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  1. Civic Type R spoiler on the GE8?
  2. Please help, looking for a body part
  3. HKS Hi-Power Spec L compatibility
  4. Jdm wiper in BRAZIL
  5. Detailing my Milano Red to avoid Milano Pink and headlight restore
  6. Need help with spoiler
  7. Other 2" hitches for the Fit
  8. GE8 JDM led tails?
  9. Project Air Flow (including JDP Carbon Fiber Vented Hood)
  10. JDP front lip
  11. Rear bumper ID
  12. aftermarket light assembly
  13. Mugen lower spoiler front and rear
  14. Hitch, Hitch Rack and Broken Trunk Pan Mount?
  15. Im torn between old school Honda or normal exhaust
  16. Usdm front end to JDM front end conversion
  17. Spoiler Choices
  18. Has anyone ever done this
  19. My JDM Fit RS Mugen Door Mirror Hydrophilic Blue Mirror
  20. Spoon frontbumper
  21. My JDM Fit RS Mugen Side Skirt
  22. 2012 Billet Grille Insert question
  23. Anyone have vinyl on there car?
  24. bike racks
  25. Aftermarket Window Visors
  26. Need answers or Help on raising or turning up the rear wing. Brackets parts ect.....
  27. Trailer hitch for a canadian 2014 Honda Fit
  28. Rear Window Wiper Blade
  29. Grills that fit U.S.-spec '09 Fit?
  30. Ge8 ev headlights and front bumper
  31. JDP Rear Diffuser problem....
  32. Honda Air Scoop Cowl
  33. Touch-up Paint second opinion/verification
  34. driving lamps on a base 2013
  35. Usdm Honda Fit Canards please help
  36. GE8 Headlights
  37. Anyone install STI Lip - V-Spec version?
  38. Help: Noblesse GE8 Taillights
  39. Would the 2015Honda Insight mirrors swap?
  40. Side mirror housing replacement on the cheap?
  41. Badgeless rear hatch garnish
  42. spoiler install on base model
  43. My JDM Fit RS Mugen Rear Under Spoiler
  44. Replacing Entire Headlight Assembly
  45. Will OEM-Style Carbon Fiber Hood for 2009-2010 Honda Fit (Straight Weave) fit a 2012
  46. BRIGHTASSLED headlights
  47. CREE LED 9003 H4 headlight bulbs
  48. J's racing help
  49. Splash Guards
  50. what wings are these?
  51. sport fit oem side skirts on base fit
  52. Mugen grille in winter climes
  53. Jdp ?
  54. Base Model Headlights
  55. LED'S in Mugen Front Lip?
  56. Right headlight removal
  57. spoilers!
  58. 2 Dollar V-tec Decal Stickers, are they Legit?
  59. Honda Fit 2011 side markers
  60. mud flaps?
  61. 2013 Fit Headlight clear peeling
  62. Re-glue wheel well area trim?
  63. What can I use to smooth my windshield?
  64. Red emblems for front and back.
  65. Is a better front bumper possible for us?
  66. Day time running lights and HID kits
  67. Which base roof rack to get for my 2013 base honda fit?
  68. GE8 parts fit GE6?
  69. Bosch europa silver installation
  70. New rear bumper paint opinions....
  71. Home made DRLs
  72. USDM GE front end options?
  73. Yellow fog lights Fit 2009
  74. Front bumper replacement
  75. DIY Fog Lights?
  76. cover for back above bumper ??
  77. Replacement Taillight Bulbs
  78. JDP Lip on 2012 Base?
  79. Front bumper canards
  80. Mugen grille install
  81. Fender flares "wide body"
  82. Oopsie - need options for antenna for 2009 Fit
  83. Touch Up Paint help for 2013 Fit
  84. GE8 JDM Part Numbers
  85. jdm Side mirror turn signal bulb size
  86. What headlight bulbs do you use?
  87. Mugen Window visor Replica!
  88. Bumper Quick Release
  89. Crystal Black Mugen Grille on Non-Black GE
  90. 2012 JDM/EDM Frontlip
  91. RS Depo Tail lights vs RS Stanley tail lights
  92. GE8 Mugen Muffler Tips
  93. The GE8 hood deflector
  94. Garage Vary Over Fenders
  95. Product Spotlight: 2nd Gen Type M 5 Piece Kit
  96. Spoiler options?
  97. DIY Honda FIT RS Rear Spoiler Installation
  98. 2013 Body Kits/ Costumizations
  99. Questions on Plasti-dip for the winter.
  100. Spoiler question
  101. 09-13? totaled fit for parts? Northeast/Mid-Atlantic area east coast USA?
  102. LED bar taillights
  103. photoshop request grille
  104. Need some help ASAP
  105. Good shop in SoCal to Roll guards and pull fenders
  106. 09-11 orange side moldings cheap joliet il
  107. My Takero's Carbon Fiber Rear Wing Add On (Spoiler)
  108. where to find a spoon duckbill spoiler from?
  109. Rear bumper covers (non-OEM)
  110. Honda EV parts interchangeable?
  111. hood edge deflector
  112. My JDM Fit "Shuttle" MODULO Front Lips
  113. DIY LED side view mirror cover - winker mod
  114. Here's Part number for JDM RS emblem, JDM Key Cover, Honda Red Emblem
  115. Door Mirror Cover With LED
  116. Unknown Body kit
  117. Auto-Folding Side Mirrors for the Jazz
  118. Badgeless Grill Replacement?
  119. DIY: Fog light HID Installation
  120. Video: JDM taillight Installation
  121. DRL for GE8 RS Bumper
  122. Motorized trunk opener?
  123. DIY: 11 Pin Door Mirror (Folding, Heated, Smart Key)
  124. My RS Rear BUMPER (JDM Latest Version)
  125. Takaero's Fit
  126. Fit Sport badge idea
  127. Ask: Picture of Bar behind Rear Bumper
  128. Trailer hitch on 2009 Fit Sport??
  129. gauging interest: Fit RS bumper
  130. Rear garnish shave
  131. Paint Job Cost
  132. ASK: Mugen Conversion Part Number RS Rear Bumper
  133. Long shot has anyone try moving the foglights on a GE Sport to the center lower grill
  134. Does anyone offer the Type-S spoiler for the GE?
  135. Carbon Fiber Eyebrow for 2009-2012 Honda Fit JDM Eyelids Covers Mugen Style
  136. 5th Generation Honda Civic rear lip on a GE8
  137. Video: Headlight Armor Stealth Smoke Taillight Kit During the Day
  138. CRZ Aero engine under panel installed on my Fit
  139. Axis tails, painted rear flaps, and other rear mods
  140. Base vs Sport headlights
  141. Anyone done a 2012 sport conversion?
  142. Mugen RS Jazz
  143. Mugen Grill Without Lip
  144. Has anyone try to install a STI lip on a 2012+
  145. JDM vs USDM GE8 Headlights
  146. third brake light add on
  147. Carbon on my SC GE8 :D
  148. where to find jdm rs clear led taillights ?
  149. SPOON bumper = USDM Fit Sport
  150. Will any of these grille's fit our 2012-2013 Fit?
  151. JDP spoiler on base !!!
  152. Mud flaps / splash guards + Fit Base
  153. DIY: 2012+ JDP Honda Fit Front Lip
  154. fog light bezel painted?
  155. Definitive answer for red "JDM" Honda badges? (2012 GE8)
  156. Mugen Rear Spoiler
  157. 2011 Fit side markers
  158. Oem Clear LED Tail Lights ?
  159. new mugen style kit
  160. Block off mirror plates?
  161. Is there a DIY for taking off Rear spoiler?
  162. headlight cover
  163. blue tow hook
  164. DIY-- Grille Overlays to protect A/C condenser
  165. LED DRL strip
  166. Window visor
  167. J's Racing Bumper on USDM GE8
  168. WTB GE8 Sport or Mugen Front Bumper
  169. 2012 honda fit sport front lip
  170. Need info on tow hooks for license plate relocator
  171. SickSpeed Horn Install Question
  172. 2012 body question
  173. Beatrush Under panel
  174. Some Interesting JDM Items
  175. Front bumper swap
  176. Carbon Fiber spoiler
  177. swap headlights
  178. Jdm tail light install
  179. Has anyone ever tinted their headlights?
  180. Need Pics..Plastidip or painted Front bumpers
  181. Adding a second set of foglights, Stock battery ok?
  182. How to remove antenna base?
  183. how to get independant foglights?
  184. Has anyone painted the black rear emblem trim?
  185. Newbie Needs Information
  186. Newbie Needs Information
  187. Exact position of Fit badge?
  188. GE8 Roof Fins
  189. Roof rack and mpg
  190. Fit Sport Spoiler on Fit Base
  191. Fender Flares(GE8)
  192. Unpainted spoiler... How to paint?
  193. chargespeed grill finisher
  194. 2012 Civic shark fin antenna swap on a GE8
  195. roof spoiler options?
  196. 2012 Fit Mugen Compatibility?
  197. Hi from Mexico
  198. WANTED: ge noblesse kit
  199. Wiring help needed -which gromet on firewall to use
  200. GE Front Lip. Read. Now. Seriously. Do it. You know you want to. DO IT.
  201. OEM red honda badge part number needed for GE8(URGENT)
  202. ABS vs FRP spoiler, which is better?
  203. JDM Front turn signal socket.
  204. Vent Visors for those who hate the OEM ones
  205. Honda Fit Red Jdm Badge size, please give me an opinion
  206. Painting Carbon Fiber
  207. GE Sidemarker Template??
  208. Question about Mugen grill pricing
  209. Cracked fog light
  210. Sell me yellow fog tint
  211. any how to's on aftermarket roof wing install?
  212. Does anyone have colleghillshonda carbon fiber side mirror cover?
  213. new guy here part 2
  214. Mugen Carbon Fiber Side Mirrors
  215. Mugen Carbon Fiber Side Mirrors
  216. Chinese Mrkt 'Guangzhou Honda' Badges?
  217. Remove Orange Reflectore from Front Lights?
  218. Cheap aftermarket body kits vs. OEM/Mugen
  219. SE Motors GE Visor Review :thumbup:
  220. 54% Window Tint- Before and After
  221. Auto Hood Mask - Car Bra-ish...
  222. OEM vs Sharkfin Antenna
  223. Why no mid/waist spoilers on FIT/Jazz?
  224. Stickers, Decals, Debadge, Badges Thread
  225. Mugen rear part# ?
  226. Splash Shields questions
  227. 2011 Model Fit Sport Rear Roofline Spoiler for UK Jazz 2012
  228. Looking for in channel only rain guards
  229. New Spoiler Option
  230. Front grill choices
  231. is there anyone using the magnetic car bra?
  232. Head/tailights done today!
  233. Mugen kit in Polished Metal Metallic
  234. roof dimensions for vinyl wrapping?
  235. front canards... helpful?
  236. 2nd generation Honda Fit base model lip kit!!
  237. Body Color License Plate Frames
  238. look what i found!
  239. Convex side mirrors?
  240. CF vinyl pieces done today!
  241. JDP Item Reviews
  242. Mugen rear on Base GE?
  243. Rear Red Badge.
  244. Seibons New CF Wing for the GE8
  245. CF B-Pillar trim?
  246. Height of Side Moldings?
  247. RS Front Emblem!
  248. Mugen or Mugen replica spoiler...
  249. Mugen Window visors?
  250. After Christmas
  251. Anyone from around Delaware (state) know where to get a good clear bra put on?
  252. my ge looks like hitler o.O
  253. Vinyl wrapping a spoiler
  254. Which J's would look good on an SSM???
  255. Removing the tailgate garnish
  256. Alright guys....
  257. sunroof for Fit
  258. sport grill...yay or nay?
  259. Lightweight front bumper
  260. Tow Hook Differrences
  261. Piaa super tera 6500k 18x white led
  262. taillight idea
  263. Mugen Visor Reps
  264. Just out of curiousity.
  265. New headlights
  266. i-Vtec SOHC sticker???
  267. Front Bumper replacement what are my options?
  268. Red Honda Badges
  269. Hitch won't accept bike rack
  270. Stock roof spoiler angle?
  271. "sport" emblem
  272. spoon mirror
  273. Good deal??
  274. Future DIY Front License Plate Relocator
  275. mugen on base model?
  276. Blue Honda Emblems
  277. BBS RS rims
  278. Waist Spoiler (mid-spoiler) for GE8?
  279. usdm mugen kits
  280. GE Rogue Carbon Fiber Rear Garnish Wrap l Rear Wiper Delete
  281. CF Hood?
  282. mugen o.o
  283. Chrome Strip on JDM Grille
  284. roof rack
  285. Turn Signal Bulb?
  286. Headlight Burn Out
  287. Low car is low - JDM content
  288. Wide body anyone (USDM why bother...)
  289. Red Dot FIT emblem placement
  290. Modding the stock airbox
  291. diy grille mod
  292. Where to buy Fit Red H's Emblem 2010
  293. Replica Rs Tail lamps?
  294. Aftermarket wing mirrors?
  295. mugen visors on ge?
  296. NF210'S or DF210's?
  297. Asian vs USDM rear bumper.?
  298. New Parts Updates
  299. How to remove?
  300. Revo Technica Honda Fit 07-08 / 09+ 5-Speed Manual Racing Short Throw Shifter
  301. GE 8 Aftermarket Roof Spoiler Options
  302. DIY pics: Painting rear valence/diffuser (2nd day with the Fit and i painted it!)
  303. DIY lower grille insert!
  304. Spoon short antenna!
  305. Am I the only one who doesn't like the GE JDM tails?
  306. Alternative to painting rear diffuser?
  307. Help with the name of this Spoiler??
  308. 2009 Sport bodykits
  309. GE8 Tow Hook Mounted Front License Plate
  310. can anyone help me with a JP Aero Body Kit
  311. Mugen Body kits for USDM Fit
  312. DIY GE8 Mesh Grille
  313. DIY: 09 Honda Accord's Horn Upgrade
  314. curt hitch install
  315. '09 Honda OEM Hood Deflector, Review/Install Guide/Photos