVT??
  85. Aem Intake for 2015 Fit
  86. J'S RACING GK5 FIT C304 SUS exhaust system Riateru 50R
  87. aftermarket exhaust choices
  88. 2016 HR-V AWD Transfer Case
  89. ECU mod ?
  90. ECU mod ?
  91. Stock Fuel Injector Limit
  92. 2015 Honda Fit 0-100mph Test
  93. Exhaust Pipe Muffler Tip..
  94. Cheap ram air
  95. sound clip from Tanabe Medalion exhaust ?
  96. Stock B Pipe Diameter and Weight Info
  97. Short Shifter
  98. GruppeM Intake
  99. exhaust system help within price range, <$400?
  100. GK5 Honda Fit intake coming soon
  101. Next Gen Civic using 1.5L turbo engine
  102. HKS Turbokit ?
  103. SprintBooster - CVT
  104. J's Racing Ram Air Front Grille
  105. any intakes!!!!???
  106. DeltaCams
  107. WebCams or WebCamshafts
  108. Gude Camshafts (Cams)
  109. Turbo kit... waiting... waiting...
  110. Spoon Sports B Pipe
  111. ***buddyclub prototype gk exhaust***
  112. ***gauging interest*** buddyclub gk prototype exhaust
  113. Difference between MT and CVT, axle back?
  114. J'S RACING GK5 Low Temp Thermostat
  115. J's Racing GK5 B-Pipe or Mid Pipe
  116. Throttle spacer for GK5 Fit
  117. Non Stop Tuning (NST) Custom Crank Pulley
  118. Spoon Throttle Body
  119. J'S RACING GK5 6MT hyper ECU - Reflash
  120. J'S RACING GK5 FIT3 Engine Pressure Control Valve T-REV system
  121. Blitz Throttle Controller
  122. J's Racing Cat Delete
  123. Do you think the Fit GK engine is going to be mod friendly?
  124. Anyone planning a JDM 4WD conversion?
  125. No Hondata or Flashpro Plans
  126. Fuel Pressure Regulator
  127. K&n
  128. Phantom Supercharger
  129. Hondata Flashpro CVT Reflash
  130. Fuel Controller
  131. H Drive Throttle Controller
  132. Towmex Intake System
  133. CVT RPM Drop at WOT
  134. Myxal Reducing Diameter Exhaust
  135. Throttle Percentage Wide Open Throttle
  136. GK Exhaust Sources?
  137. Larger Throttle Body Modification - Maxbore
  138. Great Intake Test