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  1. Springs/Shocks to go with Progress Rear Sway Bar
  2. Lowering rear on BC V1 coilovers
  3. Parts needed for suspension refresh
  4. Another Swift Spring review
  5. Painted Rotor Hats
  6. First post, fitment help please
  7. Negative Camber
  8. ZX Performance Springs & Shocks
  9. Car front left side sag, Car not bouncing.
  10. Torsion Beam Bushings
  11. '18 shocks on a GE8
  12. Rubbing noise after front brakes job
  13. Bolt on the shock keeps spinning
  14. Koni orange or KYB with stock springs
  15. Hawk hps 5.0
  16. hawk hps 5.0 vs oem or akebono
  17. BC-Racing A-28 Coilover Install/Review GE8 Honda Fit/Jazz
  18. GE8: Don't do this to break-in new pads (& rotors)
  19. Parts needed for Coilover swap/install?
  20. Koni STR.T (Orange) + Swift Springs
  21. Shocks and springs for Honda Fit '09 sport
  22. Issue adjusting front coilover
  23. Lift Kit Options - Brazilian Fit (Jazz) Twist?
  24. Swift Springs with Koni Orange or Stock?
  25. can u get a rear swap to work on a lowered car????
  26. Recommendations on widest tire, Swift springs and shocks please for new owner
  27. Godspeed Mono SS Coil overs???
  28. Koni strt and Eibach springs
  29. Cure for understeer?
  30. Buddy club coilovers
  31. Project Mu Rear Discs
  32. fender brace
  33. Is a thrust angle alignment needed for the FIT ?
  34. GE ITR Brake Upgrade Questions
  35. Where to get brake caliper bracket?
  36. My Spoon Rigid Collar & Honda Insight Lower Control Arm
  37. My JDM Fit RS OHLINS Coil Over
  38. Official GE8 Handling thread
  39. EBC question
  40. My Front Brembo Gran Turismo 6 Piston Type III Rotor
  41. Loud pop in back end.
  42. Question on Function/Forms
  43. Coil over with swift spring upgrade
  44. front camber adj and lower control arms
  45. Fender Liners and coilovers
  46. koni advice
  47. Bump steer correction steering gearbox Shims for Extended Ball Joint installed Fit
  48. Are GK Rear Brakes and hubs same as GE?
  49. Air Helper Springs
  50. More low ?
  51. Tein Street Basis Question
  52. Coilovers installed!
  53. Function & Form Type 2 Coilovers - Rear Panel Cover & Ride Quality
  54. Anyone running orange front/yellow rears?
  55. Where to replace Front Wheel Bearing for Honda Fit?
  56. Brake pads and rotors.
  57. J's Racing Brake Master Cylinder + Kuo's Garage Strut Tower Bars + Goodridge
  58. OEM Specs
  59. Warped rotors....again
  60. Lower Car via Tires?
  61. Eibach Pro or Swift?
  62. Swift Springs Ride Quality?
  63. GE8 Strut Bar, Strut Tower Bar, Strut Brace
  64. help! I want air bag suspension!
  65. Installed new lowering springs and now there is a clunking
  66. Air suspension recommendations?
  67. best bang for the buck for Lowering and better handling?
  68. Aftermarket Suspension?
  69. Better Ride & Handling Possible?
  70. in need of owners manual for buddy club coilovers
  71. Eline drilled slotted brake rotors
  72. DIY: SPOON Front Sway Bar
  73. Camber Kit? Do I have to have one?
  74. 13>09 struts?
  75. Which one to buy?
  76. Cutting the rear coil/lowering spring GE8
  77. RS-R Springs Question
  78. How much $$ am I looking at replacing rear shocks on 2010 Sport?
  79. Lift Kit for a Honda Fit?
  80. advice on lowering springs and wheels!!
  81. How low can i drop my car?
  82. Current setup vs Bilstein PPS
  83. New to GE, I want stiffer suspension, but little drop
  84. KONI STR.T Orange Shocks
  85. Endlinks
  86. GE8 front sway bar upgrade
  87. Brake upgrade...Wilwood vs
  88. Any reason not to get progress springs?
  89. GE8 suspension for STF
  90. 5 stud
  91. Functional coilovers
  92. softer suspension
  93. GE Ride Height
  95. ksport coilovers
  96. Swift spring rates for GE8 vs. GD3
  97. Help with Buddy Club N+ coilover install. Spring like noise coming from front
  98. Help with choosing coilovers
  99. FastBrakes drum to disk conversion
  100. Help with buddy club n+ spec dampener adjustment issue
  101. Stiff Ring - a copy of Spoon's Rigid Collar
  102. help with removing front struts
  103. ksport coils
  104. SS Brake Lines Help!!!!!!
  105. ABS and eBrake Light
  106. Buddy Club Extended Ball Joint Install
  107. Strange Pulsation/Knock after brake replacement
  108. Bagged GE8's?.....
  109. GE8 Front Swaybar options
  110. progress springs on sale for 137 directly from progress for both GE8/GD3
  111. progress vs. swift springs
  112. GE8 Fit Spring info thread
  113. Spoon vs Swift Springs
  114. Looking to build my own suspension setup.
  115. Shocks/struts
  116. new Jazz ( Fit ) brake sensitivity
  117. Ksport coils?....
  118. Review: Tein Street Basis Coilovers
  119. Sway bars?.... better handling options?
  120. Got -1.8 camber just from 1 SPC bolt only!
  121. Redshift Koni Coilovers Review
  122. DIY- One person brake system flush/fill/bleed
  123. 16x8 rims with swift springs
  124. Coilover help.
  125. Anyone running BC coils on their fit?
  126. Mugen coilover for GE8 :)
  127. HPD Bilstein suspension?
  128. Interior cabin creaking
  129. Easy brake system flush/fill/bleed
  130. how to prevent brake fade?
  131. Ground Control Coiover ge8
  132. Swift Springs with 17s?
  133. Buddy Club N+ Coilovers (GE8)
  134. Christmas comes early. Redshifts Koni/Groundcontrol Coilovers
  135. Wilwood release new caliper for Honda, No Bracket needed, Direct Bolt On
  136. Ask: pictures of Ultra Racing 2 point lower arm bar
  137. 10mm vs 15mm spacer
  138. Bilsteins !
  139. RECALL VSA, 2012-2013 Fit Sport
  140. Searchin for Dampers / Shocks ...
  141. My JDM DISK BRAKE RS Rear Axle conversion
  142. tap hat installation
  143. Eibach Sportlines on a 2013?
  144. alignment after damper install
  145. RS-R Ti2000 Down questions
  146. Wheels spacers for 2012 Fit Sport??
  147. Shape & Dimension of Hub that Touch Rotor Center Bore
  148. Espelir Active Super Down
  149. BuddyClub DIY Ride heights adjustments
  150. KYB AGX's and TEIN S-Tech's - Any opinions?
  151. Ask: Clearance "DIFFERENCE" AFTER 1.75 negative camber
  152. GE/GD Front OEM BRake KIT UPGRADE!!!
  153. lowest coilovers?
  154. Doing my part...
  155. Function and form coilover type II help
  156. progress springs installed, maddening problem tho! HELP!!!!!!
  157. KYB Lowfer Sports...
  158. Coilover help.
  159. Any Update on Eibach Pro Street-S coilover?
  160. Porterfield R4-S
  161. eibach pro kit vs swift springs
  162. Ingalls bolts?
  163. kyb sr shocks ?
  164. spring compressors that work on our small springs!
  165. cusco 4 pt front lower arm brace
  166. Thoughts on KYB Excel Shocks ?
  167. Spoon Front Sway Bar
  168. CRZ Coilover Question?
  169. Ground Control coilover thoughts?
  170. ISC N1 Suspension Full Coilover System
  171. CV axle/shaft
  172. Question for slammed GE8s
  173. ge8 (2011) coilovers.. HELP..
  174. Mild Drop Springs Suggestions
  175. GE8 Rear Disc prototype
  176. best coilover for street ?
  177. Driveshaft problem
  178. Progress RSB for 2012
  179. Fit Lowered 4 daily Driving MiamiJazz
  180. Seriously, how similar are the CR-Z and Fit underpinnings?
  181. Adjustable Camber Upper Mount
  182. Camber kit?
  183. T1R S-Coils
  184. Recommendation on lowering spring
  185. Front Caliper upgrade?
  186. T1R Coilovers from Group Buy
  187. Progress RSB fit 2012?
  188. SPC Camber bolt question? What's the maximum negative camber you achieve?
  189. I decided on Swift springs
  190. Coilovers aplenty, just can't find an answer...
  191. Torque Specs For Suspension Bolts
  192. anybody autoxing on swift springs?
  193. function form type 2 question
  194. Slotted Camber Adjustment (Buddy Club N+)
  195. Upper Mounts? CUSCO got you covered
  196. Need answers..
  197. Spoon fixed dampers CRZ/Fit GE8
  198. Buddy Club N+ help
  199. Air Shock GE8 info needed.
  200. Coilover install prices?
  201. Options for performance shocks?
  202. Hawks hp+
  203. Who sells GE stainless brake lines?
  204. Trouble Disassembling Suspension
  205. Auto X May 5th
  206. Coilovers to take me there....
  207. street setup ?
  208. Extended Studs / Spacers
  209. Firming up the rear chassis
  210. Anyone know of deals on N+ ?
  211. which springs should i get?...plz help!
  212. Coilover Suggestion?
  213. Function Form type ii for fit 2012
  214. Why no aftermarket FRONT sway bars?
  215. Is there any difference between '06 & '08 civic camber bolts?
  216. I'm scared
  217. 2009 sport - stiffen rear suspension
  218. Progress Suspension Question
  219. Anyone know a place? In VA
  220. Eibach Sportline.
  221. Too much camber for daily driver?
  222. k-sport coilovers!
  223. 5-lug 4-wheel disc conversion
  224. Megan Racing Springs
  225. Sportline and Eibach Camber Bolts
  226. Another Spacer Question...
  227. Front Strut bars worth it?
  228. lowered ge8's get in here!!! please :)
  229. Gauging Interest: T1R B-Max Basic Coilovers!?
  230. Over Kill on front Brakes!
  231. Brake Upgrade Discussion
  232. Gauging Interest: T1R B-Max Street Coilovers!?
  233. Progress RSB and springs?
  234. Help! Buddy Club N+ Install/Adjustments
  235. Ground Control
  236. Rear drum brake adjustment!
  237. Adding a rear Sport anti-roll to Base?
  238. Post your coilover type and your damping setting
  239. recommendation for coilover springs.
  240. Rear torsion beam suspension discussion.
  241. Tein Street Basis & Superstreet
  242. Lowering spring questions
  243. spacers..
  244. Found "Struct Bar" on ebay
  245. Abs
  246. Review my current alignment spec...
  247. After major drop, positive camber. WTF? Pics Inside.
  248. Spoon calipers for GE8?
  249. For Sale : Used Moton circuit racing dampers
  250. Progress RSB
  251. tein s tech vs. eibach sportline - advice / opinions?
  252. Progress 62.1062 or 62.1061? Rear Sway Bar
  253. Rear Toe
  254. Spring choices and future upgrades...
  255. Please Help Looking to buy Coilovers
  256. Solid motor mount review
  257. Tanabe R&D needs a GE Fit
  258. New guy here...
  259. Hawk Brake Pads
  260. For all the Slammed Ge's. Question about rear tire wear...
  261. Progress RSB on Stock Suspension... worth it?
  262. For X-mas a drop will came for my ride....Which to buy?
  263. Axle problems after lowering...
  264. Air Ride Kit?
  265. Driver's side lower than passenger
  266. RPF1 - 15" weight
  267. Help!
  268. GE same brakes as GD?
  269. Which coilovers are better for the GE8 (2011)
  270. H&R springs on my GE8
  271. best coilover spring rating for GE fit
  272. Progress Technology - RSB - which springs work?
  273. replacement Rear Shocks/coils for 09 Fit
  274. Eibach Pro-Kit
  275. T1R S-coil springs - rubbing issue
  276. Acura/Honda brakes that fit the Fit???
  277. 16x7 +40 on Swift Springs?
  278. DD Fit handling
  279. Anyone make or DIY a removable rear "strut" bar?
  280. REVIEW: Project U Slotted Rotors and Project U Brake Pads.
  281. Aftermarket Brake Pads - ripping my hair out!
  282. final decision (GE8) df210 or s-coils
  283. df210 squat?
  284. KW Variant 1 Coilovers Now Available!!!
  285. Bilstein PSS Coilovers Now Available!!!
  286. Lower rear without springs?
  287. Lowering Springs Question. YES another.
  288. buddy club and megan coilovers
  289. Aftermarket struts? Koni/Ground Control/etc?
  290. T1R S Install Question
  291. Wanted: best all-round, well-sorted fast road suspension
  292. Fit Chassis Brace GB Last Call (ends 3/4/11)
  293. DIY C-Pillar Bar (Advanced Speed Shop Type)
  294. Coilovers
  295. Honda fit 09 Hitch sagging help please
  296. Any knowledge on best suspension to get?
  297. Tanabe Coilovers
  298. 2010 Honda Fit Sport GE8 on Eibach Pro-Kit Springs (pics)
  299. Fit Suspension design.
  300. Narrowed my choices for springs...now help me find the best place to buy them!!!
  301. T1R Lower bars INSTALLED!!!!
  302. Roll Center Adjusters for Daily Driver?
  303. Tear & wear : Piston seals for GE.
  304. Camber?
  305. GE8 Front Brake Pad Compatibility
  306. any heard of these?
  307. T1R Lower subframe bar & Lower arm bar !!!!
  308. Progress RSB w/ updated Allen Head bolts
  309. Has anybody bought Cusco Front Strut Bar from H-Fit.com?
  310. Differences in GD and GE Suspension?
  311. ??'s for you buddy clubbers'...or any coilover peeps...
  312. M7 Japan Super Street Performance Damper
  313. A damper thought....
  314. Tein spring fitted with a problem
  315. King has the Mugen Sports Suspension for the GE8!
  316. How big are the GE front rotors?
  317. Need some info...
  318. Official GE Coilover Thread
  319. Cusco seems to be really on board with the GE8
  320. Wheel / Tire / Suspension Combo
  321. Best Lowering Springs for +40 Offset
  322. Buddy Club N+ Coilovers for GE
  323. Honda Sport Suspension
  324. Drum to disk conversion
  325. Official GE Lowering Spring Specs Thread
  326. Anybody with NF210's?
  327. Pic. Request:T1R S coils or eibach sportlines on 17s
  328. are there any aftermarket GE shocks/dampers for lowering springs yet?
  329. Check this out..
  330. Does any one have the fastbrakes rear drum to disc brake conversion kit?
  331. Need the proper springs!
  332. tanabe DF210 question
  333. tein s tech springs
  334. Another DF210 help thread
  335. DIY rear sway bar
  336. T1R springs installed...problems doing an alignment. Help please.
  337. Springs
  338. GE8 shocks
  339. In need of camber kit
  340. Parts List for the ultimate handling FIT?
  341. Best lowering springs?
  342. Dangggg Cheap Coilovers
  343. The GE FiT Swift Springs thread
  344. hfp suspension?
  345. Looking for DropZone Spring users
  346. S.S. brakelines, worth it
  347. Upper Strut bars
  348. Wilwood part number for honda fit Ge6?
  349. HKS S-Compact or Tein SS Coilovers
  350. Air Bagged Fit?
  351. Dropping my GE8
  352. J's Racing Rear Strut Bar & C-Pillar Bar (DIY included)
  353. Best Adjustable Coilovers
  354. What part of the car does the Ultra Racing rear sway bar bolt up to?
  355. KW V2 Coilovers
  356. Problem with Progress rear sway bar - bolts pushing up on the rubber seat
  357. Has anyone had experience with Function and Form?
  358. sportlines installed
  359. shipping from a-jracing???
  360. Ultra Racing vs. Progress rear sway bar: which one is better?
  361. Input on front/rear strut bars for the ge?
  362. Review: Megan Coilovers for GE8
  363. GE8 Megan Coilovers
  364. where to get t1r s-coils
  365. new to fit freak
  366. Tanabe df210 help/advise?
  367. Lowering springs installed!
  368. Lowering springs installed!
  369. New 2010 sport--Please point me in the right direction.
  370. GD and GE Springs?
  371. spring question
  372. Brake pads : endless NS97 vs. project Mu B-spec
  373. Nagisa fender brace
  374. Buddy Club N1+ Damper kit
  375. fastbrakes 12.2 inch wilwood brake kit for GE
  376. Does anyone bave a DIY for lowering?
  377. eibach pro-kit??
  378. Those with Coilovers, What parts do you reuse?
  379. Dimension of Stock Coil Springs
  380. HKS Hipermax S Compact installed
  381. 2010's come with rear swaybar?
  382. anyone here on STD coilovers?
  383. Like to see some lowered ge8's
  384. D2 Racing COilovers for GE8
  385. eibach prokit or progress springs?
  386. Tanabe DF210 Springs
  387. T1R Braces !!!!
  388. Spring Rates
  389. When to replace brake pads?
  390. GD3 Mugen Sport Suspension on the GE8
  391. Aftermarket Dampers for 09's
  392. Performance Springs for GE08 (Eibach Vs. Tanabe DF210) -- there is no GF210 for GE08
  393. Progress GE8 RSB
  394. 09 Base model suspension questions - rear sway bar
  395. So I want to lower my GE8
  396. Swaybars for GE8?
  397. Who has coilovers on their 09?
  398. GE8 Lowered Thread - Post your pics!!!
  399. Mugen Suspension Test Fit