View Full Version : Gauge Interest in a Fit Product or Group Buy

  1. GK fit Rear Brake Bracket by Scarebird
  2. Introducing the T-REV..
  3. Group Buy JDP Carbonfiber Fenders
  4. Ram Air Duct for GK5
  5. L15A1 adjustable cam gear
  6. GI-jazz/fit gd1 parts
  7. Clazzio
  8. Carbon Fiber hood?
  9. JDP GE8 Carbon Fiber Manifold Cover Group Buy Test
  10. Guage Interest for LED tails
  11. Projector Lamps from 2015 Fit RS
  12. GI: GE motor mounts/engine torque damper
  13. Gauging interest: Part out with Sprintex SC, etc
  14. Buddy club crank pulley kit interest
  15. Crank pulley interest !!!!
  16. Brake Cooling Ducts
  17. B16 into GE8 Kit
  18. True Ram-Cold air system, and more
  19. Shaved rear garnish GE carbon
  20. Jazz GD Genuine Authentic Spoon Sports Carbon Wing/Duckbill
  21. What would you like to see Carbon Fiber?
  22. GE8 Carbon Fiber Rear Diffuser
  23. GI: GE8 Rear Disc conversion Brackets
  24. Extreme Dimensions New Product!
  25. Extreme Dimensions Video Update!
  26. spoon spoiler gd3 guaging interest
  27. GI: GD/GE floor harness bar
  28. BuddyClub Group Buys
  29. GI: GE Fender Flares
  30. hello
  31. Gauging interest in a group buy for lower grille from Grille Tech
  32. Buying honda Fit GD3 Turbo kit
  33. RPF1's (polish finish) CHEAP!
  34. PTUNING License Plate Relocation Kit w/ gopro accesory and tow hook
  35. 2012 Honda fit jdp grill
  36. GI: Fiberglass Eyelids
  37. GB: JDP products? gauging interests
  38. Rook Industries M-Brace for the FIT!
  39. not really GI more like request for 2012 grille
  40. Bi-Xenon Morimoto Mini H1 4.1 Projector + Bulbs Group Buy
  41. GI: 5 LUG conversion HUBS for GE!!
  42. GI: JDP Super-Fantastic Custom Fit SUBWOOFER ENCLOSURE for GE8!
  43. GI: Coil overs by JIC Magic
  44. Gauging interest on GD3 JDM oem front end and Rear lights
  45. Gauging Interest: Winglets/Splitters (part III)
  46. Basis Sport Tuning Radiator Stays
  47. US Mugen Fit GE gauge holder
  48. JDP GE8 duckbill spoiler!
  49. Spoon CR93 Final Batch Group Buy?! **ALL COLORS LIMITED AVAILABILITY**
  50. Gauging Interest: T1R B-Max Basic Coilovers!?
  51. JDP Scoop
  52. GB: Carbon Fiber Restore Product
  53. GAUGING INTEREST:: UAS (Universal Air Suspension) Air Kit Group Buy
  54. TW: Rota Blitz
  55. GAUGING: Interest 2007-2011 Honda Fit rear drum to 11" disc conversion
  56. 2012 Honda Fit GE8 JDP Front Lip
  57. GI: GE tails (Non-Led) Asian edition
  58. GI - Orataro VIP Table?
  59. GAUGING: Interest For MUGEN Front Lip on Base GE8
  60. Mugen Wing for GE
  61. Gauging: Broadway Mirrors
  62. Gauging: 07-08 OEM carpet (not mats, full carpet)
  63. GI: J's Racing Products
  64. Gauging: S2K Push Button Start
  65. Gauging: Depo LED Tail Lights
  66. Group Buy Function and Form Type II Coilovers
  67. Group Buy Vertex Shift Knob
  68. Group Buy : Buddy Club N+ Coilovers :
  69. KSport Coilover Group Buy (newer!) - Get LOW for LESS
  70. Interest in aftermarket Intake Manifold
  71. Calling All Manufactures That Make CF Hoods!
  72. GD or GE New Product Suggestions..
  73. Axis styling ge taillights
  74. Group Buy: KSport Coilovers - Get LOW for LESS!
  75. GE Duckbill / Spoon style spoiler interest
  76. GD rogue cowl scoops
  77. Market Value for Wrecked 2009 Honda Fit
  78. GI: Retrofit Bi-xenon Morimoto Mini Stage III Kit (D2S) from TRS
  79. guaging interest - Custom Seat Belts!
  80. Group Buy: Clazzio Cross Stitch / Diamond Pattern Seat Covers
  81. Gauging Interest: GE high flow cat/cat-less & b-pipe systems
  82. ValorShift - Steel Series "500 grams"
  83. GI: Coilover Group Buy
  84. BRIDE/SSR - Japan Charity T-shirt
  85. FEEL'S Twin Cam - Goodies!!!
  86. SSR Fumoto Quick Drain Oil Valves
  87. CF Shorty Antenna
  88. Gauging: JDP Carbon front lip for Base GE8
  90. Apexi Coilovers for GE-8 on a Group Buy ONLY
  91. Wheres the BC coilover rep at?
  92. Rally Armor mud flaps for GD and GE
  93. We're looking to offer a $59.95 slim ballast HID kit on Fitfreak, any interest?
  94. Gauging Interest for GB: 09-11 USDM Projector Halo R8 Head Lights CCFL
  95. GI: JDP GE Side skirts
  96. Gauging Group Buy: GD/GE Mirror Films
  97. Any interest in a Kammback Aero Spoiler
  98. Gauging Interest: Hood Vinyl's
  100. Gauging Interest: C8SPORT SSD Coilover Groupbuy
  101. Group Buy for TOPFUEL PowerChamber Type-2 GE8 Intake
  102. 2010 Projector
  103. Attention for copycat!
  104. Simpsons Mr. Sparkle decals
  105. Any interest in a Kammback Aero Spoiler
  106. ??? GE8 Front Canards ???
  107. Group Request: GE Carbon Fiber Trunk Hatch
  108. Honda ASIMO - Goodies!!
  109. Ultra Racing Strut/Chasis Braces - GD & GE
  110. GE Intake Manifold Cover - Gauging Interest Thread
  111. GI: Fit Chassis Brace Sets!
  112. Gauging interest for waterproof LED light strips for interior/exterior use
  113. Type-R Style Floor & Trunk Mat Set!!!
  114. gi: mugen s rep wings for gd
  115. Group Buy: GT Spec Chassis Braces
  116. 3mdi-noc carbon fiber vinyl and Oracal 970 RA Black vinyl for Roof
  117. GI: Header for K swap Fit
  118. Rogue GE8 Cowl Scoop Interest / Developement (New Product)
  119. Group request for new hood style...
  120. GB-TOP ONE AERO Universal Diffuser GD/GE
  121. 2010 Honda Fit Styles
  122. GI Second Batch of GE8 Rear Spoilers??
  123. New v2 Splitters/Winglets!
  124. 08 black composite wheel disc!!!!!!!!!!
  125. GROUP BUY: Skunk2 Pro-C Coilovers
  126. Gauging interest for an interior/exterior LED conversion package!
  127. J's Racing Showa Dampers and Springs - GD3
  128. Wheel Group Buys?
  129. Gauging Interest: New Intake for GD Fits
  130. Forged Racing Radiator
  131. GI: TAKATA Harness
  132. Interested in Carbon Fiber OEM/JDM OR Mugen window visor??
  134. 1st Group Buy on 09+ Honda Fit CF Stuff
  135. Mugen Style Carbon Fiber Window Visors GROUP BUY *Mint*!!!(END 5-11-2010)
  136. CF hood with louvers (& friends...LOL)
  137. Would you guys be interested in a "glare-free" Bi-xenon HID kit? Around $140 SHIPPED
  138. Group Buy.. Traklite Wheels
  139. Group Buy: Mfactory LSD
  140. G.I. Harness Bar
  141. What would you guys like made?
  142. Petition for Rogue Fit to make GE scoop
  143. GI: Aggressive GE8 Rear Spoiler
  144. GI: Di-Noc Carbon Fiber wrap material
  145. Gi: Rota wheel blow out!!!!
  146. Blitz Throttle Controller
  147. GI: GD Halos
  148. JDP Carbon Fiber Hood for GE08
  149. POLL: GE T1R V.I.P. axle back!
  150. Gauge Interest on 09+ Honda Fit and 8th Civic Carbon Steering Cover
  151. GI: G3 H4 Bixenon HID Projector Kit
  152. Possible Group Buy on LED Side Mirror Caps for GE8&GE9
  153. Top One Aero Canards for GD3 w/pics
  154. ETC Electronic Throttle Controller
  155. Gauging Interests on LED Angel Eye from twptrade.com
  156. $300 Coilovers for the Fit
  157. Gauging Interest: Group Buy for Standard Performance Coilovers.
  158. Quality Floor Mats, Anyone?
  159. GE Short shifter kit
  160. GI Shifter extensions.
  161. GI: Broadway Mirrors
  162. Ultra Racing Bars
  163. Gauging Interest: STD Suspension R1 Coilovers for 2007-2008 Honda Fit
  164. Testing water on 3 Drive Throttle Controller for GE6-GE9
  165. GI: Seibon CF Hood for GE8
  166. Carbon Fog Light Covers Interest---Rogue
  168. Lovefab turbo manifold!!!
  169. Gauging Interest: Fastline Road Racing Performance Shifter
  170. Volunteer needed in michigan!!!
  171. Front Splitter/Winglets
  172. JDP Rear Diffuser for GD - Gauging Interest
  173. Gi - jdp gd front lip
  174. GI:Ultra Racing GE Rear Sway Bar
  175. J's Racing 304-R
  176. 2009 fit armrest group buy interest
  177. harness bar
  178. if you want ARP connecting rod bolts.... read this!
  179. For Sale: Fit Car Cover
  180. 07/08 Honda Fit CF Door Inserts
  181. Fitted Sub enclosures
  182. who do custom decal sticker?
  183. Rogue GE Carbon Cowl Scoop Interest
  184. GI:KDMcustoms ultra racing front strut bar GD3
  185. GI:LED Products
  186. GI: Fit 07-08, 09+ Clazzio Seat Covers
  187. New Product: Rogue brake / engine duct
  188. Progress auto coilover
  189. The wiperless solution! Rear wiper removal.
  190. Grill Idea for 09 Fit
  191. 2009 CF Side Mirror Group Buy!
  192. Rear defuser GI
  193. 2009 CF OEM hood
  194. Lower Garnish Replica Interest
  195. Rear Camber Kit!
  196. EZCARLIFT Group Buy
  197. 30+ MPG & 40+ MPG Sticker Interest?
  198. Back Yard Special Replica Spoiler For The Fit GD or GE
  199. CF OEM Lip for 03 - 08 Fit.
  200. Carbon Fiber Side Mirror Covers
  201. GE Carbon Fiber Fenders
  202. Blow Out: Apexi Exhaust for 07+ Fit, Tein - BASIC, SS, FLEX, and Mono FLEX
  203. Open face grill interest
  204. KDMcustoms:Ultra racing 4pt Rear Lower Brace
  205. Key Hole, Bumper, Wiper Delete Plugs.
  206. J's Racing LED Kit
  207. Gauge interest in Rear Diffuser
  208. STI style Gauge Pods for the Fit
  209. GI: I *Heart* My Fit pin
  210. Finally! Carbon fiber badgeless garnishes by iKONA
  211. Rogue Carbon Gauge Visor, Column Cover interest
  212. Like carbon fiber interior panels?
  213. GI: Fit Access??
  214. GI: Led Turn Signal Mirror for GE Fit?
  215. GI: dark tint visors from weathertech
  216. TTW: GoPro Cam
  217. Temperature Guage Kit
  218. GI: Weathertech FloorLiner DigitalFit GE8
  219. Rogue smooth carbon rear garnish
  220. 2009 Fit Hood
  221. New Front Grill!
  222. WTB: HKS Product
  223. GE Projector Headlights
  224. Cheatsheet for best prices?
  225. GI : Badgeless Garnish for the 09+ Fit!
  226. GI Fuel Door
  227. PufferFit stickers are GO!!
  228. Bonnet Damper for GD/GE Fit
  229. What do you guys want!
  230. Just throwing this out there.
  231. Skunk2 short shifter
  232. GI: Direct Bolt-On Projectors!!
  233. GB HID Kits $95 XenonVisions
  234. black headlights GB (BernardiParts.com)
  235. Tanabe DF210 coil spring for 09
  236. 09 Springs KG/MM
  237. MFactory Competition Products - Gauging Interest
  238. GI - Badgeless Trunk Handle
  239. GI on HID Kits for $110 / slim ballast kit $135
  240. GB on Xenith Xenon HID
  241. GI in Key Hole, Bumper, and rear hatch plugs!
  242. Vote on Pufferfit final design
  243. Gauging Interest: USDM to JDM Conversion for Socal
  244. GE8 real mugen visors
  245. Interest in custom Pufferfit decal???
  246. Gauging Interest on Tom Toms Navigations
  247. Fit Strup Header Group Buy
  248. Gauging Interest: Wide Angle Side Mirror Glass With/Without LED
  249. HID Kits, Plug and play, any size color temp
  250. GI: Halo Kit
  251. Gauging Interest In Authentic Mugen Grille
  252. Scanguage?
  253. Tanabe Touring Medallion Please!!!
  254. Official FitFreak Decal Page
  255. Group Buy: Password JDM Intake
  256. Rogue Carbon Cowl Scoop and Cowl Cover interest
  257. Gauging Interest: Your Very Own Custom FitFreak Watch
  258. Gauging interest in 3RD LED GB
  259. TW: decals
  260. Footwerks Coilovers
  261. Fitgoods
  262. Fitfreak Decals
  263. JDM Console Group Buy
  264. Carbon fiber fog light housing
  265. TW: broadway mirrors and squash air freshener
  266. GI: Stealth Sub Box
  267. GB: T1R Clutch Kit
  268. GB : MUGEN parts(Gauges/Gear$Brake boot/Garnish/Tag)
  269. J's racing style grill
  270. GB: ORACLE HID Kits $155 OFF
  271. TW: jdm parts
  272. GB Interest: STRI Gauges
  273. color instrument gauge overlay
  274. LED front/rear foot Lighting and Dome lighting
  275. zeta dead pedal
  276. mugen quick shifter, sport pedal kit 5mt, "formula" shift knob 5mt, & shift boot
  277. jdm led 3rd brake light white style
  278. jdm center arm rest consoles
  279. Vinyl Sticker?
  280. jAZZ
  281. Roof Overlay
  282. GB: DME Engine Torque Dampers
  283. Another Possible LED Strip GB!!!!
  284. Koni Yellows! Woot!
  285. Gi: Led Dome Light
  286. Skunk2 Pro C Coil Overs Group Buy
  287. GB: OEM Honda visors
  288. Gauging Interest in Vinyl Decals/T-shirts
  289. Fitfreak.net Decal Group Buy Questions Thread
  290. Shift boot and parking brake boot
  291. jdm slim door visor group buy please!!!!!
  292. Any intrest in HID retro-fit headlights?
  293. Steering Wheel IR Remote for aftermarket stereos
  294. Discount fender rolling rentals for FitFreaks
  295. Lets get some custom carbon started
  296. T1R Test Pipe GB?
  297. Tanabe Medalion Concept G Part #T80122A
  298. Ultra Racing Strut Bar
  299. Can we get a group buy on Progress rear sways
  300. Carbon fiber product interest?
  301. Fitfreak Microfiber Detail Kits
  302. Plush Asimo toy
  303. FOR SALE Nokia N96 16gb smartphone at .....$400usd
  304. How about a group buy on some tires
  305. Can we do a Kics neo chros GB?
  306. Who wants to get a Fujita GB going?
  307. gauging interest- double DIN carbon fiber kit.
  308. DIY Venture Shield Clear Bra
  309. Angel Eye Group Buy
  310. Rear badge overlays
  311. GB: FIT Led 3rd Break light
  312. Group Buy Interest: Coilovers and Lowering Springs
  313. somebody do a groupbuy for visors!!!
  314. Weapon*R Intake Manifold!
  315. J's Racing Titanium Exhaust System FX (Rear muffler)
  316. J's racing STYLE front lip
  317. T1R Rear disc conversion GB ?
  318. Feeler: SmartWax Group Buy
  319. So Cal Clear Bra Group Buy Gauging Interest!
  320. GB: Door Sill LED's???
  321. KSport Rear Disc Kit
  322. Wanted : a GB on rims..
  323. Petition to Koni...
  324. sport grille
  325. Group Buy Wanted: SCCA H Stock legal wheels for Fit
  326. T1R Hood damper ?
  327. Denso Oil filters
  328. Gauging interest: LED DOME AND TRUNK lights!
  329. Group Buy Interest: Ings+1 bodykit for USDM Honda Fit
  330. Carbon Gas Door
  331. Can we get a GB on halogen bulbs?!
  332. checking interest on carbon / black air scoop
  333. Group Buy: Any Colored Headlights!!!!
  334. Sourcing for U
  335. Weapon*R Street Header
  336. Gauging Interest on a HID GB $135 shipped!
  337. 2007 2008 FIT wood Car coat Hanger
  338. 2007 2008 FIT Coabon Fiber Car coat Hanger
  339. FS: Chrome Accessories
  340. ABS plastic Spoon style spoiler?
  341. HID Conversion Kits
  342. Color matched rear wiper delete kit!!!
  343. Who wants a custom sub enclosure for $100!!
  344. Interest check for Spoon replica Duracon shift knob for auto
  345. Interest check for Noblesse Diffuser
  346. Gauge interest in flares
  347. Gauging Interest for Luxer1 LED Dome Light.
  348. GB on Hawk HPS pads??
  349. EM-RACING Bars
  350. ScanGauge II custom mount for Scosche DIN
  351. Gauging interest in Carbon Fibre stuffs
  352. Guaging interest in Ksport full coilovers
  353. Springs
  354. usdm chrome headlamp
  355. JDM chrome interior handles
  356. USDM Honda Fit eyelids corrmann style
  357. USDM Projector Headlights by DEPO
  358. Mugen Style Full body Kit.
  359. OEM Headlight Group Buy
  360. car care, cover your car, group buy.
  361. Mythelogy lightweight crank pulley
  362. Tanabe goodies!
  363. T-Shirt Group Buys!
  364. OEM Fit Spoiler, not OEM styled, the real thing
  365. roof spoiler for Honda Fit
  366. Fujitsubo Exhaust GB?