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  1. NEON(whatcolor?)
  2. Lighted Door Still Trim
  3. it finally came in.
  4. DIY- yellow fog lights...DONE!!**pic**
  5. Tail Lights...has anyone done this?
  6. Is the electric mirror switch lighted ?
  7. Where to get a 13P connector and 9 pins ?
  8. Installing H11s
  9. 2009+ GE8 RS Style DEPO LED Tail Lights
  10. I need help to install Map Light unit from USA in Canadian Sport 09 Fit.
  11. Xenith Xenon Hid Bulb/Ballast?
  12. Everything you need to know about Retrofitting
  13. Adjustable dash lights switch?
  14. Possible to Switch these wires???
  15. DEPO 07-08 smoked tails $134 shipped on EBAY
  16. Looking for recommendations on HID fog lights
  17. Another problem with my hids..help?
  18. Independent fogs on 09
  19. LED strips kept burning out ... what to do ?
  20. Give me a photo thread on footwell lights
  21. Accessory socket to full time
  22. Philips X-Treme Power H4 bulbs
  23. 77 Bucks Shipped Bixenon HID's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  24. LEDs in the Exterior Door handles...
  25. HID retrofit question
  26. 12v 30 amp relay, where can it go?
  27. GE8 cupholder lights
  28. DIY - footwell illumination, ambient lights & glovebox illumination
  29. Real or fake, how can you tell? (tails)
  30. JDM foot lights - issues?
  31. Help! Can't remove 1st gen Fog Lights!
  32. GE8 projector anyone?
  33. need help from HID expert!
  34. dome light(s) on when off?
  35. Cost To Install Interior Lighting Kit
  36. LED turn signals, im missing something hmm...
  37. HID problem
  38. Looking for 194 Purple Bulb/LED: Recommendations?
  39. Did I blow a fuse? (Lights ICON/Running Lights don't work)
  40. Relay a MUST?
  41. License Plate Bulb Cover: Easily Destroyed!?
  42. New Guy-Looking for Some Help (License Plate Light Question)
  43. E-code (EDM) headlamps in a US Fit?
  44. Tail Lights... Anybody buy these?
  45. JDM/EDM headlight adjustable switch/unit - USDM GD Fit
  46. DIY bolt on projector review
  47. Carbon fiber headlight assy. + projector
  48. where can i buy aftermarket fog lights or just the lens itself
  49. Need help figureing out the led lights for my Fit 2009
  50. HID Install Problem
  51. My HIDextra review... $90! :P
  52. What r the front/rear turn signal bulbs for 09 fit
  53. where can i buy some foglights and headlights
  54. LED Interior Pillar Lights.
  55. HID retro without the projector
  56. HIDextra review-$60! comparision pics!
  57. Front Assembly/CD Player
  58. Anyone have an OEM Map Light they want to sell me?
  59. Black altezza
  60. help on connecting led lights to which fuse box
  61. Where to buy hid headlight
  62. yellow foglights
  63. Fit's sidemarkers
  64. Independent BASE Fog Lights?
  65. Drivng lights and Turn signals swapped?
  66. led 3rd brake light question
  67. best oem fog prices
  68. fog light button
  69. ?uestion about HID kits
  70. HID kit not working right.
  71. maplight wiring question
  72. 07-08 Ebay Fog Lights
  73. HId Yellow Fogs
  74. HID bulb Replacement....
  75. interior lighting - what color ???
  76. Backup lights too dim
  77. HID wiring question...
  78. JDM LED - Stock Replacement?
  79. Need Help Picking Bulbs
  80. taking the Fit headlight apart...
  81. Smoked LED Tails on ebay
  82. Bulging Fog Light Bulb - Uh Oh.... [PICS]
  83. So Excited.... For what UPS is delivering today...
  84. Need help installing HID kit.
  85. interior lights that turns on when I turn on head light?
  86. HID kit install questions
  87. Help Plz, ambient light switch itself
  88. Has anyone changed their blinkers to parking lights?
  89. Anyone used Ring Xenon Max H4 headlamps?
  90. In the market for HID bi-xenon lights.
  91. HID's....help
  92. eliminate daytime running lights
  93. illegal ca lights
  94. Where to buy HID's for Fit???
  95. Is the GE8 DRL high, low or both bulbs?
  96. help!! headlights won't turn on????
  97. Bought taillights from hondafittuner? Check in...
  98. What would you do -- Custom Retrofit
  99. Honda fit Tuner smoked tails
  100. Protecting Fog Lights
  101. adding lights
  102. fill these fit???
  103. Yellow fog bulbs vs. Yellow film
  104. my high power LED lights w/ pics
  105. Repairing cracked housing/lens
  106. Cheap $7 spray paint for DIY SMOKED TAIL LIGHTS..........share your ideas!!
  107. Fog lights on the 08' Sport Model
  108. Changing corner running light in the headlights on GE8?
  109. One Set of Cheap JDM Red/Clear LED Tails
  110. LEDs installed in the hatch w/ pics
  111. What is the headlight bulb size for 2009 Fit?
  112. Look here to see why HID kits are HORRIBLE!
  113. Rubber gasket on back of headlight....
  114. HID fog light installation
  115. Alternatives to DEPO
  116. 3-watt LED 7440's for Reverse/Backup Lights
  117. Best looking LED TailLight on 09 Jazz [taffeta white]
  118. Help with relay install for fogs (H11)
  119. USDM projector headlights
  120. Retro --> what to do with Fogs?
  121. 09 GE, 7507 LED front ambers.. do I need a load resistor?
  122. JDM Taillights =]
  123. Fit Halos....
  124. Folding Mirror wiring????
  125. xenith xenxons sux
  126. anybody thought of both high and low beams on at once?
  127. what brand headlights are these?
  128. Dash lights adjustable independent of headlight status
  129. gd3 jdm tail lights
  130. dictionary definition of "independent", independent fog lights
  131. BI-XENON HID help
  132. Cargo light upgrade Led
  133. do these projectors fit usdm?
  134. Keyless entry wiring diagram?
  135. Any experience with these LED tails?
  136. Where to buy DEPO smoked tails?
  137. Any US GE8 sport owners with painted headlights
  138. headlight dimming when defroster comes on?
  139. OEM interior lighting fuse
  140. HID wiring help
  141. Bixenon Headlights and HID Fogs
  142. DIY: Changing Headlight Bulbs
  143. Silverstar Ultra question
  144. POLL: Honda Fit USDM or JDM Tail lights
  145. jdm headlight
  146. Will lighting void the warranty?
  147. DEPO's Projector
  148. Installed my hids but I have a problem...
  149. Rear Cargo Light Lens Removal
  150. All rear lights went out!!
  151. Gauge Converstion
  152. hid balast
  153. HID low & Halogen high
  154. Interior lighting question
  155. GE8 HID Installation
  156. neo wedge???
  157. Remove 09 headlight housing from car??
  158. How the DRLs work? 1/2 Voltage, PWM or special bulb?
  159. which sidemarkers to use?
  160. projector retrofit DIY?
  161. bi-xenon retrofit flickering...
  162. JDM LED Tails that look like USDM....
  163. HIDs flickering and [email protected] out? Not sure what to do
  164. Hid bulb help!
  165. maybe time for Factory Led TAils
  166. The Mysterious Blue Glow- LEDs Installed
  167. Good buying experience on H4 bulbs from the UK
  168. anyone seen these?
  169. What the truck?!?!?
  170. anyone else's fog lamps useless
  171. Just installed my Xenon Xenith HID
  172. adjusting foglights
  173. HIDS questions
  174. HID Problem
  175. Headlights help.
  176. Faulty Wiring in tail light ???
  177. hid problem
  178. The Retrofit Source - GREAT e-tailer for HIDs!!
  179. Brighter bulb without HID?
  180. What HID color temp does this look like, to you?
  181. super bright white turn signals/parking lights
  182. Hid help!!!!
  183. Installed! 9 LED Line Beam
  184. LED Strip question
  185. Any GE8s Running HIDs?
  186. LED's done on the cheap.
  187. Base Model Foglight wiring.. wtf!
  188. Zeta Fog Review
  189. 4300k or 6000k HID's?
  190. the 3 little bolts for the taillights
  191. JDM LED Style Install HELP!!!
  192. which lights
  193. confused about where tail bulbs go
  194. 35W 50W HID whats the difference?
  195. HID help lol PLEASE!!
  196. Foglight cut-out template for Base Model install
  197. led dome light, led's in the bulb
  198. Film, bulbs, or paint for fogs?
  199. Changing DRL bulbs on 09?
  200. HID Lights In Stock Housing
  201. Hid fogs
  202. WTB tail lights
  203. HID Bulbs & Kits
  204. Opinions on tails?
  205. how do you get the head lamp assembly out to paint murder them out
  206. LED Ribbons
  207. HID Discussion.
  208. N1 Smoked LEDs....
  209. Calling all NHBP owners!
  210. need opnions on what color HID foglights to get!
  211. H4H/L bulb
  212. Opinions on new tails?
  213. Truely independent fogs w/ high beams.
  214. 3rd Brake Light Break Down to LED's
  215. head lights are FINALLY done!!!
  216. white led underglow kits legal in CA?
  217. Fog bulbs on 09 Fits
  218. Photoshop headlights, angel eyes and bitoys evil eyes lol
  219. Led Strips???
  220. headlight/taillight covers?
  221. Swithcing signal and reverse light location
  222. Finally done my prototype
  223. saturday night meets
  224. light ring around the ignition switch
  225. N1 LED Tailights, Interior Chrome Fading?
  226. wholesalexenonhid ??
  227. HID's having problems turning on! Please help!!
  228. FOG LIGHTS ; clear, smoked, or yellow???
  229. headlight malfunction
  230. headlight module leaking?
  231. ASEAN Honda Jazz Retrofit
  232. foot illumination leds
  233. Wiring to ignition???
  234. Retrofit questions
  235. ebay foglights
  236. HID install ?. where to mount ballasts?
  237. BITOYs NO FEAR LOOK!!!!!
  238. Rally Style Lights
  239. Puddle Lights possible on the Fit?
  240. headlight tabs broken??
  241. 4 Led Tail, Help Me Decide !!
  242. Headlamp Relay through ignition switch?
  243. Quick Help
  244. Installing OEM style fog lights on BASE MODEL?
  245. dome light problems
  246. yellow bulbs. which to choose?
  247. Fog Lights
  248. battery problems and headlight problems
  249. DIY door sill **need help ><**
  250. HELP! Some questions on installing JDM tail light
  251. Best place to buy depo led smoke/red tailights
  252. Bottom eyelids
  253. Sweet new ebay black tails!
  254. sneak peak retro fx what do you guys think?
  255. Weird LED Tail light install problem Please Help
  256. 3rd Brake Light Decal
  257. My Fog Light Bulbs Almost Exploded!
  258. Hid Headlight Adjustment
  259. Need Help!!!! Tried Installying Led In Hvac Not Working!
  260. Help with Nokya H11 Fogs
  261. Independent foglight problem!!!!! please help!
  262. tail lights
  263. projectors
  264. Hid Lights
  265. Interior lighting/led/door lighting
  266. LED Dome Light Problem!!!!!
  267. how to do yellow fogs.
  268. 5000K HID Conversion.
  269. anyone have a picture of HID's in their fogs?
  270. Fit Projectors
  271. GP Thunder Yellow Fogs
  272. Help To Connect Led Tail-lights
  273. Yellow fog bulbs on ebay Platin brand
  274. Cargo light with on/off switch
  275. Anyone have pics of foglight bulb install?
  276. Best yellow HID Foglight kit?
  277. jdm tail light question
  278. nokya quick flash problems
  279. Red and clear LED tails question
  280. Cracked Foglight
  281. Honda Jazz projector Headlight?
  282. Strange Lighe Idea !!!!!!!!!!
  283. Headlight tint?
  284. Best deal on JDM 1.5S LED tail light?
  285. LED Tails For Father's Day
  286. Ebay yellow fogs, anyone have them?
  287. HIDs doing some strange things.
  288. Weird LED issue
  289. Head and tail lights standart
  290. low beam HID
  291. Base Model Fog Light Questions . . .Tried Zeta?
  292. Do JDM Style tail lights comes stock?
  293. HELP with HIDs Bi-Xenon
  294. help with smoked tail lights
  295. RDX Cargo Light w/Switch
  296. WTF where are these for USDM
  297. JDM LED Tail light DIY
  298. Question about the JDM Tail Lights
  299. Fit of RAGE with Audi R8 Style Headlights!
  300. LED Light Supplier
  301. Stealth bulbs and LEDs FTW
  302. angel eyes and projectors
  303. Angel Eyes
  304. Anyone using Nokya Hyper Yellow H11?
  305. light-up cup holders?
  306. So which tail you think will look better
  307. How to change the foglight's bulbs?
  308. Sound system screen?
  309. help with HID fogs
  310. Projector Fog Lamps
  311. Tinted lights need HIDs?
  312. Any review on the cheap ebay LED tails?
  313. Painting headlights.
  314. what brand of HID kit should i go with?
  315. Anyone have a base fit with optional foglights??
  316. Retrofitting TL projectors
  317. My Other Retro Fx
  318. PIAA Halogen
  319. show me your HID
  320. Hid
  321. Bosch HID Kit (Hi/Low Beam)
  322. Getting HID - but Bi-Xenon or No Bi-Xenon
  323. NEEDED: Fog Light Connector Picture
  324. need help FAST remvoing tails on 08
  325. Installed LEDs ***56k, Eat a Sammich***
  326. Cargo Light Switch Install w/ Pics
  327. Black housing led tails
  328. HID Headlight/Foglight Issue
  329. Official Headlight Thread
  330. What do you guys think.. yellow tails
  331. Headlight Problem
  332. Question about A/C button
  333. new headlight bulbs overheating?
  334. looking for a good HID kit
  335. 3rd brake light bulb size?
  336. LED brake and tailights install (lots of pics)
  337. jdm style tails please help
  338. Looking for JDM led 3rd brake light and center console arm rest
  339. Installed JDM led tails, socket ?
  340. ignited HID
  341. How do u wire your fogs to run without your headlights on?
  342. 6000k vs 8000k
  343. Review: Evil AutoStyle Shift Light
  344. help me with my rear tails quest!!
  345. LED lights with Dome Ligh AND Switch
  346. anyboby used these???
  347. HID Retrofit some pics!!
  348. Light Dimming
  349. Looking for JDM all clear LED tails - Anyone know where
  350. DIY: stain your fogs !!!
  351. Help!
  352. H4 Hid kits???
  353. side marker help
  354. Bluebatmobile Overlays Ready
  355. T1R Hyper LED Dome Light???
  356. Tsx Conversion Hid Kit
  357. WB: Black headlight for 08 fit
  358. Luminics bulbs
  359. smoked taillights??anyone??
  360. tinting head and tails?!?!
  361. JDM taillight fitment issues? DIY FIX HERE!!
  362. Difference between HID D2R and H4 bulbs?
  363. EBAY Replacement Fog lights?
  364. New Fogs From Bluebatmobile
  365. Xenon Fog lights?
  366. alternative to N1 crap led tails
  367. Mugen RR brake light
  368. Help with lighting up rear passenger well
  369. Can you buy just 1 OEM foglight???
  370. Domelamp
  371. Headlight bulbs?
  372. HID Ion yellows?
  373. anyone have tails like these
  374. Is this normal for N1 LED tail lights?
  375. led lights
  376. HID Help/Question
  377. Are luminics ultra white h11 bulbs ok to run without wiring harness?
  378. License Plate Bulb No Worky
  379. retrofit mini/beetle headlights?!!?!?
  380. halo lighting
  381. Fog Light Kit
  382. look! what do you think?
  383. head light trade?
  384. Brighter Backup Lights
  385. LED Fog Light Bulbs!
  386. HID on Fit
  387. Different between USDM and JDM
  388. Looking to Auto-dim my dome light - schematics anyone??
  389. opinion on these tailights
  390. any good site to buy HID?
  391. HELP with hid install
  392. anyone tint there headlights
  393. Map Lights
  394. Led Fogs! Pics!
  395. whats the deal w/n1's (pics)
  396. led hvac DIY w/pics!!!
  398. H9 vs H11 ... too bright?
  399. Custom Lightz
  400. Projector Headlights for the Fit
  401. help picking taillights
  402. New Fit Owner: Fog Lights/ Head Light questions
  403. Scratched Headlights, how do you repair it?
  404. Dome Light Function
  405. Zetaproducts OEM Style Fog Lights
  406. Good place to order h9 bulb?
  407. Where can i buy yellow film for foglights?
  408. RetroFit - a few pics
  409. HID bulb question
  410. JDM LED Taillight trailer lighting fuse
  411. lamin-x and x-pel help
  412. quick headlight ?
  413. Painting Tail Lights OPINIONS NEEDED!
  414. Front Park Lights and Signal Lights swap/switch rewire
  415. Dome Light Replacement - Recall?
  416. HID bulbs in halogen projector?
  417. HiR bulbs, in a H4!
  418. Yellow or Blue Fog Lights
  419. 2007 FIT HONDA TailLight Cover
  420. Blacking out the headlights....
  421. DIY: Painted Tail Lights
  422. ion foglights
  423. HID's cause poor radio reception....
  424. Black Fog Light Covers
  425. Diy... Most Epic Interior Mod Ever!!!...
  426. Yellow Fog Light Upgrade
  427. Please don't be the guy that drives with your fog lights on all the time!
  428. Looking for light.
  429. Illuminated power mirror controller
  430. Got my LED's!
  431. painting taillights
  432. Hid Foglight With Hid Headlight Problem
  433. HID Fog with HID Headlight Problem
  434. Piaa LED Driving lights
  435. Yellow XPEL Film installed on my SSM - PICS
  436. how to fix scratches in headlights?
  437. Projector retrofit/wiring questions.
  438. A little DIY for LED Dome light (super bright)
  439. to those with 'pearlescent' looking headlights
  440. Need Feed Back!
  441. Driving lights, non-Honda fog lights
  442. LED Tails issue
  443. jdm land? problems
  444. light blubs
  445. HID problem?
  446. HID Light Warming up?
  447. A good place for LED bulbs
  448. silvered rear turn signal bulbs
  449. Is this beam pattern bad?
  450. help!! on jdm tail revserse lights always on
  451. How to remove the DRL fuse?
  452. Honda Fit OEM Style Foglights
  453. Installing JDM Tail Lights (DIY)
  454. Another HID Retrofit!
  455. Stealth bulbs
  456. More lights
  457. Running high and low beams
  458. Glove box light
  459. Dashboard dim after HID install Help
  460. blue Lisense plate light?
  461. Just installed my HID's
  462. Brighter License Plate Bulbs
  463. Brighter License Plate Bulbs
  464. My Depo Headlights painted + xenon kit
  465. Brighter Reverse Lights?
  466. Nokya Hyper Yellow
  467. Headlight Wax?
  468. Fog light (inner) shield question
  469. SSM headlights
  470. LED Dome Light Questions
  471. Hid Fogs
  472. Third L.E.D Brake Light question.
  473. More lighting mods by LDO
  474. How to install neon lights
  475. Murdered out the headlights
  476. Led Dome Light/stop Lamp
  477. Are you a Red or Black Fit Owner in/near Vancouver BC?
  478. important hid info
  479. bulb sizes
  480. DIY: Putting the headlights back together
  481. DIY: HID Retrofit with FX35 Projectors
  482. DIY: Painting The Headlights
  483. Anyone running N1 concepts taillights?
  484. LDO's Interior Lighting Mods
  485. Break Light turn On w/ out the Keys?????
  486. My Bi-Xenon HID Retrofit
  487. Foglight Switch
  488. Busted HID bulb
  489. Reverse Bulbs!
  490. Strobe Lights
  491. HID retrofit
  492. Dome light replacement
  493. Places to buy LED bulbs?
  494. jdm led tail lights from ebay?
  495. hid finally arrived
  496. Are these good?
  497. Custom LED Brake Light - Microcontroller Controlled (Pics + Video)
  498. Hyper Yellow Fog Lamp Bulbs - PIC
  499. Fog Lights and Blinding Glare Help
  500. illuminated plate