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  1. GE8 Basic ECU SWAP to Sport ECU
  2. Honda fit ECU swap
  3. Engine Swap K24
  4. hybrid racing shifter in honda fit 07-08
  5. EGR mods
  6. Ktuner V2 Custom Tuning
  7. Fit Been Sitting For 3 Years
  8. Kraftwerks Base Kit
  9. oil Drain Plug
  10. EGR valve block
  11. GD3 build Greddy turbo kit
  12. GD3 JDM trans or Final Drive info needed.
  13. GE intake and low end power
  14. Swapping a L15B1 into my 2008 GD3
  15. Greddy turbo kit wont run
  16. Ge8 k20z3 swap
  17. K24 Swap
  18. Why the Weapon R intake manifold is garbage.
  19. 2007 Fit Sport battery question
  20. Gd1 with l13a1 my little angel. WAnt to swap the engine
  21. cat to muffler eliminate resonator - how?
  22. L15 Stock Cam Profiles
  23. Engine swap with 2016 Civic 1.5L Turbo engine
  24. GE Drivetrain in a GD?
  25. 2008 resonator pipe replacement
  26. Mtec Shift Spring Install?
  27. Hks turbo kit for 2007-2008 gd3
  28. GE8 swap spy pics
  29. Check out this custom intake manifold
  30. 1.5 vtec throttlebody onto 1.3dsi
  31. 1.4 honda civic inspire s
  32. FD2R standard LSD to L series Gearbox
  33. Running L15A with L12A2 ECU
  34. Xforce header ?
  35. L15A7 to L15B1 swap?
  36. L13A i-DSI swap for L13A i-VTEC?
  37. Honda Fit GD AEM F/IC Install?
  38. HKS cast turbo manifold for L15a available...... sort of
  39. ECU problem
  40. Fit k20 or 24 swap cluster fix?
  41. Turbo for my '08 Auto, question
  42. Auto Modification
  43. GK5 Manual Transmission Exhaust
  44. Honda fit l15a1 engine mt with cat cam stage1(no ecu tune)
  45. Cold Air Ram Air Foglight Delete.
  46. -Noise Level- Removal of Stock Muffler(Axelback only)
  47. HPD / Honda Racing Intake Manifold L15
  48. Squeeze more hp with a tuner on OEM parts?
  49. L15A1 Vtec engine mods
  50. Fujitsubo Authorize R Catback for GK
  51. Ge's sprintex installed on gd?
  52. L15 or K20 - UK Jazz
  53. 5 speed to auto help
  54. Any jdm turbo fit owners out there
  55. flashpro for jdm gd3
  56. ECU help PLEEEASE (turbocharged)
  57. I need some technical help from the Fit guy's
  58. GD3 exhaust thread 2.0
  59. EGR Delete
  60. L15a microsquirt
  61. Do CR-Z Hasport K20 mounts work for GE8?
  62. Hondata
  63. Loud Exhaust Ignition Timing
  64. Flashpro question.
  65. Highest Engine RPM and CVT Transmission
  66. Cheap GD3 HP gains
  67. Virtual Dyno
  68. upgrade Engine / Exhaust
  69. kswapped fit
  70. 08 Fit IAT Relocation Help?
  71. Barometric Pressure vs Intake Air Pressure
  72. FIT OBD version?
  73. Just Bought GE8: Axle-Back Comparo
  74. Honda fit l15a1 with 263/259 cat cam run with no remap
  75. GD3 Rotrex Build
  76. Since my Magnaflow muffler won't work, I was stocked to find...
  77. 5 lbs boost no EMS
  78. GD3 Turbo Build
  79. For L15A1 FIT.... manzo stainless header or megan racing???
  80. New GK5 Airbox?
  81. Honda fit 1.5 mt l15a1 110hp ecu tune
  82. Kraftwerks high boost supercharger
  83. What have you done to improve gas mileage?
  84. Exhaust Flanges
  85. Complete Guide to AEM-FIC-6, Fool a modern OBDII ecu with both MAF & MAP sensors
  86. HKS TURBO KIT: Help with coolant vacuum and lines?
  87. L13 swap to L15 or Turbo?
  88. Need help, want to buy headers but unsure of compatibility!
  89. Looking for Honda Aftermarket Camshaft Installers
  90. k20 with a cvt
  91. Just had the bisimoto exhaust installed
  92. Torque and Weight Question
  93. Help With Turbo Pipes Measures
  94. k20 swap question
  95. Help only 3psi of boost?
  96. Honda Fit GD3 DIY PRM Ram Air for base/DX/LX models
  97. A little advice installing fujita CAI
  98. Kswapfit questions
  99. 2009 fit
  100. Looking for some advice
  101. Ignition Timing Advance - 5 Cent Modification
  102. Rear Main Seal Part Number
  103. ECU Swap / Clone...
  104. Crank Pulley and Accessory Pulleys Weight Question
  105. KWSC Base Kit CARB Testing?
  106. Intake Air Temps vs Outside Air Temps
  107. Too loud!
  108. 2013 honda fit owner.
  109. KWSC - High Rollers - Need low boost inlet pipe
  110. Ktuner Datalog Files
  111. Racepack Datalogger
  112. How to onvert to DBC for swap?
  113. 14 Second 1/4 Mile Times Naturally Aspirated
  114. HONDA FIT 2008 1.5CC 110 hp increase power N/A
  115. Camshaft Installation Costs
  116. Does GD clutch master cylinder have a delay valve???
  117. Clutch upgrade??
  118. Raising Rev Limiter...
  119. Tight spot in my KWSC
  120. cheap throttle body upgrade, from 50mm(stock) to 55mm for gd3 01-07 fit
  121. change l13
  122. I have a 2014 Honda Fit, want to do K20 swap
  123. Roof Cross Bar
  124. Ebay turbo
  125. Lightweight made to order pistons. (Need help)
  126. [INFO] Emanage Ultimate Turbo install
  127. KTuner ECU Reflash
  128. EGR Sensor and Valve - CEL Eliminator
  129. Which intake can you here VTEC X-over?
  130. honda hds for 08 sport
  131. CRV B20B in the Virgin Islands
  132. Megan downpipe (GD3).. who's got one??
  133. K swap Axle
  134. Locking door with turbo timer
  135. KWSC Recirculation Valve Location?
  136. E85?
  137. Lightweight Crank Pulley - Problems Or Not
  138. Japan Contacts for Aftermarket Parts
  139. KWSC belt length confirmation
  140. UNICHIP question
  141. gears get stuck
  142. Tell me about serious n/a mods to the Fit engine.
  143. Ralco RZ pulleys installed...
  144. 151R Battery for $74.08 all in
  145. Password JDM Chamber Intake WTF do i do with this HOSE!?
  146. Ebay Jazz Exhaust Advice
  147. Do I need to re-calibrate after changing spark plug?
  148. GD3 Flashpro stock based map and rev hang?
  149. 2015 Throttle Body Coolant Bypass
  150. is a dyno needed for flash pro setup?
  151. MT driveline perfromance
  152. How to identify faulty coil plug?
  153. Maf Sensor Modification
  154. Plug "upgrade" for L13A
  155. Flash pro gains??
  156. Flashpro useful to increase MPG?
  157. Replacing Fuel Filter GD3
  158. Sourcing a Pre-Cat O2 Sensor
  159. Magic Intake Horsepower Trick
  160. High flow cat upgrade??
  161. 2015 Honda Fit LX CVT 2" Flo Pro Max Muffler
  162. Maf Grams Per Second
  163. short ram vs cold air???
  164. Opions on KWSC issue - Belt slippage at high/hard/fast RPM
  165. 10W30 or 5W30 as Manual Trans Fluid!
  166. Magnaflow Glasspack Muffler
  167. Found an air filter at a local store instead of ordering online
  168. All I can say is WOW!!!!
  169. TB boring... anyone do it?
  170. auto to manual
  171. Ngk equivalent of Denso ik22?? BKR8??
  172. Gd3 FI owners spark specs??
  173. cat delete
  174. ATF service interval??
  175. Help with engine pan cover (Skid plate)
  176. In China need info please ....
  177. Can someone confirm the ik22 spark plug p/n
  178. air intake recomend stock or aftermarket
  179. Need upgrade help!!!
  180. GD3 intake manifold advice
  181. 5mt Engine Braking
  182. K20Z3 GD Flashpro
  183. Cleaning EGR Valve Passages
  184. Oil filters
  185. radiator reservoir
  186. 2015 Crank Pulley
  187. Oil filters
  188. 2015 Exhaust Muffler Dimensions
  189. anyone experience this???
  190. B-pipes? What's out there these days?
  191. FI help
  192. Testing a/c with voltmeter
  193. 1.2 Vs 1.4 and DSi Vs Vtec
  194. Weapon R race header
  195. KWSC why can't they make more
  196. Want GE8 engine mounts? Now or never...
  197. help my Manual Mode is not working
  198. Please Help ... Manual Mode Not work
  199. HELP !! my CVT cant go for Manual Mode
  200. Cannot connect OBD-2 Scanner to DLC3
  201. Exedy OEM vs Stage 1
  202. Ignition coil part# different in USA and Canada?
  203. DIY: A/C Delete
  204. Nissan Engine Swap
  205. Keihin ECU
  206. catalytic converter needs replacement?
  207. Transgo on GD3
  208. mileage stored in Speedo?
  209. help me with base greddy emu kal
  210. help pls.. base kal for ultimate
  211. Gasket issues with Megan Header
  212. emissions test
  213. HELP (weapon r headers for Fit GE)
  214. Down Pipe
  215. Slims Turbo Build Thread
  216. Unorthodox crank pulley is lighter now?
  217. Denso IK22 spark plugs
  218. start fit without clutch pedal
  219. apexi vafc2, rev speed meter and shiflamp
  220. All Motor Mods
  221. 2007 Valve Adjustment
  222. "SSR" Intake on 2013 Fit Sport
  223. How much can the fit do?
  224. Great Intake Deal
  225. Strup Header Review
  226. Tip - Header Spring Bolts
  227. I need really quick advise here..
  228. Selling 2012 Sport Muffler
  229. GE buddyclub pro spec III
  230. Weapon R Header Fitment On JDM FiT GE8
  231. What engine oil do you use for HM Fits?
  233. need help picking an exhaust
  234. ECU Tuning - throttle inhibit
  235. RalcoRZ Light Weight Pullies GD
  236. what parts do i need to source out to complete this intake?
  237. Flashpro kwsc issue
  238. Honda fit engine swap
  239. Weapon R for Ge8 questions.. I need expert feedback
  240. Mugen Muffler for GE8
  241. CTE Turbo Build
  242. even lighter batteries
  243. 1st generation Start-stop capability
  244. ecu wiring diagram for ge8
  245. Battery Relocation?
  246. Need some advice plz! Engine swap/remap?
  247. Turbo info please!
  248. Looking for a small Turbo - to reduce down shifting
  249. Seperating trans from engine
  250. T1R Midpipe/Megan Axleback Droning?
  251. L15a Frankenstein
  252. HPD Supercharger
  253. help can e-manage blue install in idsi l15a
  254. EXPLODING turbos
  255. L13a CVT to Manual conversion... Manual ECU swap.. car wont start.. HELP!
  256. Not so loud exhaust?
  257. Changed the engine from a 2002 into a 2004. Idle problems then.
  258. Cooling mods for GD
  259. Next Steps
  260. High flow cat and resonator, which?
  261. Hi Boost Supercharger Exhaust??
  262. Weapon r race header, in Aus!
  263. ECU interchangeability
  264. my girls exhaust
  265. Need to know header!
  266. Cheapest but best piggyback for iDSI
  267. walboro 255 install
  268. So brand new to ecu tuning
  269. Had my exhaust removed and changed into this.
  270. I-dsi Turbo question
  271. CatCams
  272. buddy Club race spec condenser
  273. KWSC on A/T @ 15psi
  274. About ECU
  275. Lets see some FlashPro calibrations!
  276. So KW and HKS no longer make kits
  277. Vacuum and other hoses in KWSC 10psi system
  278. On the ECU tuning
  279. building the l15
  280. Newbie questions
  281. (1.3) Smaller Rad + Bigger Pump?
  282. So picking up a short ram want info on this brand
  283. K Series Swap Question
  284. 2007 k24a4 fit
  285. Need input on heatshield + sock
  286. Help with short ram install
  287. hondata help
  288. 310cc Injectors
  289. Civic Si Sound
  290. Component after cat
  291. PRM vs SIMOTA
  292. Installation Manual for KWSC High Boost
  293. Air intake
  294. EMU Supplemental Harness 14 PIN 3RD
  295. is a d16a out of the question?
  296. Anyone know what size resonators are best for the gd3?
  297. Where to buy Megan axle-back?
  298. Honda Fit Engine Now Sold from JDM Inventory
  299. Catback or axle back?
  300. L13 to L15 swap
  301. High lift camshafts & high comp pistons
  302. GD1 looking for better muffler
  303. Skunk2 silencer?
  304. Fit Wanted For Exhaust Fab in SoCal
  305. SCAM: Short/Cold Intakes and HHO (hydrogen). Stop the madness
  306. 2003 L13a swapped CVT to MT.. limiting at 4K RPM... ???
  307. Help with intake parts/ install
  308. Mass state inspector didn't like my Tanabe exhaust
  309. Anyone know what size exhaust hangers the fit uses?
  310. Anyone have any ideas where i can get a 4.7 final drive gear?
  311. S90 throttle body GD3
  312. Piecing together AT Turbo SetUp?
  313. FI Noob
  314. Oil Catch Can Intallation (Turbo Fit)
  315. Kraftwerks SC - Misfire at full throttle
  316. Password Powerchamber Intake
  317. Do someone is selling a Turbo Kit
  318. honda jazz gearbox problem.......
  319. Phase 2: GD3 Turbo Build
  320. Gauging Interest: T1R parts for GD3
  321. Hows your clutch holding up?
  322. Let talk everything GD3 Ignition! L15
  323. Kit options?
  324. Ramey Built - Custom GD3 Turbo Kit Build Thread
  325. 1.5 l15a vtec mods??
  326. Flash pro for the Fit
  327. Procharger I-1
  328. Another day, another 51R battery swap.
  329. My Turbo Build Thread
  330. Best place to buy Turbo?
  331. Anyone Selling their kit?
  332. Engine swaps, why not the K?
  333. Thinking about going FI, wanted some input from turbo owners
  334. Pics from my build
  335. Need stock ecu base map stat!!!
  336. Need stock ecu base map stat!!!
  337. L15a mods
  338. Installed Cold Air Intake (CAI) and now my car sputters
  339. Dealer spark plugs vs retail store spark plug?
  340. Common turbo issue's
  341. Oil catch cans, hose lines, plugs and tie downs.
  342. Where to buy a complete engine swap.
  343. GD Headers, NJ state inspection
  344. Is it worth it to use a bigger throttle body on a Fit?
  345. Honda helped Russian club
  346. Anyone have a Spare turbo Manifold haha
  347. Bolt on Turbo Kit for Brio L12B I Vtec engine
  348. KW Pully
  349. Kraftwerks Install - Brake line bending
  350. Installed T1R Header and Test Pipe
  351. intake manifold dimensions
  352. Glockbag's K20Z3 FIT SWAP PROJECT
  353. Where would you install grounds?
  354. Honda Fit Performance Chip...REALLY?
  355. detailed l15a specs
  356. Headlights dim significantly when fans kick on?
  357. Question about Dastek Unichip Q+
  358. hey whats up guys
  359. JDM vs USDM ecu pinout comparison
  360. Fujita Short Ram Intake Questions
  361. GE8 From Thailand with F-Con IS Gear Auto
  362. tuning in the 818?
  363. 07 Fit Sport AT swap to k20?
  364. FireStorm Ignition Coil Booster
  365. Modifying the L13 Throttle Body to achieve 100% WOT
  366. convert fit to use flashpro?
  367. E3.48 spark plugs
  368. picked up a block and head, have Q's
  369. T1R kit emanage wiring diagram
  370. Increase power with new engine or mods
  371. Spark plug confusion
  372. Dc sports, aspec or other brand header.
  373. Rookie needs help with SRI
  374. Brown truck delivered red box.
  375. My rotex whines
  376. Anyone heard of zage turbo kits?
  377. Valve spring & retainer
  378. How to find Fit 2002 GD1 i-SDI 1.3L turbo kit
  379. HELP!! where is the vacuum point of ge8?
  380. Modifications outside of FI
  381. Headers w/KWSC base Kit?
  382. Recommended Midpipe/ Pipings?
  383. I have a question on the test pipe
  384. Some questions on TC-ed a L13
  385. Durability to TC a L13
  386. finally turbo!!
  387. Turbo L15A Base Map for AEM EMS
  388. Using AEM EMS 30-1020 as Universal ECU/Piggyback
  389. USDM '07 ECU pinout
  390. Top Fuel SRI intake
  391. Mid pipe
  392. Tanabe Touring Medallion Exhaust AMAZING DEAL!!
  393. Tanabe Touring Medallion Exhaust AMAZING DEAL!!
  394. LSD Exhaust Installed / Review
  395. T3 turbo manifold for GD3
  396. Looking for near 130hp. What to do?
  397. GD3 build 2.4
  398. dyno sheets
  399. Does it matter, for drain bolt size for trans & engine?
  400. L15A Connecting Rod Length & Stroke
  401. Invidia cat back video clip
  402. Invidia cat back video clip
  403. CAI, Header, Cat-Back Exhaust...What next?
  404. AEM F/iC & Kraftwerks Kit
  405. ECU Tuning Questions for GE8
  406. ECU Tuning
  407. Less power steering at high speeds?
  408. Short Ram Intake Choices
  409. efr turbo fit build
  410. N22a2
  411. (WTA) L15 Race Camshafts (Fit/Jazz)
  412. 2010 Fit Sport Question
  413. Mishimoto Radiator - GD3
  414. Civic Si Exhaust on 2012 Sport?
  415. I want a FI Fit...
  416. Gold Reflective heat film... Manifold
  417. Chamber type intake for GD fit 2012
  418. catback question
  419. 3 inch exhaust
  420. Anyone know if I need
  421. Kraftwerks?
  422. J's Racing Final gear?
  423. Best A/M cruise control system ????
  424. 2008 exhausts fit 2012?
  425. Strange hiccup or misfire
  426. Who has the BEST PRICE on Exedy Clutches Stage 1 or 2 ???????????????????
  427. Denso IK22 for NA, final call on plug gap?
  428. increase mpg?
  429. Some questions 'bout a future Supercharged Fit?
  430. My Turbo Setup with the Disco Potato
  431. Tuning ECU!
  432. Mt road racer/ track day project ;-)
  433. looking to buy aftermarket exhaust
  434. Any help on L12A1 GD5 ECU pinout?
  435. getting out the ecu
  436. Aspec Cat delete + t1r midpipe + hfp axle back =?
  437. the time has come..
  438. K-Swap Mount bushing question
  439. Is it safe to drive?
  440. Seeking for help HKS turbo kit AT to MT
  441. how to change injectors
  442. N/A L15a build
  443. Engine bay BLING...GE manifold
  444. KWSC on RHD GD3
  445. AWESOME deal on GD exhaust!!!
  446. rrc manifold install on k swap fit
  447. Anybody running the buddyclub spec III?
  448. Dual Tip sound bite
  449. Ebay CAI take a look
  450. AEM FIC6 Vtec control/O2 control
  451. Help! Braille "no weight" battery
  452. Vibrant Street Power Axle Back
  453. EMU 2-Step
  454. TC or SC?
  455. TC/SC Installation?
  456. EvoX Fuel pump installation
  457. boomslang harness diagram
  458. Opinions on ClutchMasters Stage III for Hi Boost GD3?
  459. Audio Upgrade in Phases, what's the first?
  460. Greddy E-Manage Ultimate install help?
  461. 07 GD3 OBD2A or OBD2B
  462. Using Voltage Stabilizer and Ignition Boost in conjunction?
  463. need some full exhaust help on my 08fit
  464. Megan vs Aspec Midpipe
  465. Header suggestion
  466. review : "option " brake kitt
  467. GD3 Passenger side engine mount
  468. Socal tuning help!
  469. Anyone have this intake?
  470. 140 hp fit
  471. intake = higher redline?
  472. k24 fit vs hatch and mustang
  473. Ball bearing turbo for our Fit?
  474. Axleback ECU Reset and volume questions
  475. Kraftwerks?
  476. Noise from turbo?
  477. jdm fresh exhaust??
  478. Has anyone water-cooled their turbo fit?
  479. Beginner/Newbie in need of Advice.
  480. hfp muffler shortened!!
  481. Kswc high boost
  482. Boost Problems
  483. L15 vtec tuning
  484. Valve Hat Pizza!
  485. Anyone in Miami with a boosted fit???
  486. DIY Test Pipe Install
  487. diy hr shifter box in fit
  488. Bolts for test pipe????
  489. Installing a Hydrogen Generator (HHO)
  490. Greddy Evo 2
  491. T1R Headers, Aspec B-pipe with no resonater, straight pipe muffler
  492. Simota Carbon Intake
  493. 109,000 hp
  494. fit k swap header
  495. socal meth users
  496. HKS Turbo Timer
  497. AEM FIC - Injectors Responce time!
  498. custom urethane motor/transmission mounts
  499. 310 Injectors
  500. Boost controller set up help!